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I have a MLB 2K21 Opening Day Roster... BUT I need the community's help!

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14 hours ago, Yankee4Life said:


Well then, my sincere apologies. I learn something every day in here and in life.


No worries 😉


14 hours ago, Kccitystar said:

This roster is not franchise mode ready. 

I believe this has been discussed and mentioned before either in the file description of the roster or in this thread.


It has to do with the way the player slots and appearance IDs were converted over from the MLB 2K13 roster. This can be fixed but will take some time to do so since it isn't a copy and paste type of thing that needs to be done for all 3000+ players in the Players table on REDitor.


Ok, got it, I thought it was a relatively easy problem to solve... 😔

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