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I have MVP2005, installed the patches and the game is playable before I start installing mods (not issue with the WIN10 problem)


When I install MVP 2015 Conversion Mod (or any roster update), the game loads, but when I set up to play a game it crashes. 


Maybe I missed this in the forums, but any fixes or is this is a known issue.



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7 minutes ago, Yankee4Life said:

Ok, but where did you download the game from?


Instead of always coming across as accusatory, how about we ask if the OP has installed from a disk or did they happen to download it, then go from there?


OP:  if you installed from a disk, your reason for crashing could very well be that the rosters would need additional cyberfaces that are compatible.  Also, don't install multiple mods on top of what you've already done since it is hard to isolate the problem that way.  


Check this general area, including the thread about MVP 15 giving you problems.



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2 minutes ago, shorty2127 said:

Thank you for both your replies.


I am guessing the issue may be cyber faces.  I will go through the forums/DL section to see if this fixes the issue.


If not I will circle back and give an update.



That is the best thing to do. But it also may stem from where you got the game. Where did you obtain it?

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7 hours ago, shorty2127 said:

I have no idea where I got the game (Best Buy, Future Shop… I’m Canadian).   Have had it for well over 10+ years.


Probably will just do a fresh install.

He was asking whether you had the discs or if you downloaded the game. It sounds like you have the discs. 

Some have had issues with the 2015 mod and have found that if they first install the 2008 or 2012 mod and then the 2015 mod, they have better results. Try installing the 2008 or 2012 mod and see if either of those mods crash. 

To make things easier, keep your default, patched version of the game in one folder, and when you want to install a conversion mod or try a new roster, make a copy of the the folder and install the mod on top of the copy. 

Thst way, you always have a “clean” version of the game and you never need to reinstall it. It also allows you to have multiple conversion mods installed at the same time. 

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