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Is there any datafile available for hitting more home runs?

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Hi all just wondering if there's any modified datafile available for download that helps with hitting more home runs? Because I always seem to get a lot of hits in the All Star level, but rarely ever get homers. I'm currently using Total Classic 98 with the datafile.Big file from 2015. I tried turning up the pitching speed. It didn't seem to help on hitting more homers either. If anybody knows of a datafile that makes it easier to hit more homers. Please let me know about this, thanks.

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Pitching speed is just a relative perception of how fast the ball looks like its coming in, not how fast (mph) the pitch is.  It is tougher at the all-star level.  You have to just wait on your pitch in your zone.  Personally, I think contact has more to do with hit homers vs. power.  Also, datafile(.txt's) that modify hot and cold zone power may be what you're looking for.

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