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35 minutes ago, Ritchie said:

Wade traded to the Angels for the infamous 'player to be named later' or cash considerations.


I hope he enjoys it out there and makes the Yankees pay with their stupidity. I knew this would happen. :mad:


Player to be named later??? How about another Andrew Heaney?

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On 12/2/2021 at 12:13 PM, Ritchie said:

Sox made moves before lockout and Cashman was still sitting on his chaise lounge reading the comics and nothing else.



I have been really busy with my online photo albums that I have been working on for a while now so this is why my response is very late.

Gary Sanchez is someone I am not worried about at all. What I mean by that is he is going to take care of the problem by himself. The Yankees signed him again because they had no other options but that does not mean there will be possibilities in the future that they can acquire a better starting catcher. Sanchez is terrible and I do not see him turning it around anytime soon. He may surprise the hell out of everyone for about a week and hit like he did when he first came up but that won't last. The guy has shown how bad he is and I do not see him being on the Yankees after the trade deadline. Somehow he will be gone. Branch Rickey used to say "addition by subtraction" which means when you get rid of someone that you don't want you are improving your team. This is what will happen with Sanchez when he is finally gone.

Like you I have no faith in Cashman. But, I am only speculating here but maybe he realized that there was going to be a lockout on 2nd of December and is waiting for it to be settled so he can make some moves. Personally I am happy that he did not give that kind of money that Texas or the Mets paid out. But once this is done things need to happen and moves have to be made.

Clint Frazier? Let him talk. I will give Cubs fans until early June before they begin to sour on this guy because by that time he will be hitting .220 and will be complaining about dizziness.

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