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Team Color and Realignment Info

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Hi all. So I have been all over the place learning a lot about modding this game of late. I am a very strong minded person so I've taken to teaching myself (with the help from many of the incredible tutorials here) how to do basically everything except cyberfaces. While the process has been slow, it has been very rewarding. Outside of MiLB uniforms though (which I will be getting back to soon enough), I haven't posted much of my work because everything is really all still a work in progress. That being said, I still want to share as much of my work as I can in case it can help more experienced modders, or make their lives easier. I know there is currently a lack of updated roster and I am working on my own version as well, but with so many players updating stats and appearances to even be close to preview ready takes a tremendous amount of time. 


So in the meanwhile I thought I'd share so files I have compiled of my work. On the attached google sheet the first tab, titled Team Realignment, is basically just that. Essentially it is a spread sheet of all the teams with all relevant info on how they appear and identify. The idea here is that you can copy that sheet exactly and paste it directly in the 'Teams' tab in ReditorII and it will change every team to the most recent names, identities, and affiliates. I was careful to only extend the sheet as far as pertinent identify information, so copying and pasting that info into ReditorII will change the teams and where they align but will leave all players on the affiliate they are currently on (so player x formerly of the Las Vegas 51's - AAA team of the Blue Jays when the game came out - will now be on the Buffalo Bison, current AAA team of the Blue Jays). This way if you have a functioning roster with minor league players under the correct major league team, they will stay there but the team they're on will change. I have also done rudimentary minor league realignment. Using the old league and division set up I have put teams together as close as I can to the new leagues that were created this year. I have done in-game tests on franchise and MyPlayer modes and these changes do not crash those game modes either. 


The second tab, titled Team Hex Data, is a list of every team and the correct offset for their hardcoded background color. I also included the color code for any color changes I have found (a lot of these choices were personal preference as there really is no right or wrong answer here). These color hexes have already been flipped - I did that work for you - so all you have to do is input that data as you normally would left to right! In whichever hex editor you use you can just search the specific offset and it should take you directly to that teams color hex. Type in the corresponding color hex (or the flipped version of a hex you choose), run the checksum and recalculate the roster and you should be good to go. There is a much better tutorial on how to do this under Mod Tutorials, I just wanted to provide the team list and offset info in a way that is much quicker and easier to access. I have not tested other peoples rosters and if the offsets are the same, however I used the Official End of Season Roster as a base so I know these offsets will work with any roster using a similar base. 




Also, since I don't have a roster to release for them to go with, I figured I'd upload my logo files here for anyone to take and preview if they want. If you copy and paste the team realignment data into your roster it should allow these logos to function properly. If not, then the logos will be pulled and used for the wrong teams. The MLB team logos are not mine. They are from Guaro1379.


I know this is a lot of information all at once. Hopefully some of it can go to use and be enjoyed! If you have any feedback or fixes please let me know, and enjoy!!!



Logos 2021.zip

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