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Need some controller help

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1 hour ago, GamingCeo27 said:

So I have the game working on the pc. I am using my ps5 controller but one issue. Anytime a ball is hit and I go to field the ball using the analog stick my player continues to dive over and over and i miss the ball everytime. What setting is causing that and how to fix it?


Buy a gamepad compatible with the game!!

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Hello everyone,


I've searched the forums, but haven't found a definitive answer, so I'm bumping this thread.


I live in New Zealand and I've gone to the trouble to have two game cds shipped from the USA, as well as buying a used Windows 7 computer to play Owner's Mode for just this game. The game runs perfectly, but I can't get my wireless xbox controller to play nicely with the Windows 7 pc. 


So, should I get a wired x box controller, or is there a SPECIFIC make and model of another controller that people know will work? I've spent enough money on this game, I'm willing to buy another controller. Ideally it's something widely available that I can get in New Zealand. Please only reply with available controllers that have known functionality. I know that the manual has a list of controllers that worked 17 years ago, but I can't find any of them in New Zealand, and I don't want to wait 6 weeks to get a used one from the USA! 

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Hello, KiwiLifter

I didn't know that you were from New Zealand. Maybe i should have put two and two together, when you told me it was winter right now and Kiwi name. Lol

Well i am from Boston so you know,


I use the X-Box 360 controller (wired) I have the wireless, but it doesn't work as well. It does give you the option to use real batteries or buy the rechargeable battery pack, I used both but still don't like the wireless. It doesn't react as fast.


I have a Logitech controller, 2 Saitek P880 controllers a Wingman and a Sidewinder that i used to use with High Heat back in the day.


With MVP the only controller i have really used is the X-Box 360 controller, but still feel i am missing some controls i could be doing.

I also know the Logitech works pretty good as well. So like Y4L said that is a good as well.



I recently started playing MLB 2k12, and what was cool was it automatically recognized and synched the X-Box 360 Controller and i was able to use all the buttons right from the start. I don't like swinging with the right stick though, i have to find out how to change that?

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1 hour ago, KiwiLifter said:

Thanks Dirtdog. I've gone ahead and ordered the Wired X Box and a Logitech Gamepad to be on the safe side! :)





I have never understood the attraction of the X box controller although it is used a lot. The Logitech is one you will never have a problem with at all. I use that all the time.

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On 12/15/2021 at 12:34 PM, GoRedSox34 said:

Not sure if the PS5 controller is compatible


The best for me has been XBOX One Controller (wired)


I think you could get a dualshock 4 to work by using DS4, also XBOX 360 controllers are great for MVP

Need help configuring xbox controller for compatibility with game. Step-by-step please

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