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Roster Opening Day 2022


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Hello Friends.I am editing the last roster of Rbi baseball 21 for Pc.So you will be able to play the 2022 Opening Day Roster for Rbi baseball 21.When I got the complete roster I will upload the file of the roster.I uploaded an image where you can see the directory where you have to put and replace the rbi roster.Before that,you will have to update your Rbi baseball 21 connecting it to internet,so that the game update its content,and then update the roster to 4th of october that is the last roster of the game.Please do that before replacing the roster file,otherwise the game will not run.The Cleveland Guardians will appear as Cleveland Indians.I dont have  any program to edit uniforms or team names.All the process of edition is manually inside the game.After  April 7th I will upload the file.Until that day see you friends.

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