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2K12 Modding Help/Advice/Info Needed


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I just got a copy of MLB 2K12. I am modding it and had some questions of how to mod certain things.


1 - How to mod uniforms and add team logo in the background? For example, I need to mod to the new Cleveland Guardians. I also need to mod to the current Miami Marlins logo and brand from that deco look they had previously. Hopefully, please also explain what type of file would be needed (is it .rar), and what program is used to modify uniforms and where to find it. How do we upload the modded uniforms back into the game? I need to know the process.


2 - Where can I find the current rosters? I don't see any on here anymore?


3 - This I would consider a bonus. Where and how can I get stadiums to add? How would I go about creating a stadium and added it?


4 - Super bonuses - Can I expand the number of teams - including the inclusion of their MiLB affiliates? How to realign divisions? How can I add divisions? How can I rename divisions and leagues?


I appreciate any help. Thanks!

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