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I have been looking on site for this but I have not found the answer...It is possible I am not using the proper words in the search option...I have a problem with the latest roster update for MVP2005 as it crashes right away..So I saw another option but that is a roster.sav file..I looked in the comment section but their is no mention how to load it in your game I am using MVP2020...Does anyone know how to do that..Do I need a program for it.?





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I tried the last 3 and they all cause a crash...Luckily i saved my roster before trying to update it..I will keep an eye out to see if another roster update comes down the pipe soon..


Thank you for the quick response..



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That roster will crash as well.


Most likely your crashes are cyberface related.

alfre2jose's roster doesn't crash at all



You will need to download and install every face released since MVP 2020. was released.

I also recall that 2020 TC mod crashed frequently for me as well, leading me to make my own total conversion for personal use.

Not sure all the crashes were all cyberface related?


Take your time, be careful about the few faces that were not numbered correctly, and make sure they are all compressed.


Also check your portrait.big file for .fsh files that need to be compressed as well.


Player audio will not crash the game and do not need to be compressed.


Tip: If you are going to install new player audio, don't use TiT



Good luck

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