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    Adding Pitches

    I was fooling around tonight trying to add a pitch to the game. Reading the documentation, it seems we can add pitches up to ID 9999. Was looking at the possibility of adding signature pitches to the game. The unique pitches, the vulcan change, slow hook, Ottavino's slider etc. I see that we can add a line in that tab in reditor by cloning a pitch. I tried this, edited the stats of the pitch, and assigned it to the player in reditor, saved and exited reditor. Went in game, started a pitching drill to check out to see if it works. Added pitches either dont show, or cause a crash. I checked parameters to make sure individual player attributes weren't out of line with actual pitch attributes, all was within the boundaries of pitch parameters. Couldn't get this to work after playing around with it for a few hours. Anyone know what I might be doing wrong?
  3. To be honest, I know that there are far more qualified people here who could offer advice on how to create faces for MLB 2K12, as I'm still relatively new. For me, the trickiest part was figuring out what I needed to install on my computer. There are all sorts of tutorials on how to use Photoshop and Blender to modify the face textures and head shapes (most of them geared towards the NBA 2K games), but there didn't seem to be a comprehensive list anywhere as to what tools are required for MLB 2K12 specifically. So the first post in this thread should help you get started at least, as I pretty much listed everything that I needed to get started. Hopefully that helps. I've actually been hard at work at it over the past couple of weeks, spending countless hours to create 25 new cyberfaces so far, although as I learn more and more about the craft, I keep reworking and improving upon those faces. I may post a new thread to show photos of my works in progress, and of course once I feel I have some of these ready to share, I will upload them to the site. I have downloaded a number of cyberfaces from others on here over the years, and it will be nice to be able to contribute as well.
  4. Thanks! Glad its working as intended. Still got some work to do on offspeed pitches. Any thoughts about changes or adjustments? Be as nitpicky as you like.
  5. First look at screenshots of that mod.
  6. Ahh, didn't think about that! Went over my head! Thanks
  7. Ok, try this. There is a mod in our download section called Mvp 2006. You can grab the stadium from there.
  8. I was looking to see if I could possibly get a Bank One Ballpark without the EA ads that was pre-2007 red and black changes for MVP Baseball 2005. I like to keep the game to its original state except for the stadiums and the only one I could find is Pirates' Bank One Ballpark but that was for MVP Baseball 2004. If I can use his 04 file in 05, can you tell me how. Appreciate it
  9. Thanks. And they also have the fame that Phillies lose every time thay wear it, like in july 17 last year XD.
  10. Yesterday
  11. KC and Umachines these red Phillie jerseys were the ones they wore on Saturday nights in 1979 when they were home. I think they were called the Saturday night specials.. I always thought they did this because of the popularity of the many different kind of Pirates uniforms at that time. The 1970's had some strange uniforms. The Indians had red ones too. These look exactly like the ones back then. Wonderful work, but then again you always have done a great job.
  12. I have played a few with these changes and as a previous pitcher all the way through college, I love the way the ball moves now! Great job man.
  13. I don't know why but I think this takes the game to next level! I just finished editing all MLB starting lineups, and Pitching Rotations to be as accurate as possible. Once Cyberfaces are released we can work on the ones that are still needed. I think I may tackle Christian Walker next. I'm going to start releasing some of my completed ones as well.
  14. That is a beautiful screenshot...textbook excellence!
  15. You did it again! I just asked you to stop doing this a couple of days ago and you just had to do it again. I checked and you did the same thing in the Kevin Kiermaier cyberface release and that was the day after you were talked to about this.
  16. Can you do Matt Barnes, Jorge Mateo, Michael Chavis, ?
  17. I'm a reasonable guy and will give you the benefit of the doubt this time. I have revoked my warning and rescinded the points.
  18. Either way, he's REDy... Nice work on that zipper!
  19. UPDATE: Results from some games played 5-4 in the month of June. Disregard the monster record my Braves currently have, I had simmed a few months to see what would happen. Have seen some great games, some hit parades, and pitching duels. Seeing slightly more looking K's with the AI and myself, before these were very hard to come by. I see good variety in spray, hits going to all fields, players going with pitches if timing swings right, and making weak contact if they don't. Had to save in the middle of the last game of the 3 game set with the Pirates. Soroka has been solid so far, 3-1, but I got shelled for 6 runs in the first 2 innings. This really eased my concerns about the sinker being too much, and it looks pretty accurate from the batters point of view. Overall I would say so far the changes haven't affected game play in a negative way, and is getting us more realistic ball movement and is forcing me to pay closer attention when batting, or else I get caught looking.
  20. If Jim does this or not that is up to him but to me your excuse of not realizing that you bumped yourself in this thread when no one else replied between your two posts is hard to believe. I mean, if you had asked this question and then there were a few responses between your two posts I can see it. But you were back-to-back here. I am sorry you have disabilities but you have bumped topics before. As I recall didn't you once tell Jim about creating the new Yankee Stadium when it first opened up? One last thing. Any responses to this use a PM. This guy has a thread for a completely different reason than this.
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