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  2. NVM, I re-downloaded the file, all is good !!
  3. Version 1.0.0


    1989 San Francisco Giants (PA Stats) This team was done by Randal using the Project Awesome Stats. He asked that I post it.
  4. Tried to play a game, at Atlanta, and the stadium is pixelated and distorted. Anyone else having this problem?
    You did a great job on these, thank you for your hard work.
    Great job on this classic franchise.
    Love this uniform, thanks
  5. Hi,when I use MLB2K12 Roster Editor 1.1,I find Jose Fernandez in zhe free agent,but in zhe game I don't find him.
  6. there are no hidden players or teams to unlock in MLB2K12
  7. Hi,every Modders,I'm a Chinese baseball fan.How to unlock hidden teams and players?I will try to make a mod,thank you every much!
  8. No. If you checked the download area for 2k11 you will have noticed no new mods are made for it anymore. It's 2k12 and nothing but 2k12. As far as the 2k12 mods being used in 2k11 all I have read about that is no they can not. I suggest you buy 2k12.
  9. Has anyone any upgrades or downloads for MLB2K11 beyond 2014 or 2015 please? Or does anyone know if any of the MLB2K12 updates can be used in ML2K11 please?
  10. Royals released 1B Frank Schwindel. Giants signed OF Courtney Hawkins to a minor league contract. Braves released LHP Jonny Venters.
  11. Yesterday
  12. I'd start poking around in the English.iff file, that's where a lot of names for stuff in the game is stored.
  13. Nothing is ever perfect. Even the Corleones had Fredo.
  14. Yes, it´s weird, I change his number to 61 to see if the name changes but nothing happens. well, anything can´t be perfect in this life
  15. Wow, I have never seen that before.
  16. Ok, I´m using Ballfour´s 2019 Oakland´s uniform at the game and I realize Lou Trivino back it read HAIRSTON, my guess is his audio/photo replace Hairston JR at one point, but is weird his name still showing in the uniform. this problem only show in the actual game, if you go to edit player screen, the shirts reads TRIVINO. if by any chance you play the game, use Trivino to see what name shows in his uniform.
    Awesome! Thanks for the great hard work, I love it! Wait for your next amazing 2019 roster update.
  17. Jumping over to the SWAC again with the Grambling Tigers. May shrink the hat logo a bit. The Grays uniforms are from a throwback game where they wore negro league jerseys against LSU last year.
  18. I have made some progress. I was able to confirm the game will not allow importing if the yearid is greater than 2000 (It would only import the first record if left at 2018). I build an Access database using the current Lahman data and created queries/exports that could be used in the HH Editor. The files it uses are located in the editor install folder under another folder called databases. I apologize if you already knew this. As you can see I was able to import the 2018 Diamondbacks. Everyone is a second baseman because I did not go through and edit all the positions. There would still be plenty of editing involved, as the Lahman import method defaults many fields to specific values. I found a minor issue with his importing via Lahman, the AB's listed in the historical stats is always off, but the performance AB's are correct. I need to do a little more testing with the historical stats and the Lahman import, as it also seems to balk at using '2018' as a statistical year (it imports as 2993). Another option would be for me to export the data from OOTP and build standard CSV's that can also be imported and require far less editing. I'm going to toy around a bit more using the Lahman method, if it proves futile to get as far as I want, I will shift over to standard CSV's using OOTP data. Stay tuned....
  19. Thanks for assigning these guys ID's, Omar!
  20. Last week
  21. Version 1.0.0


    This pack contains the AL and NL Hall of fame teams using the Project Awesome Stats. The uniform was done by a PA member. Likeness done by myself. Please leave any comments below.
  22. I have no idea either and may I remind him and not you that this is an English speaking website.
  23. I have no idea what you said and why is my quote also in Spanish?
  24. Version 1.0.0


    This was made some time ago but I never got the chance to release it. This is the 2002 World Series Angels for SMB2 using the Project Awesome stats. Uniform was done by a PA member.
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