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  1. Exhibition and old Arlington Stadium are a couple good suggestions imo. They are both glorified AAA stadiums that require very little bells and whistles, especially beyond the OF walls. Plus these 2 stadiums would be much appreciated for the in progress 1988 mod. Tx
  2. I would like to see a much needed update to Dodger Stadium, so that it resembles it's actual scale. Even if adding the new field boxes in LF & RF foul territory is impossible I would atleast like to see the wall that extends from the dugouts to the bullpen gates be lowered to a more realistic height. Similar to what Anaheim Stadium's foul line walls in the 06/07 mod. Also the 330 ft. distance indicator is missing from the walls just inside both foul lines, under the fould pole. keep up the great work. thanks, Tx
  3. 96 downloads

    The Don Mattingtly (ID 9057) Mod is for use in Total Classics & 1994 Mod's. The Preston Mattingly (ID 8194) Mod is for use in the 2006 Mod.
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