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    Thanks to everyone for all that you do! This is the best group of pure baseball fans that I have ever been a part of. 10 years later and the game is still awesome and easily beats all of the other newer games. Best baseball game ever made and with the fantastic work of the modders it keeps getting better. You all are so appreciated!!!
  1. Thank you everyone!!! The best mod to date. DJ is the best that I have ever seen and the graphics and uniforms are immaculate. Thanks to everyone who worked the rosters and brought everything up to date. I will say it again...this group is the most tightly knit group of friends out there. MVP2005 is still the best!!
  2. Thanks to everyone for all of their work! Still the best game out there and the modders are the reason.
  3. For all of us that were following baseball during the 80's this is the coolest thing that I have ever seen! Awesome work by everyone involved and it brings back so many memories. Can't thank everyone enough for making this game STILL the best that is out there. I have said it before many times that this site is the most tightly knit group of baseball fans that I have ever been a part of. Everyone here makes a game that came out in 2005 feel so new everyday. No other game beats this one, and the modders just blow the current games away! I hope you guys know how much we appreciate all of y
  4. This is the most tight knit baseball community online. I have been playing pc since the high heat days, but nothing compares to this group of people. Thanks to everyone for making this an amazing game for all of these years.
  5. mlwatters

    Mvp 13?

    Hello everyone! It was rumored that a new total mod was coming out, or maybe just an updated roster for 2013. Has anyone heard anything on this?
  6. Hello Everyone! I am using some new rosters I found here, but since I cant change the year I have some 12 and 13 year olds on my roster. Does this affect their performance, or is it only based on their ratings? Thanks.
  7. OK. That sounds great. I really appreciate all of your time and effort.
  8. Thanks for the reply. If that is the answer then I would rather not use the rosters. I like having injuries on because it adds realism. Having guys on the DL, playing guys off of the bench, platooning, bringing guys up from the minors etc. I like that part of the game because I am able to use the whole roster. I have had guys go down before and then sub players who came in and raked. It was a good position to be in where the regulars came back and I had players who needed starting spots but not enough to go around. Without injuries I wouldnt have had the chance to see who I have.
  9. Hello everyone! I just loaded the lastest roster patch for MVP12, and like many others, my game crashes on April 11th. Is there a fix to this? Has anyone found a way around this. I love the update but it is impossible to use. There is also an .mbe file attached that I wasnt sure where to put it so I threw it in with the rosters to my documents\mvp 2005 file. Thanks for the help.
  10. Thanks Jim. Has been frustrating. I deleted everything off of my computer with the word MVP, yet still get the mods when I install the game. I uninstalled the game, easports, my docs, temp files and it still comes up with MVP12 when I install the cd haha I guess it just refuses to come clean : )
  11. Thanks Yankee. Can you tell me which files would need to be transferred? I was looking at it earlier and I am not sure which ones all need to go. Sorry for my ignorance. I have been having so much trouble. I uninstalled MVP12, but everytime I try and install the original game it comes up with all of the MVP12 mods even though I am installing just from the CD.
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