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  1. Total Frontend 2K17

    Thanks for releasing RB and thanks to those that made the mods !
  2. aap crahs

    If you download the 2k12 patch that will resolve the date issue without having to change it. I don't understand Spanish, but that may also be the answer for him too, if it is the same problem. The version for the game on his page shows, the patch is ver 1.2. just a thought.
  3. Old player returning, questions-questions???

    you can either install directly into the game files or download the JSGME program and use that to prevent your original files from being overwritten.
  4. need help

    In-game go to "options/presentation" and make sure the sliders are on for the sounds you are not hearing. If still a problem, re-install the game.
  5. MLB 2K17 Sound mod - All in one

    Thank you !!
  6. PB's 2K17 SweetFX Mod

    Thank you !
  7. Fenway Park 2K17

    Thank you to both of you. looks great !!
  8. SunTrust Park 2K17

    Thank you for creating this stadium and thank you for posting it. excellent work !!
  9. Looks great as usual. Thank you !!
  10. Cueto Johnny CF-MOD 2017

    once again, thank you !
  11. I am at the all star game in my franchise and have the 2016 Petco all star stadium file loaded prior to the date of the game. When I advance to the game in my franchise it is the default royals stadium. The petco all star stadium works fine in play now mode, so I know it is in my game files. If it makes any difference, this is the 2nd season of my franchise. The first season I installed the 2015 reds all star stadium file and it worked fine. Can anyone help with this ? thanks
  12. Cabrera Melky CF-MOD 2017

    Looks great ! Thank you