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    Thank you !!
    Thanks for releasing RB and thanks to those that made the mods !
    Thank you to both of you. looks great !!
    Thank you for creating this stadium and thank you for posting it. excellent work !!
    once again, thank you !
    Looks great ! Thank you
  1. Hello, I am in the middle of the 4th yr of my 2k12 franchise and the game freezes at the simulating screen at the same cpu vs cpu game. It will let me play the game instead of simming it, but freezes after the game when I hit quit to go back to the main franchise screen. It will not advance past this one game either by playing or simming. The games on the schedule prior to that one game sim with no problem. I do not control either team in my franchise. Both teams rosters look fine with number of players etc. Anyone have any help how to get past this point. Thanks
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