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  1. RR.

    Quick Daniel Nava

    Nice work on Nava, very improved from original one. And glad to see great face releases coming back!
  2. You should use vlad's REDitor to change the current global ID to a vacant one. then match again the CF original number with MLB2K12 Roster Editor.
  3. As unfortunately I didnt played MLB 2K11, I missed several great Mods... So many that I promissed myself to not go to a 2K11 section anymore, 'cos it was making me ridiculously miserable. So when I saw the latest news around the league, I thought: there's no better time to sincerely request THE 2K12 version PLEASE Twnlove!
  4. hahaha, thats exactly what it looks. the new version is awesome, great job
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