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  1. hello everyone I wanted to know how to change the icons of pitcher pitch to get those with yellow darts, thanks
  2. Hello everyone I have a problem when I play the game I season in version crashes, where am I wrong? I have to change the parameters of start of the season? thanks
  3. oscarsmith

    Mvp 13

    ok I did not want a quick response and I did not remember to have asked the first question you're always calm thanks to whom I want to answer
  4. oscarsmith

    Mvp 13

    boys because when I play in owner mode mvp 13 mi crashes? thanks again for the help
  5. oscarsmith

    Mvp 13

    when i play in owner mode after 7 games I play crashes with both Boston and with other teams. where am I wrong? I need to change something in the options when I start mode owner? thanks for the help
  6. sorry for my bad English I'm Italian . ..... then put the mvp 2005, which is located in the folder of your game and copy it to the folder wbc caribe and the game starts hello :good:
  7. thanks to our friends at mvp caribe I solved the problem was enough to put the file from the folder 2005 mvp of the game to the folder wbc caribe say this to those who have my same problem :good:
  8. guys still have the same problem I always ask the disk I followed the instructions by clicking on the exe file and choose the folder where to put the mod ea sports I chose the language but nothing 'changed I can not stand :crazy:
  9. guys help after you install the mods folder and sports game I start the game from the icon on the desktop but does not work because he tells me to insert the disk. I changed other folders I have tried other solutions but nothing post it off? thank you very much :sorry:
  10. I also would like to know what's 'this path defined' cause I installed the mod everywhere without results PS congratulations to republica dominicana on winning the wbc 13 :good:
  11. sorry for my bad english patch meant for the mod exe folder wbc caribe :fool:
  12. I installed the patch according to the instructions by putting everything in the game folder but it keeps telling me to insert the disc help meeeeeee 8P
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