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  1. angel25


    how do i load the postseason in franchise mode after i finished the regular season?????????
  2. did you test this rostes file pass june 8 the draft day and choose players???? and put them to play in franchise mode?

  3. what are you gonna do about june 8 glitch franchise mode I'm looking for a franchise mode roster to play the whole season
  4. how to fix the crash in franchise mode you never test it?????????????????? how to fix the crash in franchise mode you never test it??????????????????
  5. angel25

    Rosters V402

    when we gonna use it to play in franchise mode
    it crash in franchise mode it was a very nice job till there
  6. this one crash in franchise mode yes or no why upload something that is not going to work
  7. tthank you so much that's beautiful its perfect
  8. wonderful beautiful thank you so much
  9. you forgot memorial day weekend uniforms
  10. for some reason I installed some new cyberfaces and default faces don't show up in franchise mode even I check the numbers of the IFF files and they are match am I making anything wrong cause other face show up well even new ones or old ones any ideas??? help
  11. angel25

    2016 Roster

    the draft player are there?
  12. angel25

    2016 Roster

    if we wanted to play franchise version then what do we do 2016
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