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  1. What is your OS and where is MVP05 installed?
  2. Is there a way I can patch a roster without having to start a new season? Keep my current season, but with updated rosters.
  3. Oh yea, I can definitely see the bad wording. I meant the second game in the series against the Giants, April 15 without the schedule updater and April 12 in real life, in the Cubs season. However I just did a quick sim to see if I was able to pass that date, and it works! And with Junior I understand how MiLB players are overlooked. Not that big of a deal. You guys do an awesome job already. I have no complaints. Hopefully Junior does turn into that big player down the road. If he does I am sure he will make the game. I trust the judgment from the mods. Thanks again guys!!
  4. Hey Jed, when you get a chance you should try Junior Lake from the Cubs. Best picture I can find.
  5. Played several games. I haven't gotten to the second Giants game in April yet however. With MVP12 and using the 2013 schedule the game would freeze. I even made sure to turn off injuries/suspensions once to see if it was that problem caused by the MiLB roster shortage. It wasn't. Hopefully this doesn't happen with MVP13. One thing is Junior Lake isn't on any of the Cubs rosters. Kind of disappointing, but I can live with it. He is going to be a great player for us in the future.
  6. Oh yea. Awesome job guys!! Glad I found this community. You guys are amazing.
  7. Dafly, If I am using a Hex editor. Would you by chance know what I am looking for inside the Hex code, or the text next to it? UPDATE: Hey, I got the pitch meter off of my screen. I happened to stumble upon another post of yours. http://www.mvpmods.com/index.php?showtopic=54323&p=635926 Shows how to change the pitch meter location manually. Thanks!!!
  8. The problem may be screen resolution then? Maybe if I can try and fix it myself with the text. Idk...
  9. I have been able to get the error circles to disappear. That problem was the whole replacing a file inside /program files on Windows 8 isn't actually replacing the files. Something to do with Windows 8 protection. But the pitching meter is still there. I have placed the datafile.txt inside the /data directory like needed. And the pitch 6/bat 4 cameras are correct. So is the removal of the pitching meter also tied to that .txt file? Or is there something else I also need to install?
  10. Yes, Pitch 6/Batting 4. Also the pitch circles still show up after a bad pitch. Also, is the "sweet" spot suppose to be large on the pitching meter with your mod?
  11. So we just put the datafile.txt as a loose file in C:Program FilesEA SPORTSMVP Baseball 2005data? EDIT: I figured this out. However, how come the pitch meter is not disappearing?
  12. Does anyone have the instructions on how to manually install the MVP Mod 12 patch #1 and #2? Since I am running W8 I can't use the TiT program from what I have read on the forums. Or does someone know how to get the TiT to work? When I open it up it is just a notepad with 3/4 lines of text. I've tried that, but when I go to play it says I need DirectX. I have DX11. I just manually installed them instead.
  13. Does anyone know why my rosters are not updating? I have installed MVP Baseball 2005. Then I have used the MVP 2012 Mod. Then I place the .dat files inside database folder, but my rosters have not updated. Also the 2013 schedule is not working. I have Windows 8, and have turn UAC off.
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