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  1. In dynasty or franchise mode it's always scored a triple for me.
  2. It finally came over. You are right it is my browser. Never had this before.
  3. Wont let me download it. Says unsecured. Wierd.
  4. I love it so far. Thanks. Can anybody tell me why reschanger won't work on this mod. I click on the .exe and all it does is try to install the app instead of giving me the option for resolution change. Wierd.
  5. Hey, I thought I would report on the results of your suggestions.

    All worked great but still have the slow menus problem.

    After installing the mods to my c drive the save problem went away.

    Interestingly enough. Once the mod saved the dynasty files to my documents

    folder on c I can play the mod just fine from my x drive. I guess in order for the

    mod to save dynasties it has to be first installed on the default drive for mvp baseball

    2005 saves to be possible. Good to know if anyone else plays the game from a non-root

    directory. Thanks for the help.

    Would love to rate this higher but I can't play a dynasty. Game looks wonderful. Running Win7 and I get this message when I try to save a dynasty. "Hard Disk does not have sufficient space to save. 2187 KB are required for an Total Classics 1939 Dynasty save." Funny thing is that this is the only dynasty I have that won't save. Thanks for the effort. Plays great.
  6. After I download the 12 rars, how do I "run" it? Don't I have to extract them to a folder first?
  7. Downloaded the new models.big. Thanks. Question. If I replace the old file with this new one will it affect seasons already in progress? Thanks again.
  8. Ok, I did not know that I could not just overwrite the files. New one for me. Why does it ask if I wish to overwrite files???????????? I deleted the .../data/datafile files and extracted the .rar to that location. Are the .big files needed? I started the 2016.exe and tried to start a new dynasty (using the new rosters) after removing my previously adjusted 2016 roster dynasty file (in docs). Crash. Tried to completely re-install 2016 using the multiple downloaded files but they all ask for overwrites. Confused as to how to reinstall................. Tran
  9. Those are definitely not the rosters that were in the download I got.
  10. Your a real class act man...... He is on the Mariners roster as I said. It will be a pleasure ignoring the ignorant in this case. Great job.
  11. Benoit was traded long before the end of the season. Guess we just disagree on what "end of season" means. Your right, I should just shut up and do it myself.
  12. Gordo

    Hey danc, waiting for you to contact me for feedback on the MVP roster since I did ask for that.  Still haven't heard from you . What's up?

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