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  1. danc

    MVP on new computer

    Great idea. My son had the same suggestion. How do I partition my 1tb ssd now that I have use over 40% of it? Can I play mvp2k5 in compatibility mode in win10?
  2. danc

    MVP on new computer

    Thanks. Got it working. Kind of strange though. When I clicked to play the new install it just spun but if I then clicked on a mod, it played. After the first game played on a mod the next time I clicked on the new install it ran. Apparently the install was hung up for some reason but if I played the mod while it was hung it opened everything up. Strange. Thanks for the help.
  3. danc

    MVP on new computer

    Thanks guys. You are right. It is mvp baseball 2005. Strange thing. I set up the new computer for windows 7 because I knew that there were problems with Windows 10. I finally got the game to install (cleaned the discs , etc.) . After install it will not run. No crash, call for disk, nothing just spins and stops. The first time I tried to run it after the complete install I got a message something to the effect that my new processor should be running Windows 10 and hinted at compatibility problems. Extremely frustrating. Does that mean that new systems after 1/1/2020 even if they are windows 7 can not run the game? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Intel i7-7700 3.6 GHz 16 meg ram Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 SSD 1tb
  4. danc

    MVP on new computer

    I am trying to install mvp 2k5 . I have the original disks but since they are so old (i think) the install either will not start or it gets to 60% on the second disk and hangs. Is there a way around this or do I have to spend $180 to buy new disks. I love this game and really need to play on this new computer. Thanks.
  5. Hey, I thought I would report on the results of your suggestions.

    All worked great but still have the slow menus problem.

    After installing the mods to my c drive the save problem went away.

    Interestingly enough. Once the mod saved the dynasty files to my documents

    folder on c I can play the mod just fine from my x drive. I guess in order for the

    mod to save dynasties it has to be first installed on the default drive for mvp baseball

    2005 saves to be possible. Good to know if anyone else plays the game from a non-root

    directory. Thanks for the help.

  6. danc

    Jim825 Question

    Thanks for answering. The first quote is to let you know that "too many dynasty files saved" is not the issue. The second quote was to let you know that all save files (i.e. profile,options,controller, and all dynasty saves are on c drive in mvp baseball 2005 (default) document folder. The problem of having no space only happens with tc39 and tc79 the rest of the dynasty saves work just fine. All mvp game folders are on my x drive. I run all my games on a drive other than my c drive so I can format just my system files if something goes wrong. Has worked well for me. I can try what you suggest but can't figure why it would be only these two. My system was built from scratch over a year ago. Windows 7 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 4 GB video i7-7700 cpu at 3.6 Ghz and 16 GB of mobo memory Don't think that is the problem. I will give the tc34 suggestion a try. Thanks. The jerky graphics are in all stadiums and with all teams.
  7. danc

    Jim825 Question

    Hey man. I love your mods and am having problems with some of your latest mods. I wonder if you could help me. I am running windows 7 and have plenty of open space on my c drive but both tc39 and tc79 will not let me save a dynasty. It says that I do not have enough space on my drive to save the dynasty. I make sure to have no other dynasty files in my mvp2005 documents file before trying to save. Is it looking for a different save location or something? I am running the game on a different drive than my c drive but the save files are all saved on the c drive mvp2005 documents files. TC71 runs extremely slow when addressing the menu but the game runs great. TC34 runs kind of jerky during the game. All previous mods that you have done run great and I love everything about them. Any ideas as to what I might do to fix this? Thanks.
  8. danc

    Fenway Night Crash

    I have the same problem. Have not heard of a fix. Sorry.
    Would love to rate this higher but I can't play a dynasty. Game looks wonderful. Running Win7 and I get this message when I try to save a dynasty. "Hard Disk does not have sufficient space to save. 2187 KB are required for an Total Classics 1939 Dynasty save." Funny thing is that this is the only dynasty I have that won't save. Thanks for the effort. Plays great.
  9. Had the same idea. Limit seems to be four of any one type (dynasty,season,franchise,etc.). Emptied my MVP Baseball save folder of all saves and tried again.............. Same result. Thanks for suggestion. All are very welcome. Anyone using Windows 7 with multiple save types????
  10. Nuts. Looks like a great mod.
  11. Well can somebody at least tell me where the _.sav files are saved in Win 7? Is the above address correct using the default install? Not getting much help here lately. Frustrated.
  12. Total classics 39 looks great but when I try to save a dynasty it says that I do not have enough "disk space"?? I have over 230 gb worth of space on my root (c:) drive. I assume that it is saving to the libraries/documents /MVP Baseball 2005 folder. All my other saves are there. This is really weird. I have been having other problems since switching to windows 7. Any ideas/help would be very much appreciated.
  13. Talked to a couple of computer geeks last night and they thought that a "crash on load" problem might be a missing *.dll file that was not needed in xp but is needed in win7. I know that I had to download a *.dll file to get one of my flight sims to "load" in win7. Anybody have any ideas on this or any other potential fix?
  14. Not resolution problem as far as I can tell. Set res to 1280x1024x32 in game and reset desktop native to same and still had crash prior to loading the actual ballgame. Menus etc. work fine. These mods worked fine on a Win7 laptop prior to new system. Old system was XP. Wierd. Just these save types.......................... Frustrated.
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