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    I’m still new to this, how do I get this to work, I have it downloaded and into the “MVP Baseball 20” folder but I’m unsure how to actually make it work, can anyone list the steps or point me towards the steps to take?
    Kris Bryant looks great and Im a Cards fan
  1. has anyone made the Cardinals Saturday Home Alternate jersey?
  2. i have just looked through all the uniforms for MVP 2005 and cannot find the Cardinals Saturday Home Alternate Jersey, has someone created it?
  3. can someone give me a step by step process on how to get this to work, im not good with the names of things, and ive never had much luck with this type of stuff
  4. can someone do a detailed walk through for me, also, if your gonna yell at me for not saying this in the support thread, send a link to it cause i cannot find it
  5. So with the uprising of the player from the A's, Pat Venditte, how can you work him into the game? Is there any possible way of making a player in the game a switch pitcher? That would be really cool. And also, I really hope he makes the team out of Spring Training, it would be truely unique,and his minor league numbers are pretty good anyways.
  6. he dosen't wear batting gloves, but good job, and can someone please help me with modding, i want to mod to, so can someone help me start to mod
  7. dont know why it is not showing up, if you highlight it you can read it
  8. but i am having a lot of trouble with getting the downloads, like TiT, and so on. Truly i want to mod myself but i cant get help on the right stuff i need to download. i want to be able to make my own updated rosters, add faces and so on. If i have to settle for downloading say the 2014 Season MOD i'm fine with that, i'm just a little tired of playing with the few players that played in 2005 that still play now, and the fake looking faces. MVP Baseball 2005 PC. if you could send me a YouTube video on step by step, or just message me back, i would be truly honored. also, do you use the first or
  9. He has a brown glove, but the face looks great
  10. im getting tired of stuff popping up in notepad as a bunch of codes, most things i download do that, only one that didnt is the #? patch, someone answer me!
  11. never mind, the side view wasn't popped up yet, good job
  12. missing the huge mole on the side of his face, near the ear
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