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  1. Padres67

    Dukes, Salty and Sipp cyberfaces

    Thanks for this great mod.
  2. Padres67

    Total Classics 1979

    Great job as always, thanks for all your hard work on this site. You, and many others have greatly enhanced this game over the years.
  3. Padres67

    2019 Texas Rangers uniforms

    Thanks for all your great work. Excellent as always.
  4. Padres67

    Total Classics Walk Through History

    I forgot how great this one was, thank you.
    Great help for my dynasty, excellent work, thank you.
  5. Padres67

    Pierzynski A.J. Mvpedit files

    great job, thank you.
  6. Padres67

    Durham Bulls 90s uni pack

    Love this concept, thanks-great job
  7. Padres67

    Elmira Pioneers custom uniform

    Great job, perfect, thanks
  8. Padres67

    MVP Legends beta

    Great work, adds a lot to what I needed, thanks.
  9. Padres67

    Datafile 06-2018

    This will be great, thanks for your hard work.
  10. Padres67

    1979-86 NBC/WGAL-TV 8 Overlays

    Unbelievable work as always, I've walked back in time. Thanks for all you do.
  11. Padres67

    1983 Greg Luzinski

    Perfect for the dynasty that I'm doing, love the work, thanks again.
  12. Padres67

    Early 70's Facepack

    Great job on the faces, the likeness is uncanny. Thanks again for making this game even more enjoyable.
  13. Padres67

    Late 60's-1971 NBC/local network Overlays

    Great job as always, you continue to work hard to make this game relevant all these years later.
  14. Padres67

    2018 Milwaukee Brewers uniforms

    Excellent job as always, thank you.