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  1. It did work for me (I have it installed in C:\EA SPORTS as well), but then I started installing portraits, facepacks & other things with the TiT, & now I can't even get a loading bar, I get an immediate crash. I'm going to try tomorrow to re-install everything all the way up to patch #1 using the recommended guide & use the 4GB patch again & if that doesn't work, I'll just cool off until after the All-Star break & try again.
  2. Hello to all. Thanks again to everyone for helping out on this. I am pleased to say that I used the 4GB patch today as well & thus far was able to instantly launch the game as well as instantly edit players, both of which were previously causing crashes. I will continue to test & report back with any issues. Thanks again!
  3. Good morning! Here's my update, I used Kccitystar's guide. Uninstalled, erased everything, started from complete scratch, followed the guide to a T, installed TiT, the MVP 15 mod & patch #1 all no problem. Initally launched the game, tried to play the first thing I could (Cards vs. Red Sox from the "exhibition" menu), progress bar loaded 1/2 way & crashed. I restarted the computer & was able to play, no problem. Seems like I'm in the same spot as I was yesterday along with GEOLINK, BigRog & puma91. It's working now, I'll let you know if the same thing happens tomorrow. Anything I can do to test potential fixes, please let me know. Thanks again to all for their hard work & continued support with its issues.
  4. Hello! First off, thanks to all for their hard work on this project, what I've experienced so far has been incredible. I was in the same camp as GEOLINK, puma91 & BigRog as far as the crashing (when starting a game...progress bar loads, then crashes & attempting to edit a player). However, I was able to install the TiT (finally!) (& subsequently Patch #1) & after initally booting the game (experiencing the crash) & restarting the game, everything worked fine. My question is: is the answer to the crashing just to restart the computer & hope it works on the next try? I didn't see anything in this thread beyond the fix of restarting, so I just wanted to confirm that's as far as anyone has gotten to fix this particular issue. Thanks again to all & I will continue to enjoy until the restart doesn't work.
  5. ‚ÄčThank you so much. Really appreciate it. Unfortunately the TiT never works for me, so I just use what's given in the mods themselves. Thanks again for the response!
  6. Looks unbelievable. Absolutely can not wait to see the finished product. Couple of quick questions, will the implementation of this over a previously installed mod (in my case MVP 14 + Opening Day Rosters 2015) correct any mismatched in-game faces? Will this also automatically fix the issue with the Marlins uniform numbers? Thanks again to everyone for their hard work on this.
  7. daflyboys I appreciate the reply. I not in front of the comp now but I'm assuming I have them all on if that is the default setting. Do ALL 3 options have to be turned to off or just one? Whatever you say to do, I'll try tomorrow & report back. Thanks again for getting back to me.
  8. Hello everyone. I'm in the same boat with the freezing during simulation. Playing with the Mets, I've played every (Mets/MLB) game up until now with no problems. I'm up to April 22, 2005, and I hit "Play Today's Game", I've got the 3 minor league games above mine, TYPICALLY, I'd "Quick Sim" all 3 to get to the game I actually want to play (the MLB game), but the first game gets simmed (as normal), and then when the second game is supposed to be simmed, it freezes (doesn't crash to the desktop, but I have to CTRL+ALT+DEL & close using Task Manager). I have also tried clicking "Play/Manage" and simming within that option, also freezes. I have also tried simming the entire day, also freezes. I've had minimal problems with the game though. I'm running it on Windows 7 Professional, and am unable to use the TiT or any of the additional programs to mod the game (thank you so much dennisjames for creating this mod in the format that you did). I'd love to continue my season & am thankful to read I am not the only one having this issue. Please let me know if there's anything you need from me to help you guys solve this issue. Hopefully it will help me & everyone else whose having the same issue. Thanks again for all of the hard work on this!
  9. Hey everyone. Amazing job on this. It really is incredible. One thing I noticed, not sure if its just me or everyone, but the AAA affiliate for the Mets in this is the Buffalo Bisons & not the 51s. Did I do something wrong or is this the case for everyone? Thanks again for all of the hard work on this.
  10. Would it be possible to have this in a format where we could just re-write over existing files? If not, how would I go about installing this with Big GUI? Thanks!
  11. I wish I had techie friends. In fact, I'm the only one of my friends who uses mods, so I'm psuedo-self taught. I'd hop on a GoToMeeting or any other kind of screen share with anyone who is willing to take the time, but other than that, I'm out of ideas & out of luck. Any idea when the MVP14 mod will be done? I'm really just hoping that solves all of my problems.
  12. yeah, believe it or not, I am. if you have any other suggestions or ideas, i'm willing to give them a shot...i'd love to get this working.
  13. daflyboys, thanks, gave it a try..."access is denied" (in WinRAR) after trying to extract the installer thingy to my MVP folder where the game is. looks like i'm beat. at this point, i'll just wait for the MVP14 TC mod when it comes out & pray that it doesn't involve the use of the TIT or installer thingy. thanks to everyone for the help, i really appreciate it.
  14. I'm on 7-Zip, trying to extract the "installer thingy" .rar to C:Program Files (x86)EA SPORTSMVP Baseball 2005, and I get the following error in 7-Zip "0 can not open output file C:Program Files (x86)EA SPORTSMVP Baseball 2005installer-thingy26.exe". On the actual thread for the installer thingy '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>, on the second post down Jim825 addressed a similar issue. Thanks again for bearing with me on this.
  15. Still no dice for me. I get the "root" error when I try to extract it (to the file where the MVP 2005 .exe is). I saw Jim825's response to that about having to re-install the game. Just to be clear I'm extracting the .rar for the installer thingy to the MVP 2005 folder where the .exe is, and that's where I arrive at the "root" error. I just want to make sure I'm following the instructions as I'm supposed to. Thanks again for sticking with me on this.
  16. Homer, thanks for that link. How would I install it to the main game folder AFTER re-installing MVP 2005? I apologize for the n00b question. Just not sure how it would be any different as I already had the game installed before finding out about the "installer thingy". Thanks again!
  17. Is there a way to install these without using the TIT? It never seems to work for me. I am very familiar with using 7-Zip to extract, overwrite...etc. Thanks!
  18. jshap16

    2014 facepack

    Is there a way to install these without the TIT? as in downloading and then using 7-Zip to extract? Thanks!
  19. jshap16

    51's Or Bisons

    I've installed a bunch of the latest mods to the 2014 files. The most recent rosters. The most recent overlay that yymhst put up. And I noticed that although it says "Las Vegas 51s", it still shows all of the Buffalo Bisons logos (attached image). Also, the in-game faces for (all Mets) Wilmer Flores, Anthony Recker, Eric Campbell (who should also be #29), J. Familia & Carlos Torres are a bit off (they just look VERY generic). Just wanted to bring these things to the modders attention so they can be fixed in the next roster & graphics updates. That or the MVP14 Total Conversion Mod that I've seen is being worked on. Thanks again to everyone! FYI - anyone offering a fix...the TIT does NOT work for me, the only way I am able to install things is via .rar files and using 7-Zip to extract & copy over existing files.
  20. One other question on this, when this is released (I can't wait, seriously, I check every day, multiple times), will the rosters be accurate as of the RELEASE date or OPENING DAY rosters? Personally, I'm partial to the latter (then with 1 update after the trade deadline), but will be stoked no matter what. Looking forward to this release, hope it's all going well, thanks!
  21. jshap16

    Jim825 & Eazip

    IT WORKED! Thank you so much. I really appreciate all of your help & patience. Have a great weekend!
  22. jshap16

    Jim825 & Eazip

    You've done a great job. It is just my learning how to do this that is the problem. Just to be clear, when you say that the "models.big" & ".fsh files"...the only place I have a "models.big" file is in C:Program Files (x86)EA SPORTSMVP Baseball 2005data. Do I copy the file from there to the C:MVP_work folder? Question 2, regarding the ".fsh files"...do you mean the 3 files from "Eric Young Jr.rar"...which are "c823.fsh", "c823.ord" & "c823.orl", or something else? The way you have written it, I'm interpreting that in this "MVP_work" folder should be: eazip.exe models.big c823.fsh c823.ord c823.orl THEN go to the command prompt & do: cd c:MVP_work eazip +a models.big c823.* Hopefully I have correctly interpreted all of this. I am so sorry to be a bother at all, just trying to get this fixed up. I really really appreciate all of your help & bearing with me on this. Thanks again.
  23. jshap16

    Jim825 & Eazip

    @Jim825 OK, here's where I'm at. I attached a picture of my screen. Top left is the "Command Prompt" window I'd opened. Top right is the folder where I'd placed the updated EY Jr. cyberfaces. Bottom left is 7-Zip, where I extracted the eazip zip file. Bottom right is a Windows Explorer window where I attempt to launch eazip from. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, I just can't figure out how to run the eazip utility in my command prompt window. I hate to ask for step by step, but I feel like that's the only way I'm going to get it right. Thanks again for all of your help & time. I really appreciate it.
  24. Also, just wanted to put this out there for you. I've got an Excel file that will have the entire Mets organizations equipment (MLB, AAA, AA & A). If you're interested, just shoot me a PM & I'll be happy to share it with you.
  25. Just wanted put this out there, if you're interested, I'll have all of the equipment correct for the entire Mets organization. If you want to include it, just send me a PM & I'll send you the Excel file I have.
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