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  1. In addition, please, no one waste your two daily downloads on any mod that has "AstroEric" listed as the author. --Eric
  2. 219 downloads

    Thanks to Homer for helping out with the o-editing! This face # replaces that of former manager Phil Garner, and comes in two versions -- one with glasses, and one without. Though the glasses are more authentic, due to the limitations of cyberfaces, they don't always look right -- especially if Coop gets mad. Texture by AstroEric. O-Edit by Homer. 2x Texture Base by Kraw.
  3. In these parts you'd better not talk about Payton "New Jesus Christ Almighty He Will Lead Us to the Promised Land" Manning that way.
  4. This is a great idea for a mod, HFLR. Kudos to you for the idea!
  5. Será el Día de Acción de Gracias, porque él sirvió un pavo! Sentaos, niño grande!
  6. We totally used to have a member named FP. I think he must have changed his name....? EDIT: You know him better, I think, as d1git4l_cha0s --Eric
  7. That guy was like my arch-nemesis for awhile. I dunno why.
  8. Here's a question, Ty. Did that guy who promised the $10,000 to whomever could come up with this sort of program ever pony up any money at all? --Eric
  9. 216 downloads

    Install with Kraw's Installer Thingy. Or else.
  10. This year has flown by. I've almost been married for six months!
  11. I only place value on Uncle Mo. If we had a fantasy MVPMod team, he'd be my first round draft pick. In fact, from now on, I will call him Mojols.
  12. Sometimes I wish that Kraw was really an action hero.
  13. Can I start the official "Down with 'Delicious Surprise'!" revolution? But seriously...it seems that alot of the folks who had issues with the 06 mod were complaining about the datafile. Perhaps multiple datafiles would head off these complaints at the pass? Standard, '06 version, and '06 for folks who can't take the heat of the walk fix version? Also...I kind of missed the classic uni's.
  14. 314 downloads

    Thanks goes to Hory for ending hours of headache by pointing out that there's two numbers to change in the text of the fsh file!
  15. 174 downloads

    Houston Astros Brad Ausmus Cyberface - #562. Use Kraw's Installer Thingy to install. This mod is dedicated to my Mom and sister, who both used to put up with watching Astros games simply for the occasional glimpse of Ausmus without his helmet on. --Eric
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