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  1. Jeje, OMG Guaro, you always do something amazing. Esos logos se ven mortal pp, soy Leuris de Mvp2KCaribe.
  2. It was just a question, okay, I will not create the 2K19 but the 2K30 and I will upload it to this same page. Lol
  3. Hello, I have a question, I would like to know if you plan to do any MOD 19 for the MLB 2K, or a complete MOD with everything updated this season, say face, roster, portraits, stadiums among other things.
  4. it did not work... someone please pass me the audio files, to test if the ones that have my game are the ones that do not work.
  5. Thanks, I will try with that.
  6. Saludos, Tengo un problema con el MLB 2K12 con un mod al 2018, es que no tengo audio, no se porque razon pero el juego no tiene audio, si alguien sabe el porque por favor necesito su ayuda o si me pueden facilitar el archivo de audio a alguien que le funcione normal se lo agradeceria inmensamente. Gracias. Regards, I have a problem with the MLB 2K12 with a mod to 2018, is that I have no audio, there is a problem because the game does not have an audio, if someone knows why I need your help. Or if you can help me in the audio file someone who works normal would appreciate it immensely. Thanks.
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