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  1. There’s 2 decrypt tools for Pro Evolution Soccer for PS4 out there. Those I believe are on the right track. That’s what I was able to make some progress with. I feel like if somebody starts with that and takes some of the info in that coding, we may have some ground on this
  2. It’s over mine too lol. I was just poking around and it turned random symbols into letters and I figured that was progress. Jumped on the ol google to see if I could see what it meant or if I could self teach hex editing or something (was going to try to hex edit as a substitute), which didn’t work but led me down the path of all that stuff. I did did try to take a 18 roster file and just paste the hex over the hex of a 19, but it corrupted the file. Would have been interesting had it worked haha
  3. Thank you for the info. I’ll send over a message shortly for that program. What I did manage to do was somewhat decrypt the file using the PERS decrypter (a soccer game I guess?) and it led me to a psskkey in the .bin file and when I looked into a little more it matched up closely (except there was an extra character in the hex at the end) with one of the games that was decrypted with savewizard. So I was hoping that would be useful to somebody that would know a bit more what to do with it than I do Attached is the image of what happened when I “decrypted it” below is what I was able to find in the .bin file sealedkey_key_E (pfsSKKey__SecKey) 00000000 70 66 73 53 4b 4b 65 79 5f 5f 53 65 63 4b 65 79 |pfsSKKey__SecKey| 00000010 b5 da ef ff 39 e6 d9 0e ca 7d c5 b0 29 a8 15 3e |....9....}..)..>| 00000020 87 07 96 0a 53 46 8d 6c 84 3b 3d c9 62 4e 22 af |....SF.l.;=.bN".| 00000030 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 |................| * 00000080 flag is 0 Which i think is somehow related to the following: Keyset 1 AES-CBC-128 Key = B5DAEFFF39E6D90ECA7DC5B029A8153E SHA-256-HMAC Hash = 8707960A53468D6C843B3DC9624E22AF Keyset 2 AES-CBC-128 Key = EC0D347E2A7657471F1FC33E9E916FD4 SHA-256-HMAC Hash = A6D6583D3217E87D9BE9BCFC4436BE4F Keyset 3 AES-CBC-128 Key = 51D8BFB4E387FB4120F081FE33E4BE9A SHA-256-HMAC Hash = FFF9BDEA803B14824C61850EBB084EE9 Keyset 4 AES-CBC-128 Key = 346B5D231332AC428A44A708B1138F6D SHA-256-HMAC Hash = 5DC6B8D1A3A0741852A7D44268714824
  4. So I’m looking to work on getting an MLB the show Roster editor built. When it comes to programming and building a program my skills are...let’s say limited. So I was hoping to find some help on here. I’d be willing to compensate for the time (basically, I’ll fund getting this thing made). So here’s what it needs: it needs to decrypt the save files, allow editing (while showing what fields are being edited) and ideally would allow importing and exporting of players from previous year saves as well. Then it needs to re-encrypt the file. Can be one program or a separate one for the decrypting and re-crypting. This could be modeled off the MVP edit, or off the madden 12 editor or REDMC that was used for 2K before. I can provide copies of those as well if needed. I was able to get into some of the .bin files hex and saw that the psskkey in there looks similar to one that was decrypted for other games on other mods, so not sure if that’d help. But let me know if anybody is willing and able to help with this. And let me know what your rate would be to get this done. Thanks!
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