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  1. hey @dpeters95, i'm having the same issue and I was wondering how you were able to manually add the audio files with BigGui? Like what steps you took. Thanks for helping mate!
  2. Yeah thanks a lot for the pack @Muller_11 Always so happy when portraits/faces are released!
  3. kinn2006

    Shohei Ohtani

    thank you! MVP 05 for life
  4. nevermind, i finally managed to install mvp 16 and I am now able to get the mods into the game.
  5. Hi Gordo, my name is Jonathan. I searched around in a lot of forums but still can't fin the answer to my question. I am having problems with the cyberface and faces installation. The problem is: the new portrait does not show up in the game! I am using MVP 15 Mod. My game is installed in C:/ Program Files x86, the TiT and the .rar file are in the same folder as the MVP installation. I open up TiT, select the appropriate file (example the file containing Greg Holland's portrait with Colorado), it loads as I see the multiple color installation screens + the status bar. No error message is given to me and everything seems all right. The player ID 6624 is the same as the one in MVPedit. However, when I open up the game, Holland's old KC portrait still shows up. The same goes for every other installation that I've tried to do. What am I doing wrong lol? Your help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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