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    Does the game work properly with a legit CD?

    Hi, so I downloaded the game to try and get an idea of how it would run on Windows 10 before I actually dumped 60$ on a 13 year old title. Does the game sim past April 11th with a legitmate copy? I am not supporting these No-CD patches or wanting to disccuss them, I am merely just trying to figure out how the game is going to run on newer os and hardware
  2. Shadowcreeper77

    I want MVP

    If someone could help I would be so grateful to get a copy of mvo baseball 2005 for pc for less than 100$. I tryed using cracks, and you know what they just don't work. Crashes everywhere. My PS2 copy freezes. And I dont have an original xbox or gamecube. I really want to play Owner mode in HD with 2015 rosters. If anyone out there could either upload there cds or have a spare I would be so thankful.