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  1. I think my knowledge of computers has evolved beyond that. I've been using them for 18 years. That was the first thing I checked. Thanks, though.
  2. I'm running Windows 7 Enterprise. I was not aware of the guide, and as I just read it, I saw that it is better to install it to a folder other than Program Files. I doubt it will help, but I will try uninstalling it and reinstalling it to the folder recommended in the guide tomorrow.
  3. That wasn't the issue. I had this issue before I downloaded that update. After downloading that update, the game just did nothing. I fixed that, but it still tells me to put in the correct disk, even though the correct disk is in.
  4. So, I got MVP 2005 in the mail today (thanks again to the user who sent it to me), but I can't get it to work. I installed it, but when I tried to run it, it says "Please insert the correct CD-ROM, select OK and restart application". I tried running it as an administrator, and running it in XP compatibility mode. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  5. Well, for the most realistic experience, I'd recommend our mod along with one other, calhoupe's Madden Scripts. That mod contains many things that adjust rules and play to keep it current. His next version is going to make all facemask penalties 15 yards instead of having a 5-yard alternate. He also has the kickoff from the 35, a fix for shanked punts by the CPU, new overtime rules, new moves for runners, and the new extra point from the 15-yard line. There's more, but those are some big parts. I downloaded every total classic mod that interested me, as well as MVP 15 and the patch. So, I guess I'll have some stuff to look forward to.
  6. I only bought 2k11, so I got screwed out of any future mods for that series. I used to be the team leader of the main mod team that updates Madden 08 every season. The mod is the FF/FI XV mod. I think it is our finest work yet. Madden 08 on Amazon is about $10, so if you get it, let us know your thoughts. Also, while I'm here, would any of you know what MVP 2005 mods to get? I know there's a big one for 2015, but I am also interested in historic seasons.
  7. Someone from this forum actually offered me his copy for free. So, I have reason to be very thankful. And thanks for your kind words about the Madden modding. My upcoming life requirements have forced me to retire from working on the major mod, but I'll still be doing some side stuff.
  8. Which specific forum should I follow to look for people offering to sell their copies?
  9. Forgive me if this is the wrong forum. Please direct me to the proper forum if it is wrong. I recently have had the desire to play baseball on PC, but I can't really find much for the last 2k Game I have. So, I decided to look for MVP 2005, and I found that it was $99 on Amazon. I have no desire to pay that much if I don't have to, so I am here to ask if anyone here has a copy they would be willing to part with for a decent price. If you do have a copy you are willing to part with, please let me know. Thanks. Once again, I apologize if this is the wrong forum or if questions such as this are not allowed.
  10. Thanks for keeping 2k11 alive for a time, especially now that you can't buy the games anymore. I never got around to buying 2k12, so I'm pretty much out of the loop. I wanted to wait for a sale, and then... poof. Gone. Anyway, once again, thanks.
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