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  1. Anyone have a working link for the 50 game schedule mod? The Original link in the downloads is reporting a redirect loop
  2. I tried the option to make the ages reflect 2014, rather than them being "14" or "20" etc, using the scheduler updater program, but this doesnt seem to have made the change.. am i missing something here? The schedule itself is perfect.. i was able to move the days back to april 1st with the tool and the year reads 2014 though.
  3. I can only get my original version of mvp 2005 to run under Windows 8.1 Update 1.. if i try the mvp12 or mvp13 mods it will tank.. Although interestingly, it seems if i first reboot the machine, then launch it, it works.. but if i later close it and reopen it will not. The exact same MVP12/13 install will work fine under a Windows 7 x64 install. The crash occurs after choosing the quick game then "GO" .. progress bar 50% then crash.. mvp2005.exe has stopped working. At first I thought maybe it was the newer nvidia driver causing the issue, but then i installed the 11/2013 driver (which works under Windows 8.0 btw, reboot or not).. and this didnt help, so I believe it is specific to 8.1 or 8.1 with update 1.
  4. Is anyone here actively playing others with MVP13 (and the BasesUp 2014 latest rosters)? If so, how are you all achieving it.. via Hamachi or some other means.. Thanks in advance..
  5. I've installed and managed to get the Season schedule updated to reflect 2014.. Also used the TyWiggins ScheduleUpdater app.. I tried setting it so the ages would be "2014" age, so 27 instead of 18 etc.. but this doesn't seem to work.. Looked around on here and dont see much on this.. I think this all just "cosmetic" and wont affect gameplay, but nonetheless, curious if there is a tweak to make the stat be more accurate. Thanks in advance
  6. File link is reporting a redirect loop.. cant download..(as of now)
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