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  1. Friend, impressive as always the details are very noticeable, congratulations and thank you for your work that will make the game much more realistic
  2. thousand thanks man !! this is just what we were waiting for, now we can assign the new portrait ID and cyberface. as always excellent work and greetings bro
  3. excellent news, take the time it takes to finish this great project, thank you very much for everything. greetings bro
  4. @WacoKid Thank you very much bro, this is something that will definitely make a great improvement in the game, congratulations you have done well.
  5. amazing! Every day I learn new things about the editing tools. how deep is @Kccitystar knowledge about MLB2k modding amazes me a lot. greetings friends ️️
  6. @WacoKid Thank you very much friend, for everything you are doing for MLB2k any change to improve the game is welcome. And I think you're doing a good job, the pitch and his movements are a very important part of the game. Greetings ️️
  7. As far as I know, this is not possible at the moment because the MLB2K Audio Editor tool cannot run or does not work with the file pa_plyrs.bin which contains the audios of the players. hey bro, @Kccitystar how far are we from being able to create or modify audios for new players that are not mentioned by the announcers?
  8. So far it is the furthest I have seen that modders have managed to update the music in the game and the music of main menu. There are 2 good modders who can help you a lot with that, contact @Guaro1379 and @aceshigh they have a lot of knowledge about this
    Very well Man!! Five stars for you Is perfect
  9. @picklebrad Amazing!! the details are perfect and with respect to the eyes that is very difficult to change. greetings friend
  10. @Kccitystar Another huge contribution for MLB2k, a thousand thanks for teaching me a better way to do the portrait, I did it in a different way and now thanks to your tutorial everything seems easier and faster. greetings and blessings to you bro
    This is great!! 5 stars for you bro, excellent job
  11. This is great!! is getting closer the roster, more complete and better that has been done on this website, and all thanks to you friend, who has invested all your free time to make all this a reality. greetings and thank you very much
  12. @Kccitystar again thank you very much for everything you are doing for MLB2k, every day the best roster is closer and all thanks to you Sir. Greetings bro
    Thank you so much bro, Amazing job 5 stars for you
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