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  1. Ok after playing the buc's i now see where none of the faces "took", neither jaso nor bell have dreadlocks (i even tried johny cueto thinking he'd have his dreads, BUT NOPE, no dice) and cervelli looks no different after all???
  2. Nice, as it does come in handy for sure.
  3. Just checked it, now i could of maybe seen josh bell on there but then NONE of them are on the spreadsheet to my surprise???
  4. I think your thinking i was asking for their portraits when i actually need their id #'s
  5. Could use a few for the pirates, Francisco Cervelli, Josh Harrison, John Jaso & Josh Bell
  6. Decided to take a stab at a sound mod for the first time. I created a theme pack for pittsburgh pirate fans using actual rally themes, songs, organ music, etc all with an actual real life bucco theme. I did mess around with some of the themes & songs using audacity as some of them were a pinch louder than others but let me know what you think pirate fans??? http://www.mediafire.com/download/9p5ri0l8cza6qhs/Raise_the_Jolly_Roger.rar
  7. By team select screen i take it that you mean the screen where you pick what side? But if this is so, how do you see what uniform it is because they don't show a player with a uniform on??? And by r1 for xbox controller, dont you mean L button??? And what is l1 button, please clarify???
  8. Can you change your team into one of their "alternate" uniforms & if so how do you do it??? And as far team & individual stats where do you go to see them or do you need a mod to be able to read them???
  9. Ok sorry guys, but noob question here , but how do you do this??? As Andrew McCutchen has white arms.
  10. Ohh ok, sweet. Thx aceshigh, can't wait to try it!!!
  11. Gman13

    Managers Id

    BSU-FAN, can you change Pittsburghs Clint Hurdle/Josh Harrison/Pedro Alvarez's faces in your new update, they are all wrong. Clint Hurdle looks nothing like him & he has glasses, josh harrison has no beard and neither does pedro alvarez???
  12. ​Yup there stereo alright, i even converted them to wav format & tried that, still same thing-the tracks wouldn't play neither after i converted them into the soundmod tool nor in game once i was done??? What am i missing or doing wrong here? i'm following the instructions to the T (at least i believe i am?) and nothings working. Help an old fart out who wants to get the most realistic PNC park theme as possible going please!!!
  13. Gman13

    2015 Roster

    When is that due to be released, sounds good!!!
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