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  1. Hey guys, I originally had the same issue many are having where the game would not start at all, but through Team Rival's fix and the Disable Signature Enforcement option that Owen pointed out I was able to get vanilla to run. However, as soon as I installed the official patches I loaded up the game and I ran into the fast-forward issue that some others have brought up in this thread. I have looked through the thread and, unless I missed something, no one has a definitive fix for this issue. I suppose it's important to add that I tried installing the patches one by one to see if I could narrow down the issue and with Patch #1 the game worked normally, but when I installed Patch #2 the fast-forward problem returned. So I guess my question is, does anyone have any suggestions? I have already made sure I have V-sync is on both in the game as well as forced on in my NVIDIA control panel so that did not do the trick as I believe someone in the thread suggested. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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