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  1. Look up, 12 posts ago. There is a Zip file there.
  2. Based upon the number of downloads for all of the Total Classics mod I created or contributed to, I may have been able to retire by now if I charged for them . . . Then again, if I was working on them to get paid, I probably would have stopped creating them years ago.
  3. So does that mean that if people don’t donate, you won’t share the rosters? It ALMOST sounds like you are charging money for the rosters . . .
  4. if you just downloaded a roster, it will crash. You will need the cyberfaces referenced by the rosters as well. The only way to know which faces you are missing is by opening the roster in MVPEdit and go through each player, taking note of which face does not appear. You then have to find each face in the Downloads section, download it and install it.
  5. Have you looked at the dates on those posts you referenced? 2008 and 2011. If no one has answered in 10 years I don’t think there is much hope to get an answer now.
  6. I think he’s saying that he WAS able to download the mod but is having trouble installing it.
  7. CF master sheet? If the game can’t handle portraits past 9999, there is nothing anybody can do about it.
  8. He downloaded these portraits: They are MVP 2005 portraits (which you can tell from the download path), so it explains why they won’t work for him.
  9. Actually, Homer knows. Bo just came along for the ride . . .
  10. Thanks. I will check it out.
  11. I looked at their website last night and it took a while to find their cleverly hidden subscription costs. I finally found the cost ($149 per year), which is more than I want to spend for a modding tool. I can live with some less than perfect portraits in the TC mods. By the time I shrink down the images, they aren’t that bad.
  12. That would be great for portraits on the Total Classics mods, where the images we start with are not always the clearest. And since the watermark is in the lower right corner (away from the face), it would get cropped out.
  13. The .dat files are in the data\database subfolder. Go to the folder where you created the copy of the game and then look for the data\database subfolder. As I said, if you just replace the .dat files, the game will crash if you haven’t installed newer cyberfaces.
  14. Check the Total Conversion Mods section in the MVP Downloads area for newer season mods. I have not used any of them so I can’t comment on how good they are. My interest is older seasons and my modding time is spent on Total Classics mods. As for your All Time rosters, you can make a request but I wouldn’t expect a response. MVP2005 is a 16 year old game and you can probably count the number of active modders of the game on two hands. Plus, All Time teams can be very subjective and contentious. For example, you might want Bernie Williams playing centerfield for the Yankee
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