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  1. You really do seem to be enjoying these Yankees losses. But then again, I guess all of you Blue Jays fans are enjoying them.
  2. Please do. The Yankees seem to win when you root against them.
  3. It was a great game and great to spend time with my daughter. It was Odor that called time before he hit the home run? I suppose that’s why the Boone didnt come running out of the dugout to protest. We, and the rest of the crowd, couldn’t tell who called time. Everyone was blaming Angel Hernandez, the home plate umpire, and there was some very loud booing when Odor had to continue batting. Velasquez looks like he is really enjoying playing and he is fun to watch. It was special to see his first HR.
  4. Another great win for the Yankees last night. I’m on the train to NY right now with my middle daughter to see today’s game. It’s our annual father/daughter trip to see the Yankees play. Cole is pitching today so I’m looking forward to seeing him in person.
  5. Luckily you’re not managing the Yankees. Heaney went 7 innings and gave up only 2 hits and 1 run. I’d consider that a good night.
  6. Yes. You say that a lot . . .
  7. That TV overlay on the Field of Dreams game looks a lot like one of the Total Classics overlays.
  8. I don’t know about that. They still have to pay him through the end of the 2022 season.
  9. At least Luis Gil has been a bright spot. Two straight superb outings.
  10. Anthony Rizzo tests positive for Covid. Arrrggghhh.
  11. He got his first hit, a double, in this afternoon’s game.
  12. If they score more runs than the opposing team, they still get the win, don’t they?
  13. And like they did with Gallo, the Yankees got the Cubs to pay the rest of Rizzo’s 2021 salary.
  14. Good point. I should have mentioned that as well.
  15. Did you look at the files in the database folder and confirm that they are not set to be read-only?
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