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  1. You’re right. This IS enough and it’s gotten too far off topic. You released a new mod to make the game better. Thanks for your contribution. There is nothing else to discuss so this thread can now be closed. Thanks Jim. That was the right move. Y4L
  2. You’re the one who started things going in the wrong direction with the comment in your first post: “Bernie Carbo would be glad to borrow my “sign-in” to help you guys out” Who says we need help? Besides name dropping, what was the point of that comment other than pointing out a flaw in somebody else’s work? Explain how that’s supposed to be helpful. If you want me to be as “helpful” as you and point out flaws in your mods, I can, but that’s not my style. My definition of “helpful”is different than yours. What’s that old saying? People in glass ho
  3. The creator of the audios used in those and many other classic mods is a guy named Hory, a modder from New Zealand. He created hundreds of player, team name and stadium name audios and is a legend around here. Unfortunately, he has not been around for many years, so only the MVPMods oldtimers will remember him. Considering the number of audios he created and how much more enjoyable they make the classic mods, I think most would be willing to overlook a mispronunciation or two. By your logic, however, the mispronunciation means that Hory cannot be considered talented. I think th
  4. The database files contain comma separated values. In other words, they are CSV files. If you change the file extension of a database file from .dat to .csv you can then easily read it into Excel.
  5. The .sav files are rosters created by the in-game editor. Your cousin must have edited rosters with the in-game editor at some point. Those rosters can be imported in the game from the game’s Settings menu. If you want to use them, you have to import them every time you start the game. The .sav files cannot be edited by MVPEdit. To edit rosters with MVPEdit, you first import the .dat files from the data\database folder using the File-> Import dat files option from the MVPEdit menu bar. The editor then creates a .mbe file, which now contains all of the .dat files. Whenever you ma
  6. It appears that Aaron Boone will be back as Yankees manager next year according to Hal Steinbrenner: https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/yankees-owner-hal-steinbrenner-says-he-intends-to-keep-aaron-boone-on-as-manager/
  7. If you are looking for the PS2 version of the game, eBay has plenty of copies less than $10. They have a number of copies of the PC version of the game between $40 and $60.
  8. Why did I think think this was a best of 7 series??? I didn’t know it was a one game playoff.
  9. And here we go again. The game is over before it’s played . . . While I expect that Verlander will pitch well, I can’t help but remember last week’s Game 1 vs. Seattle, when he gave up 10 hits and 6 runs over 4 innings.
  10. Nestor was outstanding and extremely efficient on 3 days rest. And then Loaisiga, Holmes and Wandy were lights out. And now it’s on to Houston!
  11. That would be a bad bet, as Cleveland is sticking with Civale (who hasn’t pitched since the end of the regular season) for today’s game. Meanwhile, the Yankees go with Nestor Cortes, which I believe is a better option than Taillon, even if they only get 4 or 5 innings out of him.
  12. Why not wait until the game is played before declaring that the season is over? First you declared that the division race was over and that they wouldn’t make the playoffs. That was wrong. Next, Quantrill would dominate them in Game 1 and Cole would suck. That was wrong. Then you said their season would be over after the weekend. That was wrong. Yesterday, you said that Quantrill would dominate the Yankees (again) and their season would be over. That was wrong. Do you see a pattern here? I’m going to wait for the game to be playe
  13. Oops. Another great outing by Cole. 7 innings, 2 runs, 1 walk, 8 strikeouts.
  14. You mean like he did in Game 1 on Tuesday when the Yankees scored 4 runs off of him and won the game 4-1? Is that what you mean when you say he will dominate the Yankees? If so, I hope he dominates them too!
  15. It’s always nice when Debbie Downer makes an appearance here . . . Spoken like a true Yankees fan. NOT! Maybe you should root for a team like the A’s. That way you never have to worry about them missing the playoffs or disappointing you because of a bad season.
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