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  1. I never said it worked out well. Not all trades (or free agent signings) do, but unless you have a crystal ball and can see the future, you have no way of being 100% certain of how a deal will turn out. Plus, the Yankees aren’t the only team that makes mistakes. Name me a team that hasn’t made bad trades or signings. The Yankees’ mistakes are just more visible because of who they are.
  2. It’s always easy to make judgements about past decisions. At the time, Gray was one of the top AL pitchers available at the trading deadline. Kaprelian was recovering from Tommy John surgery. Gray was hardly a bum at that time having made the All Star game and finishing 3rd in Cy Young voting in 2015. Kaprelian, meanwhile, had never progressed beyond high-A (Tampa Yankees) and was still rehabbing. Can you honestly say that if you were in Cashman’s position you wouldn’t trade a rehabbing single-A pitcher and two other minor leaguers for an All Star pitcher, with a proven histo
  3. Why do you do that all the time? The Yankees fall behind and the game is automatically over. Last I checked, they were up 7-4. It appears to me that they are winning . . .
  4. If Ford was that good, he would still be on the major league roster. The Yankees were hoping he could play first base until Voit returned, but he was doing so poorly that Andujar was playing first base at times. He was DFA’d to make room for Zach Britton when he came off the IL. Ford is not going to suddenly turn into a .300 hitter for the Rays, nor do I expect him to be their everyday first baseman. In fact, he’s not going to Tampa. He’s going to their Triple-A team in Durham.
  5. 8 innings, 4 hits, 2 runs for Cole. Maybe not the same high number of strikeouts he had earlier in the season, but I will take an outing like that any day. And give the Yankees credit for coming from behind for the second night in a row.
  6. What are your computer specs? What OS are you running? Does the audio work in other games or applications? Have you checked the audio settings in the game?
  7. Have you looked at the Windows 10 thread? People have been trying for years to get the game to work on Windows 10 without much luck. If you are waiting for someone to find a solution, unfortunately you are going to be waiting for quite a while.
  8. What version of Windows are you running on your PC?
    Very impressive work. The description itself is worthy of 5 stars! I'm sure that many members will appreciate the effort you put into this.
  9. Jim825


    He was asking whether you had the discs or if you downloaded the game. It sounds like you have the discs. Some have had issues with the 2015 mod and have found that if they first install the 2008 or 2012 mod and then the 2015 mod, they have better results. Try installing the 2008 or 2012 mod and see if either of those mods crash. To make things easier, keep your default, patched version of the game in one folder, and when you want to install a conversion mod or try a new roster, make a copy of the the folder and install the mod on top of the copy. Thst way, you al
  10. Not the greatest first post after you join the website. At least that guy made an effort to help others. You realize you are responding to an 8 year old message right?? If you look at some of the released uniforms over the last 9 years, I am guessing that they include installation instructions.
  11. Have you searched the forums for an answer of better yet sent a PM to the modder who created the mod? He should be able to tell you.
  12. There is no magic tool that will change the audios for you. First of all, you need the actual audio files for the teams you want (e.g. audios of the announcers saying “Milwaukee Braves” or “Brooklyn Dodgers”). Many of the Total Classics mods have the Legends of the Booth announcers (Scully, Allen, Harwell) announcing these teams. You would need to extract the audios for those teams (both a .dat and a .hdr file) for using a tool like eazip. You should be aware that the files have numbers for names, (00.dat, 01.dat, etc), where each number corresponds to a team. For example,
  13. I was in high school in 1978 when this movie was released and I remember seeing it in theaters with some of my friends, so it has sentimental value. Belushi was a comic genius and it showed in this film as well as the early seasons of Saturday Night Live in the mid to late 70’s. Unfortunately, like many comedians, he had inner demons and died due to drugs. I still remember where I was and what I was doing when the news broke about his death. Like you, I can’t remember how many times I’ve seen this movie over the years but it’s one of my all-time favorites. Toga! T
  14. Did you look at this every post in the thread or just the last page? This post specifically mentions XBox One: Spend some time searching the forums. Anything you will ask has probably already been answered multiple times in the last 16 years since the game came out.
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