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  1. What do you mean by “lost it”? Do you mean that you forgot your password? If that’s the case, any of the admins can reset the password. Send me a PM with your old user name and I will reset the password.
  2. No they don’t. They are primarily single season mods which is why it is recommended that you play them with injuries, suspensions and computer generated trades turned off.
  3. You would then need to install all of the cyberfaces created since the 2015 mod, because the 2019 rosters reference newer faces. Failure to do this will cause the game to crash.
  4. There is no consistent way to get it to run on Windows 10. A handful of people have gotten it to work and they posted what they did, but their solutions did not work for others. The majority of people could not get the game to run.
  5. Cyberfaces created for MVP 2004 can also be used in MVP 2005.
  6. Most likely the file was lost during one of the server migrations. There have been a number of server moves over the years and unfortunately some files have been lost.
  7. 57 downloads

    Total Classics 1919 By Jim825 & dennisjames71 With the end of World War I in 1919, both baseball and the nation as a whole returned to business as usual. For some ballplayers during the 1919 baseball season, "business as usual" unfortunately meant plotting with gamblers to fix games. Gambling-related scandals had been a part of baseball going back to the mid-19th century, but in 1919 the national pastime suffered the ultimate corruption: the intentional throwing of the 1919 World Series by eight members of the Chicago White Sox. In a season limited to 140 games by a baseball establishment still worried about its patriotic image, Cincinnati compiled a 96-44 record to run away with the National League pennant by 9 games over second-place New York. The Reds had a two-prong attack. They had Edd Roush, Heinie Groh, Jake Daubert, and little leadoff hitter Morrie Rath; and they had a staff that allowed the fewest runs in the league and included 20-game winners Slim Sallee and Hod Eller, as well as Dutch Ruether, who recorded the third-lowest ERA in the league at 1.81. In the American League race, an illusory powerhouse in Chicago had an unexpectedly difficult time shaking Cleveland and New York -- or perhaps the group later responsible for the 1919 World Series fix was dumping games for money down the stretch -- before finally finishing at 88-52, 3-1/2 up on Cleveland. The White Sox offense was powered by the .351-hitting Joe Jackson, Eddie Collins and Happy Felsch. Their pitching staff allowed the second-fewest runs in the league thanks to 29-game winner Eddie Cicotte and 23-game winner Lefty Williams. The Reds won the crooked best-of-nine 1919 World Series five games to three. The most dramatic moments -- seen in retrospect, as the scandal didn't break until the following year -- came in games three and six, when pitcher Dickie Kerr overcame the best efforts of his eight dishonest teammates to win 3-0 and 5-4. The best-known player in on the fix, Jackson, always maintained afterward that he was innocent. He pointed to his 1919 World Series-high .375 batting average and six RBI, although he never explained why he accepted money from the conspirators beforehand with free knowledge of their plans. ------------------------------------------- The Total Classics 1919 mod brings you the sights and sounds of the 1919 baseball season. Besides rosters, portraits, uniforms and audios, the mod provides themed menu and loading screens, stadium select screens with actual stadium photos, 1919 jukebox and batter walkup music, an accurate 1919 schedule and correct 1910's era stadiums for every team. The mod also includes OTBJoel's great Legends from the Booth audio. ------------------------------------------- *** INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS *** - After you download the total_classics_1919.7z file, double-click to open it. - Extract the contents of the file into a folder. - Double-click the explodeme.exe file - Find the location of a CLEAN (or patched) copy of MVP Baseball 2005 and click "Extract". - Allow the program to extract all of the new content. - Play the new Total Classics 1919 mod. NOTE -- You MUST use an "unlocked" profile in order to have access to the 1919 uniforms ------------------------------------------- *** VERSION HISTORY *** v1.0 Initial release
  8. Those look very nice. If you are looking for more retro uniforms, you should check out dennisjames71's uniforms in the following TC mods: TC1915 TC1927 TC1934, TC1939 TC1941, TC1946, TC1948 TC1951, TC1956, TC1958 TC1971, TC1974, TC1975, TC1976, TC1977, TC1978, TC1979 TC1984 TC1993, TC1997
  9. I’m not denying that some people experienced crashes, however, making the statement that “it always crashes” is inaccurate. 1951 Braves Field is rather graphics intensive, but so are other stadiums, and it’s not the only one that some have had crash on them.
  10. If it always froze for me in Braves Field, I never would have included it in the TC1951 release.
  11. As Dennis said, when we create these classic mods, we typically use existing mods that we have already created. It saves us time because we only have to modify things that have changed and we can reuse things that are already working. For example, if we already have a models.big that contains classic cyberfaces, why take the default MVP2005 models.big and reinstall all of those cyberfaces? The same goes for the Legends from the Booth audio that we use. This also saves us time from a stability point of view. When we start with a known good base, we can be sure that if there are problems, we know to look at those new pieces that we have added. Dennis and I both do a lot of testing before releasing the mods. I sim countless dynasty seasons to make sure that there are no crashes and also to try to get results that match or are very close to the actual results from the season we are creating -- for example, the final standings, World Series matchups, statistical leaders for home runs, RBIs, stolen bases, pitcher strikeout totals, wins, etc. Dennis plays multiple games with the teams and I also play multiple games with every team so that I can check every uniform, every player audio, batter walkup music, etc. Needless to say, we don't rush out these mods. Dennis - Actually, I did create TC1951 and it was based upon the TC1956 mod I created. This was before we started collaborating on mods, but If you look at the revision history, you will also see that both of these mods, as well as some others I did on my own, were later updated with uniforms you created. As for that appcompat.txt file, it is simply a reporting file used when uploading error reports to Microsoft. When a crash occurs and Windows displays the message asking you if you would like to report this error to Microsoft, appcompat.txt is a file that is uploaded if you say yes. The file contains information about the problem.
  12. I do all of my development work and testing of all of the TC mods on a 10 year-old Windows XP SP3 laptop and have never had any problems running any of these mods, including TC1934 and TC1939. I will try running those mods again to see if I can come up with any reasons why you may be having issues.
  13. I play as many different teams: 1934 Yankees 1939 Yankees 1941 Yankees 1956 Yankees 1974 Yankees 1975 Yankees 1976 Yankees 1977 Yankees 1978 Yankees . . .
  14. That's too bad. You've missed some good games. They were certainly more entertaining than the Yankees / Red Sox beer league softball games in London this past weekend. Don't get me wrong -- I am very happy when the Yankees win, especially against the Red Sox, but those two games were painful.
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