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  1. Jim825

    Cannot upload mods

    Glad to help. I should have looked into it earlier.
  2. Jim825

    Cannot upload mods

    Try uploading again. It looks like the "allowed file extensions" for the Camera/Datafile category was set to "undefined". I changed it to allow any extension type. Let me know if that fixes your problem.
  3. Jim825

    Cannot upload mods

    I'll take a stab at trying to figure out what is going on. If I can't, I will contact KC.
  4. Hi Jim don't know if i am in the rite area or not.I have been have trouble downloading MVP 2013 mod.I am also having trouble downloading other mods on here as well,every time i click on the download button the webpage keeps loading then after a minute the site just goes dead.Is there anyway you can fix this?I really appreciate the work you do here,thanks.

  5. Jim825

    Headtrip MLB2k18 Roster Update Released....

    Look on the right side of the main page of the website. It's listed under the "Newest Downloads" header.
  6. Jim825

    operating system best to run

    I do recall that some people had issues running the game on 64-bit Windows 7 after DIrectX 11 was installed. When the game started up, it displayed a screen saying that there was an error and DIrectX needed to be installed. Attempting to downgrade to an earlier version of DIrectX would not work.
  7. Jim825

    operating system best to run

    When you say "os bit", do you mean 32-bit vs. 64-bit or are you talking about something else?
  8. There are 3 different Olympic Stadium mods in the MVP2005->Stadiums download area.
  9. Are you just referring to the text in the game? If so, then you need to download a utility called LocLook: In the MVP Baseball 2005\data folder, you will find two files -- FEENG.LOC and IGENG.LOC. Open each file (one at a time) with LocLook and search for "Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim". When it displays the string, change it to just "Los Angeles Angels". Keep searching to make sure all instances of the string are changed, since there could be more than one instance. Save the updated .LOC and when you start the game, the text should now appear the way you want..
  10. Jim825

    MVP Baseball 2005

    There are known issues trying to get the game to run on Windows 10. There is a whole topic dedicated to it:
  11. Jim825

    Oakland A's team name

    The A's team name audio has been in MVP 2005 since the day it was released. Why do you need someone to create it?
  12. Jim825

    BallFour's MVP Baseball 1998

    Most likely when it is finished . . .
  13. Jim825

    MVP Baseball 2018

    Was there a point to that last post?
  14. Jim825

    want to buy mlb 2k12

    What do you mean by a "reloaded version" of MLB2K12?
  15. Jim825

    How to change team names in a roster?

    That was an MVP2005 mod. He's working on an MLB2K12 mod.