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  1. XBox 360 wired controller
  2. Actually it DOES matter. One of the rules of this website is that we do not provide support for illegally downloaded versions of any games.
  3. An XBox 360 Controller will also work. You can get them pretty cheap on eBay.
  4. There is a Download section here for MVP2004, but it wasn't really updated very much once MVP2005 came out. The MVP2005 rosters are not backward compatible, so none of them will work in MVP2004..
  5. Jim825

    ResChanger Tool

    See if this thread helps:
  6. Whatever it is, it is probably better than Regular Teams or Just OK Teams. I mean it has to be -- it has "Ultimate" in its name!
  7. The Yankees won the game, even WITH the Astros stealing signs, so that's all that really matters . . .
  8. Could it be the fact that he is listed as A. Torres rather than G. Torres?
  9. How did you install the game -- with physical discs or by downloading the game?
  10. Like this: https://www.mvpmods.com/files/file/10976-mvp-baseball-2005-career-mode-setup-tutorial-for-position-players/
  11. I'm glad to hear you are enjoying the mod. One of the side benefits of creating these classics mods is learning about the history of the game (players, teams, stadiums, etc.).
  12. Did you ever check out the classic faces that Homer made? Many of them appear in the Total Classics mods.
  13. If you read the description that the other guy wrote about his rosters, you will see that they are Spring Training MLB-only rosters and they do not have proper portraits assigned. If you want to create rosters, you shouldn't stop just because someone else created rosters as well. Every set is going to be different, based upon the view of the modder who created them. It's no different than multiple modders creating the same uniform, the same stadium, etc.
  14. Please don’t bump your thread. It is against site rules. You need to be patient. If someone has an answer, they will respond.
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