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  1. I’m not denying that some people experienced crashes, however, making the statement that “it always crashes” is inaccurate. 1951 Braves Field is rather graphics intensive, but so are other stadiums, and it’s not the only one that some have had crash on them.
  2. If it always froze for me in Braves Field, I never would have included it in the TC1951 release.
  3. As Dennis said, when we create these classic mods, we typically use existing mods that we have already created. It saves us time because we only have to modify things that have changed and we can reuse things that are already working. For example, if we already have a models.big that contains classic cyberfaces, why take the default MVP2005 models.big and reinstall all of those cyberfaces? The same goes for the Legends from the Booth audio that we use. This also saves us time from a stability point of view. When we start with a known good base, we can be sure that if there are problems, we know to look at those new pieces that we have added. Dennis and I both do a lot of testing before releasing the mods. I sim countless dynasty seasons to make sure that there are no crashes and also to try to get results that match or are very close to the actual results from the season we are creating -- for example, the final standings, World Series matchups, statistical leaders for home runs, RBIs, stolen bases, pitcher strikeout totals, wins, etc. Dennis plays multiple games with the teams and I also play multiple games with every team so that I can check every uniform, every player audio, batter walkup music, etc. Needless to say, we don't rush out these mods. Dennis - Actually, I did create TC1951 and it was based upon the TC1956 mod I created. This was before we started collaborating on mods, but If you look at the revision history, you will also see that both of these mods, as well as some others I did on my own, were later updated with uniforms you created. As for that appcompat.txt file, it is simply a reporting file used when uploading error reports to Microsoft. When a crash occurs and Windows displays the message asking you if you would like to report this error to Microsoft, appcompat.txt is a file that is uploaded if you say yes. The file contains information about the problem.
  4. I do all of my development work and testing of all of the TC mods on a 10 year-old Windows XP SP3 laptop and have never had any problems running any of these mods, including TC1934 and TC1939. I will try running those mods again to see if I can come up with any reasons why you may be having issues.
  5. I play as many different teams: 1934 Yankees 1939 Yankees 1941 Yankees 1956 Yankees 1974 Yankees 1975 Yankees 1976 Yankees 1977 Yankees 1978 Yankees . . .
  6. That's too bad. You've missed some good games. They were certainly more entertaining than the Yankees / Red Sox beer league softball games in London this past weekend. Don't get me wrong -- I am very happy when the Yankees win, especially against the Red Sox, but those two games were painful.
  7. Maybe the blender is spinning too fast. Try a slower speed . . . Sorry, I couldn't resist.
  8. I wrote a question for you the other day about a "Run-time Error 48, Error in loading DLL).  Well, I renamed my old 1971 Season game folder and started right from scratch with a "new" 1971 season MVP 2005 game.  I'm doing the same as I mentioned when I was doing the 1976 one, and so far so good, I'm NOT having any problems with importing team members from Lahman's DB 5.3.


    I don't know if the problem stemmed from this or not, but I've noticed that my Norton Security program goes into different folders like for example mods or utilities I get here and pulls out files and puts them thankfully into the quaranteen section.  Do you know how I can try to prevent this from happening?  I've restored the files but I don't want it to happen at all.




  9. Very nice set of instructions. You can correct me if I am wrong, but there should also be a disclaimer that you cannot simply just install the rosters on top of a default installation of MVP2005. You need to install the MVP12 or MVP15 mod first and then install the latest cyberfaces. As you are well aware, if you are missing a cyberface used in the rosters, the game will crash. I believe that information is discussed here:
    Gordo's rosters are always top notch. The number of downloads prove that.
  10. Not that this will help, but just an FYI that the Legends from the Booth "team" was one guy -- otbjoel, and he hasn't been around here in quite a while. It took him 3 years to create the Legends from the Booth mod. I e-mailed him a few years ago asking about an audio issue but never got a response.
  11. Every player has a unique ID that serves as his both his portrait and audio ID. If the ID does not have a defined audio in the audio files, a generic announcement will be made for their name. You could assign a portrait/audio ID that does not have a defined audio (for example, ID 0) to every player, but then every player would have the same portrait. In the case of ID 0, it would be a blank silhouette. Another possible option could be to edit the audio files themselves. Audios are made up of two parts. There is a header and the names themself. The player audio files are found here: headers: data\audio\spch_pbp\pnamehdr.big names: data\audio\cd\spch_pbp\pnamedat.big When creating the Total Classics mods, I've sometimes edited the stadium audio, mainly moving audios around or deleting them. I've never actually created new audios myself. To delete an audio, I would just delete the header for the particular stadium. When the game started, you would then hear a generic welcome message rather than something specific like "Welcome to Comerica Park." I have never tried doing this with player audio, but theoretically, it should work. You would need a tool like BigGUI or eazip (both available here) to edit the pnamehdr.big file to remove the headers. It's not necessarily the one or two step process that you are looking for, but I believe it would do what you are asking.
  12. That sounds like a missing / corrupted cyberface issue. The crash will happen at the time you mention (after selecting the stadium and before the game loading screen appears).
  13. PA audios are in the audio\spch_pa folders: headers: data\audio\spch_pa\pnamehdr.big names: data\audio\cd\spch_pa\pnamedat.big I opened the files with BigGui just to see what they contain and there is are entries numbered 1 - 9992 in each. Unfortunately, I have never done any audio modding. The extent of my audio expertise is knowing how to move around team name or stadium name audios by renaming the .dat files in the tnamedat.big or stdnmdat.big files and then hex editing the .hdr files in the tnamehdr.big or stdnmhdr.big files.
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