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  1. I was going to post something similar. After that one inning, he set down 12 of the next 14 batters he faced and got into the 7th inning. He didn’t let the bad inning get to him and kept the Yankees in the game, allowing them to come back and win again.
  2. It is because 2KSports was awarded the MLB license in 2006. This meant that EA Sports could no longer produce a baseball game using the names or likenesses of actual major league players. They did produce an NCAA college game in 2006 but moved on from baseball games after that. By the time the MLB license was available again, they had no interest in creating another game. Plus, with the increase in console users, games like The Show became more popular.
  3. Yes, that would work. I’m still confused how you plan to resolve the issue of players on the Rays or Diamondbacks who may have been on other teams in 1993. What Rays and Diamondbacks rosters are you planning to add to the 1993 mod? The 1998 teams?
  4. You can edit the org.dat and team.dat files with a text editor (e.g. notepad, etc).
  5. The game only contains 3 years worth of schedules. I believe that after year 3, it will wrap around to use the year 1 schedule. Having 3 years worth of schedules with the same teams in each schedule should prevent crashes.
  6. We don’t discuss or provide support for illegally downloaded games on his website. This is stated in the rules you agreed to when you created your MVPMods account.
  7. Now you’re the one being a comedian. That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard you say in a long time. You gave up on the team in April.
  8. The first thing you did wrong is to make two threads for the exact same question. Please don’t make a third thread with the same question. You need to be patient. If someone has an answer, they will post it.
  9. Y4L - Here’s something you’ll get a chuckle out of. Today I went to the SWB Railriders / Worcester Red Sox game in Worcester. Polar Park, the Red Sox stadium is a 10 minute drive from my house. While at the game, I got to see some old friends on the Railriders. Miguel Andujar was in left field and Greg Bird was the DH. Former Yankee Rob Refsneyder plays for the Red Sox. We were sitting just past 3rd base, 9 rows from the field. In the bottom of the 5th inning, a foul ground ball rolled into left field. Andujar picked it up and looked over at our section. He threw it over a
  10. Here are my thoughts on this: 1. Chad Green will be missed but Michael King has turned into a real shutdown reliever. Chad Holmes has also been lights out. I believe their performances so far will cover for Green’s absence. 2. Higgy and Gallo will be back in a matter of days. It’s not like they have been hitting the cover off the ball. Trevino has seemed as good defensively, so I don’t think there will be a drop off. 3. I’m sorry to see Gil having to undergo surgery and hope he makes a full recovery, but right now, he’s still mainly a Triple-A pitcher, who gets
  11. Yes, the stock ones. I remember that we used that uniform when we added the 1916 Dodgers to one of the early iterations of the original Total Classics mod (currently Total Classics 10).
  12. I believe that uniform is included as one of the Dodgers alternates in MVP 2005. I know I’ve seen it it the game.
  13. As KC said, give credit to the original developer and you should be good. I’m OK with this as well, as long as you don’t solicit for donations. If you did that, you would be profiting off the work of others, which is not acceptable.
  14. What’s that you were saying about dead bats??
  15. They have also been stealing more bases, getting runners into scoring position, which allows them to score runs with base hits rather than just home runs.
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