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  1. Not that this will help, but just an FYI that the Legends from the Booth "team" was one guy -- otbjoel, and he hasn't been around here in quite a while. It took him 3 years to create the Legends from the Booth mod. I e-mailed him a few years ago asking about an audio issue but never got a response.
  2. Every player has a unique ID that serves as his both his portrait and audio ID. If the ID does not have a defined audio in the audio files, a generic announcement will be made for their name. You could assign a portrait/audio ID that does not have a defined audio (for example, ID 0) to every player, but then every player would have the same portrait. In the case of ID 0, it would be a blank silhouette. Another possible option could be to edit the audio files themselves. Audios are made up of two parts. There is a header and the names themself. The player audio files are found here: headers: data\audio\spch_pbp\pnamehdr.big names: data\audio\cd\spch_pbp\pnamedat.big When creating the Total Classics mods, I've sometimes edited the stadium audio, mainly moving audios around or deleting them. I've never actually created new audios myself. To delete an audio, I would just delete the header for the particular stadium. When the game started, you would then hear a generic welcome message rather than something specific like "Welcome to Comerica Park." I have never tried doing this with player audio, but theoretically, it should work. You would need a tool like BigGUI or eazip (both available here) to edit the pnamehdr.big file to remove the headers. It's not necessarily the one or two step process that you are looking for, but I believe it would do what you are asking.
  3. That sounds like a missing / corrupted cyberface issue. The crash will happen at the time you mention (after selecting the stadium and before the game loading screen appears).
  4. PA audios are in the audio\spch_pa folders: headers: data\audio\spch_pa\pnamehdr.big names: data\audio\cd\spch_pa\pnamedat.big I opened the files with BigGui just to see what they contain and there is are entries numbered 1 - 9992 in each. Unfortunately, I have never done any audio modding. The extent of my audio expertise is knowing how to move around team name or stadium name audios by renaming the .dat files in the tnamedat.big or stdnmdat.big files and then hex editing the .hdr files in the tnamehdr.big or stdnmhdr.big files.
  5. Using the LocLook tool, search for EA SPORTS" TRAX in FEENG.LOC. The song, artist and album titles are right below that.
  6. You made a similar post about this, along with a solution in January 2017: Did you forget what you did 2 years ago?
  7. You "don't mean to keep bumping', yet you DO keep bumping. Please stop doing this! You've been around here long enough to know that it's against site rules and can earn you a suspension. When someone has something to contribute to the thread, they will share it. Until then, you need to be patient.
  8. Some people have reported installation issues after newer versions of DirectX (e.g. DirectX 11) were installed on their Windows 7 PCs. When they tried installing MVP2005, they got the same DirectX error message that you reported. Attempts to downgrade to older versions of DirectX did not seem to help.
  9. First of all, which game are you referring to? I will assume you are talking about MVP2005. Which 2019 update are you referring to? Is it a roster file? If so, then the game will crash because the cyberfaces referenced in the rosters do not exist in your game. Other than the Total Classics mods, there hasn't been a comprehensive upgrade that updates the rosters, portraits, cybersfaces, etc. to the new season since the MVP15 mod. Your best bet is to install the MVP15 mod as a starting point. After that, you would have to install a 2019 roster, open up the roster in the MVPEdit utility and determine which players are missing cyberfaces. Once you do that, you would need to find each cyberface in the Downloads section, download it and install it. Needless to say, this is going to take you some time to complete.
  10. Just as an FYI, Fuzzone's Uniform Editor isn't an actual editor that allows you to create or edit uniforms. It's function was to assign uniforms that have already been created to teams. If you are thinking that it is a tool that allows you to create your own uniforms, you will be disappointed.
    Another welcome addition to the Total Classics family. The mod is very well done and I know that Total Classics fans will not be disappointed.
  11. Jim825

    Jim825 Question

    Unfortunately, I am not sure what could be causing this problem. I believe that the one time I saw this issue, I had too many dynasty files saved. I am a little confused by two statements you made. First you said: Then you said: Which save files are you referring to in the second quote -- dynasty files? settings files? What exactly do you have in you MVP2005 documents folder? Have you tried installing TC39 or TC79 on your C drive to see if they will run there? Have you tried running any of the other TC mods on you D drive to see if you can save a dynasty with them? As for the TC71 slowness, this could be caused by the size of the images in the menu screens. dennisjames71 and I did not create these screens or modify these screens when we revamped the mod. There were similar issues with the loading screens, but we did resize those. As for TC34, I believe we included a modified mvp2005.exe file in the mod. You could try saving the mvp2005.exe file, copying the file from a different mod, and then run the game again to see if the jerkiness goes away. What do you have for a graphics card? Is the jerkiness limited to one particular stadium or all stadiums. If it is limited to certain stadiums, then they could be pushing the limits of your graphics card. I see issues like that when I am doing testing on the old Windows XP laptop I use for modding. That laptop has an onboard graphics chip, so sometimes things are slow and jerky in the graphics intensive stadiums.
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Total Classics 1979 By Jim825 & dennisjames71 The Pittsburgh Pirates led the league in outfits during the 1979 baseball season. Their arsenal of uniforms was so vast -- black caps and yellow jerseys, yellow caps and white jerseys -- that they had 64 possible combinations at their disposal. The Pirates' lineup of players was just as varied as their line of garb. They featured an outfielder who looked like a Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker (6' 5", 230-pound Dave Parker), and a pitcher who looked more like a placekicker (6' 4", 170-pound Kent Tekulve). And, of course, the Pirates had Willie "Pops" Stargell, an inspiring presence at bat and in the clubhouse. The Pirates, whose theme song was "We Are Family," won the National League East by 2 games over Montreal. The World Champion Yankees didn't even come close to repeating, as they lost two key players. Relief ace Goose Gossage was sidelined for two months by an injury he incurred in a fight with teammate Cliff Johnson, and catcher Thurman Munson was killed in an airplane crash in August. The Baltimore Orioles ended the Yankees' three-year divisional reign, winning 102 games. Cy Young winner Mike Flanagan (23-9) paced the pitching staff, while veteran Ken Singleton (111 RBI) spearheaded the offense. They beat the Brewers by 8 games and the Red Sox by 11-1/2. The American League West was tight to the end, as four teams ranked within 6 games of first place. The California Angels, starring MVP Don Baylor (139 RBI), took their first division crown. The big news in the senior circuit was Pete Rose's preseason defection to the Philadelphia Phillies. His arrival did not promote the Phils to champs just yet, as they settled for fourth place. The Rose-less Reds were still good enough to win the National League West. Though the Big Red Machine was losing its hitting punch, its pitching was as strong as ever -- Tom Seaver went 16-6. Pittsburgh swept Cincinnati in the National League Championship Series, though it took two extra-inning wins to do it. Stargell cracked two homers as the Pirates outscored the Reds 15-5. Baltimore defeated California in four games in the American League Championship Series, which included three nail-biting finishes and a shutout. The Orioles and the Bucs battled through a seven-game 1979 World Series. After losing the opener, Pittsburgh evened it up when Manny Sanguillen drove in Ed Ott with a ninth-inning single. Baltimore won the next two games to go up three games to one, but the Pirates stormed back. They won the final three games -- 7-1, 4-0, 4-1 -- to take the 1979 World Series. ------------------------------------------- The Total Classics 1979 mod brings you the sights and sounds of the 1979 baseball season. Besides rosters, portraits and audios, the mod provides themed menu screens and loading screens, stadium select screens with actual stadium photos, 1979 jukebox music, 1970's batter walkup music, an accurate 1979 schedule, a 1970's era overlay and correct 1970's era stadiums for every team. ------------------------------------------- *** INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS *** - After you download the total_classics_1979.7z file, double-click to open it. - Extract the contents of the file into a folder. - Double-click the explodeme.exe file - Find the location of a CLEAN (or patched) copy of MVP Baseball 2005 and click "Extract". - Allow the program to extract all of the new content. - Play the new Total Classics 1979 mod. NOTE -- You MUST use an "unlocked" profile in order to have access to the 1979 uniforms ------------------------------------------- *** VERSION HISTORY *** v1.0 Initial release
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    TIT error

    It’s all good.
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    TIT error

    That's true, but I simply ran a search with a few words from the error message and clicked the option to search for posts with ALL the words. Just to be clear, I wasn't criticizing him. I was just saying that it wasn't too hard to find the posts that I found.
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