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  1. Jim825

    Headtrip47 Cyberfaces for MLB2k12

    Very nice work. Rather than upload one face at a time, can I suggest that you combine multiple faces into a single file that can be downloaded? It will save you time and also save time for those who want to download the faces. Plus, it will allow more downloads to be visible in the download menu on the right side of the homepage.
    Great job as always. Having worked on rosters for the Classics mods, I know how time consuming this work is. Thanks for continually updating the rosters!
  2. Jim825

    Face for classics

    Very nice work. Those look great!
  3. Jim825

    Changing the default facial hair choices?

    There is a configuration file with MVPEdit that specifies all of the values in the pulldown menus (e.g. facial hair options, ditty music options, etc.). I can't recall the name of the file, but I believe it is called something like "config.txt". You can edit that file and change the 3rd mustache setting ("long"?) to "Abe beard" so it's easier to remember.
  4. Jim825

    Intro Videos and Screen Backgrounds Replacement

    You're right. I made a mistake with that second nfshtool instruction. You actually need to run the nfshtool command on the index.fsh file that is in your 29bd folder. You can do it like this: c:\MVP Final\29bd>nfshtool 29bd\index.fsh or copy nfshtool.exe to your 29bd folder cd c:\MVP Final\29bd nfshtool index.fsh Either one of these methods will create the new 29bd.fsh file in your frontend folder. As for your second question, if you issue the eazip -l <xxx.big>, where <xxx.big> is the name of the .big file you care about, it will list the .fsh files included in the .big file. Also, -l is the command to list the contents of a file, and the l is a lower case L. eazip -l splash.big will list just one file, splash.fsh. eazip -l sushared.big will list just one file, license.fsh eazip -l bkgnds.big will list 107 different files. If you wanted to extract all of the files from bkgnds.big, you could issue the command eazip -e bkgnds.big *.fsh. If you later wanted to re-import all of those .fsh files back into bkgnds.big, you would issue the command eazip +a bkgnds.big *.fsh. To list all of the possible eazip command options, issue the command eazip -? Let me know if you have any other questions.
  5. Jim825

    The MVP 2005 and Windows 10 Thread

    First you have to install the game from the discs and then you install the MVP 2015 mod on top of it.
  6. Jim825

    The MVP 2005 and Windows 10 Thread

    Thanks for the clarification.
  7. Jim825

    The MVP 2005 and Windows 10 Thread

    If you read through this entire thread, you would see that no one has a general solution to get MVP2005 to run under Windows 10. When you say, "maybe I will get the Original MVP Baseball 2005 Game", are you implying that you are using a downloaded version of the game? If so, please do not ask for any more help until you get a legal copy of the game. The rules of this website clearly state that we do not approve of or provide support for illegally downloaded versions of the game.
  8. Jim825

    Intro Videos and Screen Backgrounds Replacement

    You are correct about the location of the intro movies. If you have new movies, just give them the same names as the ones in the folder and replace the existing ones. I can't help, however, when it comes to creating the movies. I can help with editing and replacing the screen images. The images are found in the files in the data\frontend folder: Menu screen images are in bkgnds.big. The following .fsh files in this file correspond to the following screens: 03be.fsh - 1st Main Menu screen 03bf.fsh - 2nd Main Menu screen 03bg.fsh - 3rd Main Menu screen 03bh.fsh - 4th Main Menu screen 01be.fsh - 1st Game Mode screen 29bd.fsh - 2nd Game Mode screen 29be.fsh - 3rd Game Mode screen 29bf.fsh - 4th Game Mode screen 29bg.fsh - 5th Game Mode screen 45bd.fsh - Manage Rosters screen 58bd.fsh - Click To Start Screen Other .fsh files correspond to other screens Loading screen images are in load0.big - load58.big and load99.big The Splash screen image in splash.big The License screen image is in sushared.big Stadium select screen images are in stadiums.big To edit the menu screen images, you would first extract the image you want to edit from bkgnds.big. I use the eazip utility for this in a Command Prompt window. For example, to extract the Click to Start Screen image, issue the following command: eazip -e bkgnds.big 58bd.fsh You then need to get the .bmp file inside the 58bd.fsh file. For this, I use the nfshtool.exe utility. nfshtool.exe 58bd.fsh This will create a 58bd folder and inside of it will be a file named 0000.bmp and index.fsh. The 0000.bmp file is the image you will want to change. When you have replaced your 0000.bmp file with a new image, you go back to the data\frontend folder and run the nfshtool utility on the 58bd folder: nfshtool 58bd\index.fsh This will create a new 58bd.fsh file that contains your new image. You then use the eazip utility to add the updated 58bd.fsh file back into bkgnds.big: eazip +a bkgnds.big 58bd.fsh You would follow the same procedure to edit the images in the other files. I have a series of four batch files that I developed for loading screen development. They perform the following tasks: 1. Extract loading screens This batch file uses the gfxpak utility to extract the .fsh file from each of the loading screen files (load0.fsh, load1.fsh, etc.). 2. Unpack loading screens This batch file uses nfshtool to unpack each .fsh file and create the specific subfolder the contains the .bmp file and index.fsh file for each loading screen. After running this, I have 60 new folders (load0, load1, etc, and each one contains two files - 0000.bmp and index.fsh. I then have to manually copy my new .bmp files into each of the folders, replacing 0000.bmp with my new image. This is still the tedious part of the process, but it is not too bad. 3. Pack loading screens This batch file creates new .fsh files (load0.fsh, load1.fsh, etc.), by running nfshtool on the index.fsh file in each of the 60 new folders that were created. 4. Install loading screens This batch file uses the eazip and gfxpak utilities to install each of the new .fsh files into the corresponding .big file (e.g. load0.fsh into load0.big, load1.fsh into load1.big, etc.). Since there are 60 separate loading screens, I have some batch files I created to unpack and extract all of the images at once and then repack and replace them at once. You still need to replace each .bmp file individually, but these tools save a lot of time with the packing and unpacking. The attached .rar file contains the batch files as well as the eazip, gfxpak and nfshtool utilities. It also includes a ReadMe file on how to use the batch files. Hopefully this helps. Let me know if you have any questions. Loading_screen_tools.rar
  9. Jim825

    Windows 10 Working

    Thanks for playing. We hope you enjoy your lovely parting gifts . . .
  10. Jim825

    MVP Baseball 15 Support Thread

    We already said that we do not provide support for illegal copies of the game. Please do not discuss this again.
  11. Jim825

    MVP Baseball 15 Support Thread

    As we said, and as you should have read earlier in this same thread, we don't discuss or provide support for illegal copies of the game. It is against MVPMods site rules. Sorry, but that's just the way we do things here.
  12. Jim825

    MVP Baseball 15 Support Thread

    Agreed. It's one thing to ask whether someone owns the discs. It's another (and incorrect) to automatically assume that they downloaded the game.
  13. Jim825

    MVP Baseball 15 Support Thread

    There is a whole forum topic on trying to get the game to work on Windows 10. Very few people have been able to get it to run. Most experience the crash that you are seeing. Look closely at his message. He is trying to run it in Windows 10. That is most likely why it is crashing.
  14. Jim825

    Changing "Time of Day"

    I would have guessed it was in the .LOC files but they might be hard coded in the game.