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  1. Glad to hear you got it working. I was about to ask if any files were in read-only mode.
  2. Just remember - We were all beginners at some point. It just takes practice and patience.
  3. Modding tools are in the Tools and Editors section of the Downloads area. For editing graphics you will need a tool like Photoshop or something similar. Check the forums for modding tutorials.
  4. As I mentioned, these are single season mods, not multi-season mods. They are not intended to be used for multiple seasons. In the case of the TC1993 mod, the schedules for the second and third year will have all 30 current teams in it. Since the 1993 rosters only have 28 major league teams, when you try to use a schedule with 30 teams, the game will crash. That is probably what you are experiencing. Your only solution would be to create two new schedules and replace them in the game, which would be a lot of work.
  5. Just about all of the Total Classic mods are single season mods. There is no guarantee that they will continue to work when you finish one season and try to move on to a new one.
  6. Did you initially install the game from discs or did you download it? Have you installed any other mods onto it (rosters, uniforms, etc.)? Patches can only be installed on legal (i.e. non-downloaded) versions that have not been modified, except for previous EA patches. Any other modifications will display the error message you observed.
    While not a complete mod yet (and he did say he is working to improve it), it is well done and I applaud him for the effort.
  7. Because he wanted to share it with others. It may not be perfect, but you are well aware of other mods that were MUCH less polished than this. I applaud him for the effort and thank him for his contribution.
  8. In all fairness, even I might not have found the file given that it was released 15 years ago and had the title Mets Uniform Pack 2005. Wouldn’t it have been better to commend him on his efforts to create another Total Classsics mod rather than criticize him for not finding a 15 year old file?
  9. I forgot to mention that you would also need to export the following from TC1984 and then import into TC10: - uniforms - uniform previews - team logo - team name audio So as you can see, it is considerable work to do what you are asking.
  10. I answered this in your TC Phase 10 post. “Easy” is a relative term. It’s easy for me because I’ve done it countless times over the years. It might not be easy for someone who has never done it before. Regardless of how many times you have done it, it is still tedious and time consuming to do this.
  11. It is possible but you would need to do the following: - Open the TC1984 roster files in MVPEdit and export the 1984 Cubs. - Export the Cubs portraits from the portrait.big - Export the Cubs cyberfaces from the models.big file. - Open the TC10 roster files in MVPEdit - Import the 1984 Cubs roster file - Import the Cubs’ cyberfaces - Import the Cubs portraits
  12. Glad to hear you like the mods. As far as the Cubs, have you checked out Total Classics 1984?
  13. They are similar but different. The Total Conversions mods were created to update the game to the current season. For example, the 2008 mod was created in 2008, the 2012 mod was created in 2012, etc. It also includes World Baseball Classics mods, Japanese League mods, etc. The Total Classics mods simulate seasons prior to 2005, when MVP2005 was released. The mods cover particular seasons from the 1910’s to the 1990’s. In addition, the Total Conversion mods typically had updated minor league rosters, while the Total Classic mods usually only had accurate major league rosters.
  14. Have you searched the Downloads sections, specifically the Tools & Editors section. You will probably find it there. In fact most of your questions can be answered by searching the Forums.
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