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  1. Great rosters! A couple of comments on the Orioles: 1) Nick Markakis's batting stance this year is closer to Reggie Jackson's than Lou Gherig's. 2) Aubrey Huff is the primary 1B at the moment, not LF. They've got Gibbons playing LF and Millar DHing at least until Payton gets back. They'll play Huff in LF occasionally, but he's been playing 1B most often. Other than the uniform numbers that you fixed in your last release, everything else looks great to me! Thanks again!
  2. As far as I know, Epic rosters are completely different than this set. The crashes are likely due to the roster referencing faces and photos that do not coincide with the stuff packed in your models.big file. Unless you have a lot of other customizations, I recommend downloading kgbaseball's Plus rosters and one of Big Shmooz's models.big files and see if that helps you. I still get the occasional crash, but it works 98% of the time.
  3. Playing Minnesota the other day, Pat Neshek threw me one of the nastiest splitfingers I've ever seen. It was like a slow-pitch softball "moon pitch". Naturally I took it for a called strike three. I'm using your Plus version, and I imported the DAT files into MVPEdit. Sure enough, velocity for Neshek's splitter was 36. I changed it to 86, assuming it was a mistake. I also noticed that the velocity for Chad Bradford's slider was very slow - like low 60s. I changed it to upper 70s, because for me - it looked like it was just floating to the plate. Other than that, I love the rosters. I'
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