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  1. Figured I'd resurrect an old post. There is a simpler way to have all mods installed on only 1 installation of MVP 2005. Google "JSGME" tool or Generic Mod Enabler. With this installed, I have 1 installation of MVP 2005 and can swap mods in minutes. What's great about JSGME is that you can use it with any game that you install mods on. Been using it for years for Madden, NBA2K, Fallout Tactics and others. Below is a screenshot of the tool where you can switch out mods.
  2. Can confirm that the MVP 2019 mod from MVP 2K Caribe site runs on Win10. Also have MVP 2005 (All 5 patches installed, no mods) running in Win10 by cloning my game cds and mounting CD2 on Virtual drive. Using ResChanger tool to play in 1920x1080. Normally play MVP 2005 mods on my Win7 PC, but wanted to try running on my Win10 Gaming PC. Will keep an eye on this thread to see if anyone comes up with a way to run MVP 2005 with mods on Win10. MVP 2012 and 2015 mods start up but CTD when loading in Play now. Same CTD with MVP 2017 mod from MVP 2K Caribe.
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