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  1. Looking forward to your mods this year gents .Hopefully I can get past that one specific batter walk up animation that freezes up the game. If I go hurry up I don't get the freeze , but you lose seeing all the beauty you guys add to the game. I also have 2k11 and have no problems with that , but alas the mods you all make are not for that game. Might be time for a new graphics card.
  2. An update. I'm still getting the freezing animation locking up the game. I can save and restart at that point , but it will eneviably freeze again. In hurry up mode this doesn't happen. My question is there a specific animation .iff file that could be altered of deleted to keep this from occurring?
  3. After several frustrating attempts to play 2k12 via an apparent bad disk and then via DL from Steam,the game is now freezing up usually in the 1st inning when the game hones in on a player. The question is can you use the various mods from 2k12 to work in 11? Also if I ever get the Steam version to work , where does the roster file go? 2k11 isn't bad but I prefer 2k12 for the better mods and updates. Thanks for any help.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions above but nothing worked. I decided to delete everything including the game itself and reinstall with the thought of DL P.Brads total exp. file and while the game has reloaded,when I go to start the game (without any mods loaded) it begins to load and then I get a quick flash as if the game wants to start but then quickly goes away. This is the disk version by the way. I'm afraid I've wound up with a worthless disk,but thought I would post to see if anyone has any ideas.
  5. Just dl'd this and I'm getting a d3dx9_43.dll is missing from my computer. Never had this problem before with the mods. What am I doing wrong?
  6. Dennis,I have tickets to opening night vs the Cards,,,I'll take some pics if it will help you update. Thanks for your great work.
  7. My wife and I have been to every current ballpark but Petco and Target. We have tickets to opening night in Miami vs the Cards. Of the stadiums no longer here or in use, Cleveland Mun.,Metrodome, 2nd Busch stadium,old Yankee & Shea in NY,the Murph in SD.,and Fulton Co. stadium in Atl.
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