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  1. There is no way to make this face protector for the helmets in any of the games, my friend. MVP 2005 is very limited in what you can edit in 3D, and MLB 2K12 is limited as well. Sorry!
  2. Holy cow that's a lot of content. In spite of that, I'd like a copy somehow. I feel that PC baseball games cannot be lost to time, especially because optical media spoils/rots
  3. ^ My man! Long time no see Y4L whenever you have some time, let's get all these things off of those DVDs and into some cloud storage brother
  4. Hi! Every file here has documentation or instructions listed in the file description when you download a mod. Given that it's MVP 2005, a lot of files within the game are a part of a container file (.big) so there will always be instructions provided. If you run into one that doesn't have instructions, let us know.
  5. Global.iff is one file that has eluded me for the longest time. There's a lot of textures that can be edited/modified, but I haven't taken a look at it myself since 2017 to be honest
  6. So one funny thing about this game, and I guess it's just a reflection of the tech at the time the game was in development: there's artificial ambient occlusion. AO is basically an effect the game uses to cast shadows on nearby objects in a 3D space. Since the game is a console port of the X360 version, the effect had to be artificially created. There are a lot of these files in the global. The file you're looking for is this one: Compressed vs Uncompressed
  7. You might want to check https://www.mvp2kcaribe.com/
  8. Ah yes! I had created a "super" global.iff file that had added wrinkle textures for the uniforms that were uploaded some modders in the asian 2K community shortly after 2012 was released. Feel free to build on them or use them as you see fit. There's actually about six of these textures in the global, one green, one yellow and one grey. Another set was designed for stirrups as well.
  9. Kccitystar

    oopt 20

    http://cdnfiles.ootpdevelopments.com/ootp/ootp20/versions/20.8.73/ootp20setup_fastspring.exe This is the one you need
  10. Kccitystar

    oopt 20

    LOL another OOTP 20 user! Welcome! It depends when you bought it. The developers switched online vendors on June 20th, so they have two versions of the patch on their site.
  11. A lot of teams this season don't have equal home/road split schedules according to what I'm seeing for the Cactus/Grapefruit leagues. There's about 472 ST games this year compared to last year, so I'll try to use my judgement, I guess. Also, while there are 2020 regular season schedules for all teams, a lot of them don't have start times locked in, like the D'Backs I can wait until they come up, or I can use my judgement here and just base the start times on what I've seen last season for games during the week or something.
  12. About Spring Training: Man, figuring out the spring training schedules have proven to be frustrating. I don't know if 2K's schedules for the 2012 season used split squad games or not. As far as I know they also expanded the amount of spring training games this offseason too. Damn it.
  13. So...about start times: The hardest part about the schedules is figuring out the start times. It's not a constant 1:05/4:15/7:05 game for all clubs. A lot of teams have way different start times. For example mostly all Cubs day games start at 1:20, whereas most other clubs will start their games at either 1:05, 1:10 or even 1:15 with the occasional 3/4 PM game. Some teams start their games at 6 at the beginning of the season (April/May) and at the end (September) as well, and others are at 7:15/20/30 across the board. Only a few have a consistent 7:07, 7:08 start time which is weird but unique. Giants games have a 6:45 start time by default. I think that's common with either the Bay area (Oakland as well) or west coast teams. I've learned a lot. Still don't have a copy of a 2020 schedule but I will look into just making one from scratch, by hand. No worries. We've got a lot of offseason.
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