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  1. Why can't the Yankees have a player like Tatis, period?
  2. I'm telling you dude the entire organization is a death star. They have great scouts, a great farm system, great ownership that has an good eye for evaluating players in the league, etc.
  3. Speaking of, what did I tell you about Taillon! Patience!
  4. Since Luis Gil was called up as a COVID replacement, they can call him back up at anytime. They don’t need to wait the 10 days like they would with a regular call up. He’ll hang around like Wade did when he was “sent down”.
  5. You will need to make sure that the portrait IDs in headtrip's roster line up with what player IDs are in the portrait packs you're importing. There is an official list that would give you a definitive ID for each player if none of them line up.
  6. Does this error happen with a stock portrait.iff file?
  7. I would make sure that the entire database folder itself is not read-only since that would apply to all files in the folder as well
  8. This is not helpful, like at all. Let's not do this. While the site guidelines do explain that the site is US based and a significant if not 90% of the posts here are in English, again, we do have a significant amount of users who are not based in the US, let alone don't speak English as their primary language. It's inevitable that we will run into posts and threads like these, so with that in mind, it's on us as members of this site and as staff to take a nuanced approach to try and be helpful. You and I have been around this site for a considerable amount of time to k
  9. I understand that you are new, however this is not that type of community. Please read the site guidelines.
  10. Fixed that for you. That gag will live on forever
  11. A big problem with HH2004 was that it was a game that was essentially not native to PC the way HH2002 and 2003 were. The menus were designed for controller input, for example.
  12. HH2004 was a really stripped down HH 2003. The shift to Renderware for the 3D models didn't do the game that many favors. The sweet spot for that franchise has and will always be HH 2002.
  13. The derby has become a showcase with a LOT of thump participating
  14. This has been fixed and I'll be in touch with @Darian Lopez shortly
  15. Let me know and I will help you upload to the site @Darian Lopez
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