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  1. It's all good. If we get DMs/messages asked to have it taken down, we will communicate this to you, no worries.
  2. Absolutely agree with the bolded, however we will cross that bridge when we get to it
  3. I think, and this is just my opinion, in the spirit of preservation, to simply credit the work of the original content creator and it should be in the clear for the most part. I understand that a lot of the guys who have actively worked on those things have probably left the community, but for those of us who recognize these works who are still active in the community, it would enrage us all if the work is uploaded with no credit to any original authors or set up behind a paywall. If we are all collectively mindful of this when we release compilation-type of content, I'
  4. Slot count. Try to make sure you still have 97 PLType 0 slots in the roster. The game uses those for drafts and makes room for retired players as well
  5. If someone can volunteer to translate this for MVP 05 that would be phenomenal. I'd sticky it.
  6. I mean, after the 1994 strike, Ripken's ironman streak gave the sport its first real shot in the arm, then steroids/1998's HR chase took it to a whole new level. For me to even get back to watching MLB games, probably a return of the WBC will do it for me. In the immediate term, there's a season going on in the Dominican Republic (LIDOM) where some guys are rehabbing from injuries and doing well.
  7. First round of business, Robert Manfred, the current MLB commissioner, pens a letter to baseball fans as the league commences a player lockout. For starters, I hate that every argument Manfred has ever made in his tenure in regards to anything in baseball is always framed as if MLB doing it for the good of the fans/the game. It's good to check out a quick guide by FanGraphs as to what's been going on between the MLB and the Players Union (MLBPA). Honestly, the ones that get screwed out of labor disputes the most aren't the owners or the players, but the fans overall
  8. All, As you know, the offseason is upon us this year with a lockout and all that on the horizon, but I've created a pretty solid space for us to talk about the offseason moves and newsworthy stuff that's gone on within the leagues and the sport overall. Non-MLB baseball talk is welcome here as well if you follow other leagues around the world, by the way. Carry on!
  9. REDitor is compatible with 2K11 rosters but the utility isn't on this site to my understanding. Or it might be. Not sure.
  10. Your initstaz.big file is missing arm textures. The only way to fix this is to figure out how to reimport flesh.fsh back into that file or restore a stock version of initstaz.big, even though you'll lose changes to a bunch of things like ball/bat textures, gloves, the majestic logo, etc.
  11. The game will not use any Global ID/CF_IDs past 9999. If there's a player with a Global ID value of 65535, usually it's a full on generic with a generic headshape ID. Where crashing occurs is if the appearance ID value is duplicated, or if a player's appearance ID value is assigned in-game to a slot that is meant for a manager/coach. The roster utilities for this game (both tywiggins' and Vlad's editor) are not detailed enough to provide that information on manager slots among other things (like inside-edge data, CPU defensive alignments, etc).
  12. As an admin, now I have to genuinely ask, what was the endgame here with what I bolded in your response? Feel the room before posting. The initial conversation you started about JSGME started in the thread about installing multiple mods, and as I understand, newer utilities and methods will pop up since the initial game was released in 2005. Since that specific thread was created in 2009, I took the unilateral step in splitting the thread into its own topic, as I mentioned in the last post in the thread, for the sake of giving the JSGME utility some more visibility for someone who ma
  13. Why can't the Yankees have a player like Tatis, period?
  14. I'm telling you dude the entire organization is a death star. They have great scouts, a great farm system, great ownership that has an good eye for evaluating players in the league, etc.
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