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  1. Wow, great work on Loaisiga brother! If there's one thing I can tell you is that his cheeks have to be even with the rest of the skin tone. The game handles the lighting on his face based on the 3 squares on his head when you edit the headshape.
  2. Not a problem, right now I'm trying to get an accurate list of every player in the stock portrait.iff file. This file is so old that you have guys with headshots from 2010 and earlier in this file. I just ran into Doug Mientkiewicz and he hasn't even played a game since 2009. Pedro Martinez is in this .iff file and it's his headshot from when he was a Met!
  3. In the process, I started gathering Global IDs for every photo in Portrait.iff, so you know who is who in the file that comes with the game. There are a lot of photos that were in this from MLB 2K10 to 2K12.
  4. Beats me. I don't know how that came to be either. His Global ID in the 2K13 roster is 4021. In a lot of cases, the CF ID is not the same as the Global ID, but people change them anyway. This will change.
  5. I've updated the sheet with a ton of Cyberface IDs for new players. I'll keep adding people every Friday. Everyone that has a player_head_xxxx.iff file from the original MLB2K12 roster will be listed as well. I am doing this so every player has an accurate CF ID that will not overwrite any cyberface that came with the game. Please use this master list for all cyberface projects starting this year. If there are faces already out, please go back and update them with the new IDs once your players have been added to the sheet.
  6. Gerrit Cole should have a CF ID of 0135 The stock 2K13 roster has him as 9275 but that is a generic face
  7. I thought it was an N30 Pro? I'm confused at how its detected as a PS4 controller.
  8. Gotcha. It's odd that it's supported by XP. Do you know which buttons are which when you calibrate the controller? Like XBAY might be Button 1, 2, etc.
  9. oof, I don't even know. I remember there was a tutorial for NBA 2K13 that allowed you to copy a headshape over to the one with the hair as long as it matched the amount of vertices on the original headshape
  10. You won't even need to buy a new controller. What needs to be edited is the controller.cfg file that MVP 2005 creates for your controller. I just need to know what's the make and model of the controller. Is it the SN30 Pro?
  11. You can upload a new version of your roster using the same original download rather than upload a completely new file every time. See the image:
  12. The MVP Baseball series itself doesn't work with Windows 10. The security mechanism that the games use to verify a genuine disk do not work with Windows 10. less than $200.
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