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  1. Hey, No offense taken with your concerns. I'm listening. We've gone through a string of account hijackings where people with aged accounts dating as far back as 2008 have posted links to crypto or other miscellaneous items recently. When I recently set up two-factor authentication, the intent for me was to really just keep the site secure from bad actors like this above all else, but at the same time, maintain a compromise in safety with the older demographic who have been a part of this community and the younger demographic who have recently discovered MVP Baseball every
  2. Hey Everyone, We've had an influx of old, inactive accounts with likely compromised credentials spamming several threads over the course of a couple of weeks and as such, we've had to upgrade our security a bit. As of today, all accounts are set up to have multi-layered security (two-factor) enabled, which should alleviate this issue altogether. A special thank you to @Yankee4Life for exercising moderator duties to clean this up. This change means that you will need either an authenticator app to log in securely, or if you don't want to do that, you will need to set up
  3. The policy should evolve to just keep the hair well groomed, like Jeter suggested to the Marlins when he was CEO
  4. If they have a generic face you can zero out their facial hair in a roster editor, but if they have a cyberface it's likely someone would need to edit the face texture
  5. Cyberfaces are tied to a texture, unless it's one of the generic faces (I forget the range) which would allow for beards/goatees/moustaches
  6. So... MLB 2K12 was sold as both a disc version and a Steam downloadable version, but there are no more digital keys available. It's why it's no longer sold anywhere and because 2K no longer owns the MLB license as of 2013, MLB2K12 is de-listed off of Steam (so there's no store page). So if you haven't been able to purchase the game in the past 10 years, it's extremely hard to find a disc copy of the PC version of the game at a reasonable price these days on Ebay.
  7. There's a ton of learning resources for Unity3D or even Unreal Engine and it's gonna be a journey lol
  8. Tendencies are a solid base to work from to be honest. I should definitely take this offseason to go back to learning Unity 3D.
  9. Gameplay design - Traits Another gameplay idea that I think would be solid to any potential baseball game is the implementation of a fully loaded trait system/player personality model. MVP tried this with players when it came to contract offers and roles, and MLB 2K12 tried this with ambitions as well and they tie into player morale and the overall composition of the team. MLB The Show has a system like this called Quirks for all players which functions similarly to something like the Special Abilities in Pro Baseball Spirits and Super Mega Baseball, but developers really nee
  10. The art style can be the last thing that gets implemented to be honest, because the visuals if you are going for realism are 9/10 just a reflection of the time it was made. I suggested an animation style solely because we've been there done that with 3D graphics as far as I've been playing video games but highly detailed pixel art (something like Baseball Stars but in 1080p widescreen) would be truly incredible.
  11. Visuals So this is a huge thing for me but I keep debating on a specific visual style. On one hand, I would love something hyper realistic, like this T-Mobile Park, but at the same time, a lot of the games from my childhood were pixel art based, and some pixel art these days look absolutely ridiculous. I would also be perfectly cool with an animated art style too, but that's only because I've never seen something like this done for an American sports title before. I mean, to me, regardless of art direction, the most important thing to me would be that it animates extremely wel
  12. It's an admin telling you this, I know, but in the meantime, try to use an adblocker. It's likely there's an ad that is breaking the formatting of the page that I'm going to try and pin down.
  13. It's something with the formatting. Not sure if you're on an adblocker or anything like that but it shouldn't break the site's formatting. I'll take a look at this on the server side.
  14. I wouldn't want this new game to just reinvent the wheel so I'll just explain some things I liked from past baseball titles as far as gameplay goes. Gameplay design - Hitting Mechanics I've always like the idea of having just two swing types, a normal swing and a power swing. A lot of games just go this route as it's the simplest approach to hitting. All in all I'd avoid trying to make the hitting mechanics some sort of meta game on the first release. I'd probably go for a 1:1 precision approach to hitting with a cursor, but the cursor has to be bat-shaped vs some arbitrary
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