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  1. Kccitystar

    So, about a possible revival of MVP Baseball...

    I'd like to think that EA saw the sales of SMB2 and thought to themselves that there is in fact, a demand for an alternative to MLB The Show.
  2. Just like he mentioned it, big boy: https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/it-sounds-like-ea-sports-is-hoping-to-bring-back-mvp-baseball-franchise/ http://www.ign.com/articles/2018/08/15/ea-sports-boss-mvp-baseball-could-return-someday-a-ign-unfiltered Me: [pine grabbing intensifies]
  3. It's got its quirks
  4. Kccitystar

    2018 Houston Astros

    Version 1.0.0


    In this .zip is a .team file for the Houston Astros. The logos and lineups are included in this .team file. HOW TO INSTALL: Please use the Super Mega Baseball 2 Team Transfer Tool. Make sure Super Mega Baseball 2 is not running as this tool edits your save file, and make sure that the .team file you extract from this download is in the same directory as the tool. After launching the program, Type 1 to enter import team mode, and then the program will produce a list of up to 10 team or teampack files that the program finds within the directory. In this case, it will list the Houston Astros as one of them. If you have more than 10 files, you can navigate between pages by typing n for next page and p for previous page, and choosing the file that you wish to import with the number key. Once you do this, you're all set and you can hit ENTER to close the program. Enjoy! -KC
  5. Kccitystar


    7AB2DD is the light blue the Royals use 8FBCE6 is the light blue the Rays use
  6. Kccitystar

    Cyberfaces MLB 2KMOD by Hanny

    That Mike Mussina brings back memories of Moose in the Bronx. He was great.
  7. Kccitystar


    There's different degrees of powder blue. Are we talking about Blue Jays level of powder blue, or Royals powder blue? Twins powder blue?
  8. Kccitystar

    Reset Roster option in the game menu

    It resets the rosters to the default ones shipped with the game.
  9. Kccitystar

    MLB Gameday Thread

    It's really annoying to see a pitching meltdown
  10. Kccitystar

    MLB Power Pros 2018 Roster Update

    Just a friendly reminder that discussing where to obtain ISOs or providing links to download pirated content is prohibited. Let's keep it about the mod
  11. Kccitystar

    Cannot upload mods

    Here's what happened, and I'll own it. My mistake! I had attempted to apply a category-wide setting to allow only the following file types to be uploaded: .zip, .7z, and .rar. The previous setting was to allow all file types to be uploaded, which is a no-no since some AV tools will flag stuff from the internet as problematic. Unfortunately for some reason, the settings wouldn't take and it changed everything to read as "undefined". Not fun. So I tried to roll it back. Best, KC
  12. Kccitystar

    Cannot upload mods

    I'm looking into it.
  13. Kccitystar

    assitance in information

    Numbers and letters get DDS treatment, they just need an alpha channel when they're saved as DXT5.
  14. Kccitystar

    mlb 2k12 roster editor

    I believe the current version of the roster editor has that bug fixed
  15. Kccitystar

    assitance in information

    This is what I got for DXT5: This is what I have for the MIP Map Filtering: Kaiser is the best option you can have.