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  1. It does, but it's not active
  2. Just want to note that the models file DOES open in EAGraph, however the format is .ssh, not .FSH which is what EA Graphics Editor knows how to open
  3. I think that is a bug with the 2K game itself that has never really been fixed
  4. We will need more details, what kind of pitching problem?
  5. The tutorial is meant for users who have never installed portraits before. However, if you have, it's likely your portrait.iff file is already decompressed, so you can skip all the way to importing using the portrait utility. I should note this in the tutorial among other notes. I want this to be completely fail proof.
  6. I will split this tutorial into three sections: 1) Decompressing the portraits.iff file 2) Downloading the portraits you want and making sure they are in the right folder structure 3) Installing the portraits properly You will need the following: NBA 2K12 Decompressor MLB Portrait Installer 1.2 (make sure it is MLB-Portrait-Installer-1.2.7z) A stock portrait.iff/cdf file Notes: First things first, we will need to make sure that our portrait.iff file is decompressed. This will allow one of the utilities to write bac
  7. Clearly we need a tutorial on how to install portraits for 2K12.
  8. Disable the MyFriend panel in the View tab
  9. Are you creating the player then saving your profile? Could be why it's not working.
  10. Just following up on this, @headtrip47 are you using the stock roster? It should have 3851 rows in the Player tab.
  11. The borders are layers you can adjust accordingly for shadows
  12. I just updated the post with the right font for the lettering
  13. I believe so, yes. It's like this in RBI as well: Of course, the font style is different for the lettering. I gotcha. Here's the PSD. Should have RGB layers for trims. giants_font.psd
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