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  1. Just started playing 2K12 with this mod and I will tell you that your work has not gone unnoticed, my friend. I'll definitely send over a donation when I can.
  2. It should be this path. You can copy and paste this: %appdata%\2K Sports\Major League Baseball 2K12\Saves
  3. Sounds like a file server issue. Perhaps @Trues would know.
  4. Man, MLB has so many good doppelgangers:
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  6. One more song? Not a fan of Katy Perry. Let's try this one: The Knocks feat. Powers - Classic
  7. I think that the rebuild icon re-indexes the models.big file but I'm not sure
  8. I tried to cover all my bases, pun intended. I know that some artists from the MVP 2015 mod were a hit from the soundtrack I curated and just went from there.
  9. We've struggled with attempting to compromise, so anything that either changes or takes away in favor of the greater good gets smacked down constantly. It doesn't help that a lot of the laws the Democratic leadership tries to alter/repeal/remove/replace can easily be perceived as being done in bad faith rather than a genuine compromise because of some warped idea perpetuated by the media constantly that someone has to win and someone has to lose, rather than admitting some things you won't get and some things you will.
  10. This project is Guaro's so it's not really up to me as to pick a release date but my stuff should be done by then or at least before then. In the meantime, we've got a soundtrack, baby! The Midnight - Wave Beastie Boys - Sure Shot Michael Jackson - Another Part of Me Phil Collins - Take Me Home Queen - Radio Ga Ga Sugar Ray - Abracadabra Tesla Boy - Undetected Journey - Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) Chromeo - Don't Turn The Lights On Bruno Mars - Finesse Jimmy Castor Bunch - It's Just Begun Creed - Higher
  11. The right legislation can lessen gun violence. We can't eliminate it because it is impossible to control human nature and because of everything that I've mentioned above about our nation's culture. What should be the goals of gun control? IMO there should be three main things: a) Lower the risk of mass shootings b) Lower the risk of single person shootings (Domestic violence, criminals, etc..) c) Allow people to responsibly enjoy the hobby of gun ownership. How do we do this? a) Treat mental health like the disease it is and create better support systems for people that need help. b) Create a national background check system that every gun sale must pass through, even person to person. These records must be accessible to ALL police and federal agencies c) Create a licensing program for gun owners. You must complete a background check, take classes, and renew the license on a regular basis. We already do this for drivers licenses so it's not a foreign concept. d) Have a secure way for health professionals to report patients they feel are dangerous. These reports can be followed up by police and in specific scenarios, guns may be confiscated. e) Being found guilty of certain violent crimes would also revoke your license and require sale or confiscation of your guns. f) Responsibility for your firearms - If your gun is used in a crime, you can be held responsible. I wouldn't advocate jail time unless the person was complicit in the crime, but fines and/or revocation of your gun license would work.
  12. I don't think taking away everyone's guns is the right way to go, as it's embedded in our culture, to be honest. A lot of the attitudes revolving gun ownership are usually very black/white by the book among liberal towns. I'm from NYC, which is probably one of the most liberal cities in the country next to...LA? San Francisco, maybe? but I have a ton of friends from all parts of the country (Hi, y'all), and the understanding I have from those who own guns is that they grew up with firearms because they hunted or someone in their family did, and in most cases, if there was trouble in their neck of the woods, someone they lived with had to handle it on their own. I understand this as it was explained to me: America is huge. Not every town is a coastal metropolis, or even a metropolis in general. In middle america and in a lot of flyover states, you are likely run in to poor areas with limited resources. You're also going to run into small populations spread over a large area, and unfortunately that means police protection is, for all practical purposes, non-existent. If you do run into LEOs (be it a policeman, a sheriff, a state trooper) it's likely that you'll be told to arm yourself and keep a lookout. You usually know where your police stations are in your town, of course, but even at top speed, it's likely your town's response time would be in the range of 30 minutes. Things have improved in some areas since then, but with budget cuts and debt problems among smaller municipalities, you run into things like staff cuts, and things can go from bad to worse. In those parts of the country, expecting someone else to handle your self-defense is often seen as a moral failing, tantamount to paying someone else to change the oil in your car or mow your grass. I'll freely admit that attitude of self-sufficiency is still an important part of a lot of people's character if you live in rural america, and I think a lot of Americans draw from a similar background, which is why I understand why a lot of people buy guns. Constitutional questions aside, we have hunters that provide food for their families via these firearms, we have families that rely on the firearms for self defense, and in many of these families, one of the traditions of our young nation is the passing of firearms from one generation to the next. Heirloom weapons that previous generations used to hunt, or wielded in one of the United States armed conflicts. The laws to make larger magazines and certain ammunition illegal is similarly a moot point in my mind. The USA-Mexico border is nowhere near secure. Drugs, weapons, and illegal immigration are all big business on our southern borders. Making the magazines, guns, or ammunition illegal will not remove the guns from the hands of criminals, but rather take them out of the hands or law abiding citizens with a hobbyist or self defense motivation for owning the weapons. A person who wants an AR-15 with a high capacity clip will just buy one off the black market instead of obtaining it legally. There will still be bank robbers who will go in with assault weapons and armor piercing rounds, police will still walk into situations where they are outgunned. So how do we stop gun violence? Well, it's not as easy as taking away everyone's guns. I feel like as a country, we would not be here today if not for the gun culture that exists in our society. We had to conquer the "wild west" to get where we are. We had to defeat one of the most powerful armies in existence to gain our independence. I do think we have to look at a lot of factors that go into gun ownership and work on changing the way we perceive gun culture rather than demonize every single person that owns a handgun or a rifle responsibly, I mean, you really can't legislate away criminal behavior.
  13. I kinda realize I'm holding up this project but I've been dealing with hardware problems the past couple of days with my machine as MLB2K12 keeps crashing on me. I'm in the process of getting things resolved with my PC and I am hoping we can have something ready by Friday, if that's alright with Guaro
  14. I've been running into some issues with my work at the moment (textures aren't loading properly) but I should have this fully resolved this week
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