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  1. Very important, at least to me. If I can get true to life MiLB schedules now that they've mandated 140 game seasons across all levels, this sets a great foundation on future schedule making, and it would provide a realistic path for players within the game to improve correlating with the actual 162 game schedule that is instituted in MLB already. I'm a bit of a perfectionist with my projects and it's my understanding that a lot of the community that has come and gone in regards to this game has always cited roster crashes as part of why they stopped playing it, so I'd love to get this all right the first go-round
  2. More on minor league schedules: I don't dabble in MiLB stuff often but I had no idea that leagues within classes had their own season length. This complicates things a bit when you're trying to unify season length (140 games) across three classes of ball. Damn it.
  3. An update: Spring training is underway and I've spearheaded an IT project at work (big office relocation), so it's taking me a bit to work on the schedule more than I'd like. I'll take some time to talk about the Schedule_Minors tab. So, the Schedule_Minors tab contains the following: That makes about 1835 total games. Don't worry, the math checks out, because as it turns out to my complete surprise, the Schedule_Minors tab contains simply the first game of every series from AAA to Single A ball. This makes scheduling fairly easy and can be done in a single Coffee/Red Bull fueled weekend or two, (or at least in a reasonably short period of time if we avoid the coffee/energy drinks) As MiLB has expanded to 140-game seasons across the board for all affiliates, the forecasts say to expect a fairly robust Minor League system in the 2020 schedule. Just another finding: I believe the 2K13 schedule structure was a patchwork fix to address the 2013 realignment when the Astros moved to the AL and MLB instituted season long inter-league play. From what I've looked at on REDitor, the 2013 schedule adds games/slots to the Schedule_Older, Schedule_Old, and Schedule_Cur tabs to accommodate this change, as they're used primarily to generate future schedules for season/franchise/my player modes. Since we are several years past realignment, we don't need to add slots to fix anything. The 2K12 schedule structure is just fine. What's left: Arranging Schedule_Older and Schedule_Old tabs with organized start times in order from EST to PST (East Coast to West Coast) Schedule_Spring_162G tab with equal amount of games for all teams (The Spring_162G full schedule exists, but a full analysis will need to be done in regards to how games are removed for 52 game and 104 game-seasons) Full Minor League Schedule (AAA, AA, and A ball)
  4. I figured it out. You're supposed to extract the RAR file you downloaded, which will then show 5 folders (I downloaded this AL West portrait pack) What we're looking for is the portrait.rar file that TIT can use to install the portraits, so inside those 5 folders will be a portrait.rar file that you select for TIT to install. Let me know if that helps. @wilmer101 and everyone else who works on portraits, please make sure you provide proper documentation for your work
  5. There are no dumb questions You never really know when you need a stock base roster from the game brother, and I'd rather have the last official roster uploaded to archive it on our end, the same way we have Patch 5 here for MVP Baseball 2005 even though the issues affecting the game were fixed by the 3rd patch
  6. Kccitystar

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    I don't think we use that tool here on our site
  7. Version 1.0.0


    This file is the last official roster update from 2K Sports for the MLB2K12 series on PC. It has not been modified in any way to include any player movements beyond the end of the 2012 MLB season. This roster can be extracted to the following path: Enjoy!
  8. https://www.mlb.com/press-release/press-release-dates-and-venues-announced-for-2021-world-baseball-classic Now we know which parks will host
  9. What tool are you using to edit the portrait? My spanish is not the best, but I believe maybe the team at https://www.mvp2kcaribe.com/ can assist you better than we can as they have a bigger latin american userbase than we do
  10. Kccitystar

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    I don't know how to help you. Is this an error message you are experiencing?
  11. I'll chip in some time for modding questions as Pena isn't as active in the community anymore to my knowledge. Ask me (almost) anything you'd like to know about modding this game. I know this thread is super old. Don't remind me. The batting helmet textures are in the global.iff file. If you're looking to edit the COLOR of the helmets, that would be within the roster you downloaded. The roster is a "master key" for team colors. Use REDitor II to modify the rosters. If you edit the .sav you have for MyPlayer through REDitor, I believe you can import a PNG of the player portrait into portrait.iff that coordinates with the Global ID value the game assigns to your guy. REDitor II, a roster editor, has a Staff tab that correlates with the base coaches. I've been spending some time trying to come up with a valid player portrait ID list along with IDs that are meant to be untouched as the game uses them for specific things. Here's what I have for now.
  12. The game structures their schedules in two parts: Regular season and Spring Training. Games can be cut from 162 (full season) to 104 games, or 52 games. If we're doing a full season, I'd like to think that we can make that an indefinite length as long as it doesn't overlap Spring Training, although this year I'm just taking some time to figure it all out.
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