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  1. Someone used to make scoreboards a long time ago but they have left the community
  2. Button style looks like @Umachines to me
  3. Pause the game, go into Options then go into Presentation Settings. You probably have Game Flow set to Hurry Up.
  4. Jed, Maybe this Clevinger face from RBI 20 might help you. clev_rbi-face.dds
  5. Cole Hamels does not have a fourth texture.
  6. Those can't be changed.
  7. That Mookie is great! I'd love to see a Trevor Bauer face, or James Paxton. You can use Brett Gardner's face as a base and mold it for Paxton, I believe.
  8. It has to do with the roster. What roster did you use? What file did you download? What year is the season?
  9. The latest beta has roster moves completed as of 8/11/2020. I haven't moved anybody around since that date. Player attributes and stats would still need to be adjusted, but we can always add that later. That's why it's a beta. What I'm having issues with is that AAA, AA and A teams aren't done yet because the MILB season has been canceled, and there's no accurate list of who is playing on what team, since every team has everybody's shuffled around to make room for the player pool, so there's no accurate list of guys in the minors. I know everybody wants something that they can play some games on though.
  10. If you install this on Windows 10 do not install this game in your program files folder because batch files will not work
  11. Any file modified using RED MC cannot be read by the texture editor.
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