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  1. I think you'd have to add the first names/last names but have them retain the audio ID. So if an audio ID for "Michael" exists but you want to add "Michel", "Maikol", "Mikel" and "Mykal", you can clone slots on REDitor and just copy the audio ID for that name. Keep in mind that this is a name bank that will be used to generate future players as well within the roster if you use it for Franchise Mode. Great for variance with the more player names you have as well. Player reference data (so commentary talks about a player's 2011 achievements/milestones) is hardcoded to the roster slot f
  2. It's a 2K12 mod that is not cross compatible with 2K11.
  3. If you open the uniform files up with any texture editor, the catcher helmets are still there, but the global itself was reconfigured to not use them at all. Even though I'm pretty sure the global was unfinished, sadly, this can't be edited.
  4. I don't think this would be possible because of the changes they made to the uniform structure and the global.iff for 2K12 compared to 2K11. We can't import the 2K11 global into 2K12 to make this work either unfortunately.
  5. I believe this was addressed with a patch by 2K to update the game to 1.1 (I think that's the version number). Steam copies of the game don't get a patch because that gets deployed from Steam itself, and a patch for the disc-based version of the game is in the downloads section.
  6. If you downloaded any mods that affect the rosters or any of the .big files the game modifies through the official patch it will not work. I usually recommend installing Patch 5 above all the others because if anything, it will include every change from patches 1-4. What I used to do is update the game by installing every patch in order from 1-5 just to have the peace of mind that I did it right lol
  7. @dcstadium The best workaround I can give you is to pause real-time protection, download and install these applications then before you run them, make exceptions for those directories that have the .exe in them in your antivirus so it doesn't scan those directories when you resume real-time protection. Given how old the programs are, they'll always get flagged as a false-positive by all modern AV programs.
  8. Someone used to make scoreboards a long time ago but they have left the community
  9. Pause the game, go into Options then go into Presentation Settings. You probably have Game Flow set to Hurry Up.
  10. Jed, Maybe this Clevinger face from RBI 20 might help you. clev_rbi-face.dds
  11. Cole Hamels does not have a fourth texture.
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