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  1. 1) Nope 2) Double tap the swing button to check swing.
  2. Definitely April 1.
  3. There is no way to slow that down. It's been a long standing bug with 2K12.
  4. From looking at your franchise file it looks like around those dates (August 27 in the Schedule_Actual tab), there aren't any games scheduled on some days that begin with 0 and increase in sequence. I don't know how to better explain this, but you can read this post and get an idea of what I'm saying.
  5. What video card are you using on your machine?
  6. Did you change any graphics settings? I don't know how to troubleshoot this.
  7. On REDitor, you should check that Gleyber Torres/Luke Voit have different AppIDs.
  8. Love the Jordans, but I know some mapping work needs to be done on those. Solid work all around, chief!
  9. With this in mind, the game has 6 styles of cleats, with 2 levels of customization, based on this picture: Accents are in the solid green (which should be the green layer in the DDS file) Laces/Soles (it's a combination, so they're in the blue and red layers) What can be done as well is to make the soles a part of the shoe's accent, simply by taking the sole and cutting that out of the blue/red layers and pasting it into the green layer in the DDS file. I'm just throwing ideas here but I think we should be able to get 3 shoe manufacturers and 2 of their best or most common type of shoe, or if we want entirely 6, I say we do one of each: Nike Under Armor Adidas New Balance Mizuno Jordan I think custom shoes can be done as long as they're imported through the texture editor with the right names of the files that will be changed out for them.
  10. Have faith brother, you're breaking hearts here! I've explained the structure of this roster and the challenges with how the rosters are constructed. These things can be sorted out.
  11. Any league changes from the 2020 season can't be modified in the game.
  12. Can't enforce DH rules for both leagues brother
  13. These are very interesting times. There's no minor league baseball this year, so the rosters are frozen for those teams as far as who is playing where, but given that the rosters used for this season in real life are structured differently with the 60-player pool, there's a significant amount of judgement calls involved in making sure who would technically be in the minors had they not been moved accordingly to the 60-man pool, and who would have ultimately made the opening day roster. What I've done so far is to just not include anyone not playing this season due to injury and put them back in at a later time. For example, the roster structure alone makes sure we have 25 guys on every team and affiliate, but in real life, MLB teams don't give a shit about having 25 guys when they have 26/27 or even 28 guys on the team at any given time, so I have to decide who stays on and who gets demoted. That demotion from MLB to AAA for example, affects how I organize lineups in the minors and in order to keep the AAA roster at 25 players, I have to demote people from AAA to AA ball and below. As a consequence, some guys won't just be in the game at all based on the hard limit of 100 players per organization. That can't be changed. Another problem I've spent some time trying to fix is with the game's logic, really. For example, 2K12 loves some veteran talent. They love them so much that they specifically stock Class A full of them. This creates a problem where you can't draft or grow talent at the Class A level. Guys just won't progress upward, and the CPU logic in the game just stocks Class A full of older 35+ yr old talent waiting in the wings to retire.
  14. That can be a holdover until release. I'm currently working on the minors and resolving some bugs.
  15. I wanted one of the extra shoes to be one of these: Shoes guaranteed to make a player run faster and jump higher
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