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  1. I'll look into this when I have some time this weekend
  2. I opened up a Research forum for 2K12 to move tutorials or how to mod things in there. Sharing knowledge and documenting things has always been a pain point on the site, and I do wish the community made an effort to try and document things better for the new generation of members who wish to work on things can do so, but it's a big "ask" years later when people have aged out of the community or left modding altogether
  3. I don't even know how to begin with my feelings. To be honest, for the first 9 innings it was a tense, well-played game. If the Mariners had walked it off in the bottom of the 9th I would've obviously been disappointed, but it would've been whatever, there'll be another game tomorrow. This was a stinker, but you know what, the Angels game they played last season where they had fans sit through a rain delay, then give up 7 runs in the 9th inning was probably the worst Yankees loss in recent memory past this one.
  4. I don't think Virtualbox has 3D acceleration but you can try downloading and installing the Virtualbox Extension Pack and see if that helps
  5. I'm confused, don't we have a thread covering the team itself already?
  6. So for a first entry in this series, I'll share thoughts I've wrote down on customization: This is going to sound crazy but I would not want the game to be modder friendly. I'd spend as much time making any in-game tool as robust as possible and because the game wouldn't be bound to licensing requirements that can dictate how things like baseball uniforms are represented, I'd just let people's imaginations go wild with what they can make. As a compromise, I would love to make created items exportable for the community though. I also feel like if the game was highly customizable, th
  7. I named it Untitled Baseball Game as a joke, this fictional game would be titled something cool at some point
  8. Hey everyone, Hopefully everyone's having a solid summer So, I wanted to come up with something fun here for the community. An activity, if you will. Let's roleplay a bit. Let's say...a studio has sat you down in a meeting to hand you the reigns of Untitled Baseball Game (UBG). You are now the lead director for this project, and the studio wants you to come up with a baseball title that would emulate the experience of your favorite baseball title (could be The Show, could be High Heat 2002, could be MVP, could be Hardball, etc) with a mix of the o
  9. The lack of comprehensive mod support lies in the fact that the community is full of guys fairly knowledgeable in 3D modeling/texture work but not enough actual coders. Overlays and moving things around in a 3D space have involved heavy amounts of hex editing to do so, which we don't really have knowledge on. The existing tools for these games as they are now have always been repurposed versions of modding tools used for other EA titles (for a time they used the same type of file formats across their entire library to an extent), and with MLB 2K, they have always been repurposed ve
  10. It's all good. If we get DMs/messages asked to have it taken down, we will communicate this to you, no worries.
  11. Absolutely agree with the bolded, however we will cross that bridge when we get to it
  12. I think, and this is just my opinion, in the spirit of preservation, to simply credit the work of the original content creator and it should be in the clear for the most part. I understand that a lot of the guys who have actively worked on those things have probably left the community, but for those of us who recognize these works who are still active in the community, it would enrage us all if the work is uploaded with no credit to any original authors or set up behind a paywall. If we are all collectively mindful of this when we release compilation-type of content, I'
  13. Slot count. Try to make sure you still have 97 PLType 0 slots in the roster. The game uses those for drafts and makes room for retired players as well
  14. If someone can volunteer to translate this for MVP 05 that would be phenomenal. I'd sticky it.
  15. I mean, after the 1994 strike, Ripken's ironman streak gave the sport its first real shot in the arm, then steroids/1998's HR chase took it to a whole new level. For me to even get back to watching MLB games, probably a return of the WBC will do it for me. In the immediate term, there's a season going on in the Dominican Republic (LIDOM) where some guys are rehabbing from injuries and doing well.
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