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  1. Nope. It's not compatible with Windows 10.
  2. Pedro: Also Pedro: I am 97mph tailing fastball levels of sure if Pedro was still playing and he found out somebody was stealing his signs, he'd have been one of the first in line being pissed off
  3. I'm just going to wrap up all the schedules. The trickiest one for me is the spring training schedule, as I'm not sure all teams have an even number of games.
  4. An Update: So the full 2020 schedule is complete, however I'm working on the Schedule_Cur tab, which is basically similar to the other two tabs (Schedule_Older, Schedule_Old), where all of the games for all 30 clubs in those tabs are the first game of every series. Basically this means that in order to make a proper accurate and non buggy Schedule_Cur tab, every second and third (and in some cases, fourth) game will need to have their rows deleted. I'm basically up to the Cardinals (Team ID is 6) working my way to the Yankees (Team ID is 29). This shit is hard. What's left: - Just some extra details. Arranging 2018, 2019 and 2020 schedule start times in order from EST to PST (because you don't want your 1:10 PM PST game to start before your 1:10 EST game unless your team can go back in time) - Full Minor League Schedule (AAA, AA and A ball)
  5. Just a heads up for you, WBC teams can be imported into a future roster with uniforms/parks
  6. If you wanted the uniforms to have texture #2, it's just a matter of shading the entire alpha channel to the dark grey color the socks would be. Texture #4 is a "raindrop" mesh pattern that you would get if you color your alpha channel white in the areas where you'd want it to appear. If you look at the older Texas Rangers uniforms from the stock game, they have the coolbase style uniform and the alpha looks like this: In game, and see where the texture pattern changes:
  7. Just wanted to chime in as I work within the Global file as well as @picklebrad, as I'm not sure you knew (because I kinda didn't either ), but uniform fabric patterns are in a DXT1 file in the global (if you use the 2K12 texture editor, it should be listed as 014DA660): I'm just going to throw a theoretical here and say that the alpha channel in the uniform texture dictates the fabric type. I'll use my Padres Home uniforms as an example: everything in black basically gets no fabric texture (Texture #1). What's in black is what's left to the UV map texture (the green file) to determine depth/reflections. The darker grey color on the lower left corner gets a different fabric texture (Texture #2 maybe?) compared to the light grey (Texture #3) that all the uniforms have because they're meant for the socks. See the example below: Texture #4, the "raindrop" looking texture is the mesh used for the Majestic Cool Base uniform textures, which originally were in white in the alpha channel texture. I want to say changing Texture #3 in that 64x64 box should apply your fabric texture across all the uniforms without having to do it for all the jerseys.
  8. Not even, we can merge the accounts together (and preserve either the new or old alias) if you either know the alias or the email associated with the account brother! Shoot any of the admin staff a PM.
  9. Stadiums, uniforms and rosters don't really have dependencies, so you should be fine sorting by newest and downloading what's recent. If you need faces for your roster for example, there should be documentation either in the file description or in a readme text file that comes with the download that should explain how to get that set up. Uniforms come with a colorlist file which is meant to be imported into a roster in order for the right uniform colors to show up in the game. Stadiums are standalone and can be dragged and dropped into the game's folder.
  10. What a week for the game. Not thrilled about it, just bummed out. In the span of a week we have had 4 people fired, counting Carlos Beltran. I am definitely wondering what Cora's penalty will be outside of being dismissed by the Sox earlier this week
  11. Hi, This site itself provides mods for the PC version of the MLB 2K series starting from 2K9, and the MVP Baseball series, as far back as 2004. We do have console content, but if you sort by newest/oldest, you'll find that a lot of it is old content that hasn't been maintained for some time. MLB2K12 is the last PC baseball game 2K has released and it's been de-listed from Steam and all of the online shops as 2K lost the MLB license. Since it was sold on digital and through physical media as well, you can find the disc-based version online but it may be fairly expensive. While OOTP exists for PC as well, we don't support that game, unfortunately. While we are aware there are other means of finding this game, either through torrents or other ways, we don't discuss that here. Some things may not be guaranteed to work properly with an illegitimate copy (like official patches) and it would be a challenge to provide support for you if things break because we wouldn't know what the root cause is. That said, MLB The Show won't come to PC until 2022 at the latest, so that should be a fairly good wait.
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