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  1. cool i like the colors and the boreder looks nice too :wtg:
  2. Mines better :roll: Just kidding but im lovin it 8)
  3. Thanks everyone for the comments, yea i usually make my sigs small, I don't like them to be too big and all. And Filthy57 u sig looks tight, but what are those blue pixel-lookin colors on the background?
  4. Thanks for the comments ... I made one more using the same style as the previous 3...
  5. Ok guys, after so many unsuccessful attempts at making sigs, ive been secretly hiding :wink: (not really) and tryin to come up with something... and I did 3 so far... i might do one more tomorrow....please guys gimme ur comments and what not...
  6. wow...thanks a bunch man...I'll start using it tomorrow...thanks again Props to KC... :hail:
  7. :hail: Nice sig once again KKKerry.
  8. Hey sup guys...haven't posted in a while because of the whole thingy w/ the left field and such...but im workin on a new baseball sig and ill post it up soon... :wtg:
  9. dont mean to start stuff.. but what happened to this thread...it used to be full of people...where did everone go??? :?
  10. There....fixed my sig....hows it look? :)
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