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  1. NYM

    Uniform Modding

    I'm sorry I keep bumping but is there anyone that has any kind of hat or helmet template? I cant find it anywhere. KC PSD don't include them.
  2. NYM

    Uniform Modding

    I know...no bumping..but seriously is there any type of templates out there?
  3. NYM

    Uniform Modding

    Still cannot find hat or helmet templates. Help would be appreciated.
  4. NYM

    Uniform Modding

    Same problem. Does anybody know where I can find a hat and helmet file?
  5. I'm back from Tennessee. We won the tournament going 5-1. I did beastly batting .500 with an OBP of .714 2SB, 2BB, 2 RBI. The trophy is humongous! It is up to my neck and I'm 5'11. Can't wait to watch the Braves and Nats play tonight. -Cant wait to watch the Mets tomorrow. I'm hoping my game gets rained out so I can watch it.
  6. -Y4L I'm way ahead of you. I'm paying for the full authentic jersey. Washing cars in the summer finally pays off! I'm going with the classic pinstripe. -I'm a Jets fan but I'm going for the Giants in this one. I really cannot stand the Patriots. - Hockey team had a bad season. We're 1-11-2. It was all fun for the seniors last year. They won a championship, got us moved up a division and then left us for dead by graduating. O well, we'll get moved down next year and compete again. - HS baseball starts officially in less than a month!!! I'm looking for a city championship and it is very possible with the squad we have this year. If we're going to do anything, this is the year. - I did it. I finally reached my goal. I ran a mile under 7 minutes. 6:58 seconds! Just think, a year ago, or if you want to be extreme, six months ago I was running a 12 minute mile. - I hope the new feature in MLB 2k8 is either create-a-stadium, create-a-team, or a "Road to the Show" type mode.
  7. Mark, Wu Tang comes from where I live. Shaolin ring a bell?
  8. This Sunday is a good one, or should be: - Jets game starts in 45 minutes. I cannot wait to watch it. - Just watched Spider Man 3 on movies on demand. It was cool, but like always the orginal is the best. - Hockey Game tonight! Normally wwe get a crowd of 20 people, but since this is a big rivalry game tonite and it is close to the school I go to, we are expecting around 150 people. Not joking. Plus what the hell is anyone doing on a Sunday night anyway? It's also cool because on big games players from my team give away the jersey we're not wearing so you always have people wearing the schools jersey. Also, if we win we break the tie and move into third place! - Woke up to snow/ice/rain this morning. I was expecting a lot of snow, but I guess forecasters were right when they said the city would get more freezing rain then anything.
  9. NYM


    wut brushes are those?
  10. NYM


    What size should a wallpaper be?
  11. DannyMac that doesn't answer the question. Nowhere in that statement by Y4L did he say he "lived" in NYC. He just states he lives presently in upstate NY.
  12. What do you mean expensive? It's really really cheap!!!! jk It's funny how prices for homes in the whole country go down, but in the city it goes up. I went to a Rangers game at the Garden the a couple weeks ago and a hotdog cost me 4 dollars.
  13. Do you live near Buffalo? I hear it's like a ghost town. I know a trainer for the NY Rangers and he says the team dreads going up there to play, especially when they had to play in the playoffs there last year.
  14. O sorry lol. I was just having a IM with my friend telling him that Lundquist was bettert then Osgood. yes we beat the sens.
  15. Y4L, where in NY do you live? Here in the city we get one really good storm a year where it will snow about a 12 sometimes 24 inches if we're lucky. Otherwise it's just December-February/early March of 1 to two inches.
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