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  1. Hey KG. i know you pride yourself in having the most accurate/relevant rosters out there & I thought you might be able to use this site. I cannot remember if I directed you towards this guy before or not but his knowledge of the Phillies system is pretty amazing. Also, and I know I bug you about this every year, but I'd love to see more of the young up and commers on the clearwater club. their roster will likely once again feature some older guys (24-26) who are still stuck in A ball and going nowhere while the Phillies have a lot of potential talent in rookie ball & their other A lea
  2. Brian Jordan has Daric Bartons cyberface.
  3. Hey KG. I was wondering what happened to Michael Garciaparra's cyber in your newest release? After updating your old 3.o with the may releases included updater Garciaparra had a sweet cyberface. After installing your new 3.0 he has a generic. Do you know what number he needs to be changed to?
  4. 361 downloads

    NEW 07 version Chase Utley -built from scratch using his 2007 Pressbox photo -super hi-res texture -accurate face shape -realistic eyes & ears It doesn't get any more real than this! install using your prefferd method, change 04 face to yes in MVP edit & you are good to go. If you like my work please make a small donation via paypal to worldofechoes@hotmail.com Thank you. Enjoy.
  5. Stay tuned Ghostdog, KG and I are cooking up something extra sweet that you are sure to enjoy.
  6. Hey KG. Not too much here but I did notice that Micah Owings of the DBacks appears to be a decent hitting pitcher. I believe he went 2-3 in last nights game with a rbi or two. Also, I think you have Shane Victorino's arm underrated as well as Chase Utley's speed. Victorino had something like 11 assists last year and I am constantly hearing about how good his arm is (though not as good as Michael Bourn's). Utley, while not a base stealing machine by any means is one of the very best baserunners in the game. An 81 seems a little low to me. I realize you take different things into account to r
  7. KG, don't despair...you show no signs of doing so anyhow. Your rosters are awesome. Your working of the contract situation alone sets your rosters apart. I'd love to do a models.big file for just your rosters but we'll have to see. I'm sending Kraw a request now, seeing as how he already has tons on his plate, I'd love to make a KG exclusive models.big. I think the combo would set the new standard for MVP. I love having the best faces in my game but your rosters are truly a piece of work. I'm confident that everyone that uses them swears by what I'm speaking. If it works out I'm going to be co
  8. I noticed this as well. A bunch of my faces that were in the patch#2 release were removed with the 3.0 rosters.
  9. Beautiful work KG. Your updates to the Phillies system were greatly appreciated. I am really pretty partial to BigShmooze's models.big file but I simply can't play this game without your rosters. Is the new plus version coming out a dl version or not? Do you have a dl version that is compatable with owner mode? Is there any way I can make my own if not? I've got some reading up to do on all these new roster options if you couldn't tell. Again, beautiful work.
  10. 587 downloads

    Faces for MVP 07 Install using Kraw's installer thingy or EAGraph. You may have to change cyberface numbers for some players using MVP edit. Ricky Nolasco & Brad Eldred will need re-numbered (currently #'d 000) All faces '05 except Nick Johnson Adam Laroche Charlie Haeger Kevin Gregg Scott Thorman
  11. Are you saying that your roster ratings have helped curve the all-starters in the pen bug? If so then you are due even more praise Swingin. You and KG have a damn good thing going here. Keep it up.
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