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  1. I just bought it for 50 bucks off ebay.
  2. I had a bid on the first one but the shipping was huge. I had a limit and it double that when I got up after the auction was over. The others are way over 100 bucks that I can get on Amazon. I will keep my eye on it along with keeping an eye on NHL 2004 Joe Sakic cover for the Xbox and PC. Near impossible to get as well. Too bad EA is stupid They should put it on Origin along with Madden like they did NHL09.
  3. I am not spending 100 bucks on a game that I would play a couple games a decade.
  4. Nothing from this decade for rosters.
  5. That's crappy for me. Oh well. Before I get banned. Does anyone know where I can get updated stuff for MVP Baseball 2004? I own that game. Thanks
  6. 1. Yes as I didn't realize 2005 would be way better than 2004 and when I did it is so expensive. 200 bucks for an EA game. 2. I know they will work but the some that I saw would replace the team's stadium and not the classic stadium. Would a simple renaming of the file fix that,. 3. I just have the MVP 15 installed. 4. I know there is a support forum but I was thinking the jerseys and stadiums were missing.
  7. Maybe I am missing something but I have the MVP 15 patch and I tried to play a game with Yankees and the Jays. I wanted to have the Pinstripes for the Yankees from the 1927 and have the Jays were their 80s jerseys and the game crashed. If they wear the home and away jerseys it is fine. Is there any jerseys and stadiums that can be installed? Thanks
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