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  1. Thanks FF! They look very sick!
  2. Can I get a Joseph Addai sig FF? Gotta show some love for my team!
  3. 4 letters: [marq=right]SICK![/marq]
  4. This was like 2 days ago. FG already is getting a skin. Plus, FF said that I can be a admin when the site gets bigger before I posted it.
  5. Yes, but can we get some new skin. I know where. If I become admin i'll see.
  6. I've opened up a new site. Come and join Graphics Center! http://z11.invisionfree.com/Graphics_Cente...dex.php?act=idx
  7. looks good. Your getting better and better.
  8. It doesen't even look like a sig. Its ok.
  9. Thanks, here are 2 more that I had laying around:
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