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  1. I had the same problem and fixed it with a different history.dat You can get it here: http://eamods.com/index.php?name=ForumsPro...iewtopic&t=1404 Look for tywiggins' post. Hope that helps...
  2. KG, i'm using your latest rosters and my game freezes on April 5th. I thought you fixed the freezing issue with your most recent update?! Is there any solution that can save my dynasty? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. Great job as always on the update, KG. I do have some minor suggestions for the Phillies, though. Aaron Rowand does not wear high socks. Cole Hamels is basically a three pitch Pitcher: FB, Change, Curve. Never seen him throw a Slider. His Changeup is just nasty and it's his best pitch. A control in the 80ties would be justified. Brett Myers Fastball tops out at 96, Eaton throws a 94mph heater and Francisco Rosario hits 97mph on the gun Last thing i've noticed is that you have Shane Victorinos' speed at 85. It should be in the high 90ties. That boy can fly...His arm strenght and throwing accuracy could be bumped up as well because he has a cannon and guns down runners at the plate consistantly. Check out his play against the Mets and Delgado if you need any proof... Keep up the good work :wtg:
  4. Minor Phillies update: The Phils sold Brian Mazone to the Samsung Lions of the Korean League. To replace Mazone, they signed former Yankees reliever Jason Anderson.
  5. Hands down, your rosters are the best and most detailed available and I second Madcap's idea of an exclusive models.big for your work. The models.big which is included with the 07 mod is missing some of the great faces which were released recently. Just my :twocents: Anyway, your rosters along with Madcap's faces made this game enjoyable again. Although i'm 31 years old, your rosters made me feel excited like a little kid, thanks for that A quick Phillies update though: Pat Gillick continues to bring in players whom he drafted back in the days. This time, the Phillies claimed Michael Garciaparra(INF) off waivers from the M's. He's expected to start at AA Reading.
  6. Beat me to it, TwentySeven. Budde and Coste are currently on the 15DL, retroactive to March 23.
  7. Will do chief :salute: Anyway i can contribute to your great work is an honor to me...
  8. I've read up on Rosario. He was the 6th best prospect for the Jays coming into this year. He seems to have a very live arm but has trouble with his command. We'll see how he pans out. Lieber is still on the 15 day DL but i would keep him. The Phils made a flurry of minor league cuts in the last couple of weeks. Maybe that would open up some spots for you. If you want me to take a look into this, i'd gladly do so.
  9. Bauer has signed a minor league deal but will be with the big club, i assume. I think the odd man out will be Bisenius or Condrey. We're picking up the trash of other teams.
  10. The Phillies made some moves today. They acquired Fransisco Rosario from the Jays and picked up Rick Bauer from the Rangers. Talk about desperation :puke: BTW Kg, i've converted your latest standard rosters into a plus version with the plus maker. Will this be compatible with Shmooz' most recent models.big?
  11. On Monday, right before the Bucs game. He was out of options so Gillick decided to put him on waivers. Dunno why it's not made official on phillies.com. Sorry for the OT, KG.
  12. Justin Germano was placed on waivers by the Phillies and the Padres claimed him right away. Just heard this on the Phillies webcast...
  13. I'm not 100% sure about other pitches. I saw him pitch recently and he threw Fastball-Change-Slider mainly...so i'd go with these 3 pitches.
  14. KG, a quick note about Ryan Madson. He got rid of his curve and is working to establish a slider instead. I don't know how effective that pitch will be for him, but he seems very serious about changing his repertoire...
  15. I would not quite say pathetic considering the fact that they brought up Rollins, Myers , Utley, Howard and Hamels over the last decade. That's not a bad average of high quality players that were developed by the Phillies. I'd rather say it's pretty thin right now, but that's not worrying me at all. The Phillies infield is set for years to come, Hamels is our future Ace along Myers, plus guys like Happ, Carrasco and Drabek. The only weakness in the Phillies minor league system is the lack of good position players. Greg Golson, Adrian Cardenas and Michael Bourn are coming to mind, but that's about it. But hey, I have faith in Gillick and i think that he'll definately find ways to strenghten the minors. :twocents:
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