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  1. really? I don't have either of these problems. All my files go straight to desktop, and you just have to double click on the file in the download manager to open it instead of the old link they used to have.
  2. 88 Minutes is a terrible movie. Pacino mailed it in long distance. For all of Pacino's good movies, he's done an equal number of terrible ones as well. Two for the Money anyone? Honestly, I have no idea why 88 minutes is getting a wide release now. The movie originally premiered about two years ago.
  3. You have to use the plusmaker that comes with the models.big. It should be in your MVP Baseball 2005/extras/plusmaker/Dat Files/ folder after you install the models.big. You just put attrib.dat and manager.dat in the same folder and run the plusmaker.
  4. fred13


    I think it would be awesome if there were a Jay instead :D
  5. I'm seeing them live later this month at a club in Toronto. Can't wait. My favourite Justice song is still the first one they ever did (professionally).
  6. You already got that answer in the thread you started. http://mvpmods.com/Forums/viewtopic/t=33204.html
  7. He's already finished them. They'll be in the next release.
  8. How can you have problems installing batting gloves and shoes? They're part of the uniform file.
  9. Well isn't that a case of the pot calling the kettle black. Change "space program" to a small three letter word beginning with the letter 'w' and you have a certain other country's problem.
  10. fred13


    haven't checked this thread in a while, but I love this (and Chelsea)!
  11. nice sig/avatar. Good to see someone who appreciated good hip-hop and not a lot of junk that's out these days.
  12. fred13


    yes, Jonothan Toews! Rocked the Juniors last year. You think you could whip one up in a team Canada jersey?
  13. fred13

    Uniform Modding

    are you going to show how to make uniform templates? Or just scripts and stuff?
  14. fred13


    Lucas, can you post a link to the the brushes you used behind the ball in the Rooney walls?
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