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  1. Worth the work, a great face I think!!
  2. Hey Jed, great as always! Any chance you could do Tanner Scheppers? Pitching awesome in setup. Thanks alot!!!!!
  3. First, thanks to all who made mvp13, great work of you all! As I mostly play Texas, their AAA Team seems mixed up. In the game it ist OKC with the uniforms and stuff. In MVPedit it is the correct Round Rock Express. Does not matter much to me but wanted to report it.
  4. Jed, such a fantastic work you are putting up here!! Thx a lot man for keeping this game so much alive as you do! Hope you are a little better than some weeks ago!! my best wishes with you! And also thanks to everyone else who made mvp2013 possible!!
  5. Cool! Josh Beckett looks awesome! Cant' wait for Spring Training and your release!!!
  6. Great Jed, both Rangers are terrific!!!! :good:
  7. Cheers my friend and a happy new year for you also! You really have become a master of your art in the last year, amazing what you can put up and at what a rate! Thanks for your work!
  8. 11 posts to go my friend and you reach 1.000 Awesome job you are doing here, really keeping this game alive!! And what a quality you have reached... Fantastic!!
  9. Got your argument with Profar and you are right. He has to proof the hype is for real... But perhabs, if you are a little bit bored anytime near this picture could help :) :)
  10. Really cool, was time to have Perez in the game!! What about Jurickson Profar? Any chance, you do him?
  11. Fantastic job!!! The best you have done until now!! :drinks: :drinks:
  12. Awesome how you still are getting better Jed! :good: Any chance you do super-prospect Jurickson Profar? Would love to have him in the game!
  13. kobee23

    Mvp12 Issue

    Is that not a knwon problem some years back? Allways had a freeze by some date in may and it was connected do the hist.dat be to big or something else. I overwrote the hist.dat with an older one from a roster version that did not freeze and it worked. Bud I have to admit, I do not know, what the hist.dat is actually doing... Just worked years ago with the older UR rosters...
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