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  1. HFLR

    Site Upgrade

    It's been a long time since I've been here but it looks great! Congrats!
  2. Hi guys, just to let you know that MVP Caribe 2013 is coming out soon, here's the intro video for this year's version. PS. Watch in HD
  3. Hello, kyleb, I need IDs for Japhet Amador (AAA - Houston) and Leo Heras (AA - Houston). Thanks!
  4. Hello guys, I'm actually working with Estadio Sonora, host of the 2013 Caribbean Series, I'm using US Cellular Field as a base: I already eliminated most of the outfield ads and replaced them with the Estadio Sonora ones, but I have a few questions, first of all, how do you move the jumbotron? In the picture below you can see the jumbotron and the stadium's real screen, I'd like to know how to move the jumbotron there. And also, I need to erase the upper deck of US Cellular Field, but I don't know how to eliminate the fans in that side of the ballpark, I already eliminated the seats with oedit, but the fans are floating there. Thanks!
  5. Nice to see that you're keeping up with franchises/dynasties, amigo, you get better and better with the graphics!
  6. Yankees* Sorry for the typo
  7. Hello again chunyanlin, Caribe made the WBC version , so you have permission to use the WBC Caribe 13 fonts and content too
  8. File Name: Alfonso Soriano Yankees Portrait File Submitter: HFLR File Submitted: 26 Jul 2013 File Category: Portraits Version: 1.0 Here's the new Yankees aquisition, Alfonso Soriano for your MVP. To install: Use EA Graphics Editor and export the 0830.fsh file to your portraits.big file. Or use the Total Installer Thingy. Enjoy! -Héctor Click here to download this file
  9. Version 1.0


    Here's the new Yankes aquisition, Alfonso Soriano for your MVP. To install: Use EA Graphics Editor and export the 0830.fsh file to your portraits.big file. Or use the Total Installer Thingy. Enjoy! -Héctor
  10. I see that you took some things from Caribe and the WBC mods, MVP Caribe gives you permission to use anything you want from our mods, nice to see an Asian mod! Maybe we can send Alfonso Soriano there instead of the Yankees
  11. Hello Kyleb, can you add Miguel Alfredo González to the ID list? He's the cuban pitcher that will be signed for more than 40 mdd. Thanks
  12. You're right, Y4L. It's not right just to list them in the credits, they should ask for permission. I already talked with jeferomer about it, he feels worse than terrible, he trully does, he feels so bad that he will stop working with the Latino mod, the only thing he wanted was to keep MVP Baseball alive and bring happiness to them. He fully aknowledges his mistake. He'll support the MVP Caribe 13 mod with faces he makes and has been told that he should notify immediately if he uses a face from other modder so I or someone else of the Caribe team asks for the author's permission. I dont know if you have anything else to say, my friend, Y4L, is there something we can do?
  13. Saludos pana Guaro, te explicaré un poco la postura de Yankee4Life sobre el mod 2013. Desde hace más de 8 años, se ha creado un código de ética (algo así como las reglas no escritas del béisbol) respecto a los mods que hacen los fans. Se supone que antes de utilizar el trabajo de alguien más en algun proyecto de MVP, se le manda un mensaje privado y se le pregunta si se puede usar el mod en la versión o el proyecto que tengas (algo que siempre se ha hecho en MVP Caribe). Vamos a poner un ejemplo, los estadios. Digamos que Pirate (miembro de mvpmods) hace una versión del Citi Field de los Mets, si alguien quiere meter el estadio a una versión nueva del MVP (como el Latino) o modificar dicho estadio tiene que mandarle un mensaje a Pirate y pedirle permiso, así mismo para todo (uniformes, caras, audios, portraits). Yo pienso que ese gesto de "pedir permiso" es lo que ayuda a mantener viva a varios de los modders de la vieja guardia por así decirles ya que se quedan alegres si su trabajo es mostrado en otras versiones y así se motivan a modificar más, pero si no se le notifica y luego ve su mod en otro lado sin que le den crédito (o lo más importante, le pidan permiso) es algo que desmotiva y molesta a la gente, llegando a tal punto que dejen de hacer mods y perdamos a gente muy valiosa de nuestra comunidad. Para hacer un completamente desde cero se tiene que agarrar el MVP 2005 limpio o hacer una lista de mods que quisieras integrar a una versión (por ejemplo, MVP Latino) pedir permiso y aparte dar créditos dentro del juego, así le ha hecho MVP Caribe desde el inicio en la sección de Créditos del videojuego. Te gustaría que alguien publicara tu trabajo y que alguien dijera que es suyo? Te doy otro ejemplo, en MVP Caribe sacamos una versión 2009 del Clásico Mundial de Béisbol, fue un gran acierto, pero a los días nos encontramos con una versión idéntica del mod del WBC 2009 donde sólo cambiaron unas imagenes y la pantalla de selección de uniformes, lo demás era idéntico y nunca pidió permiso. OJO, no estoy diciendo que el MVP Latino sea así, es un ejemplo de que se debe de pedir permiso para mantener el código de ética que ha mantenido a esta comunidad por más de 8 años. PD: Y sí, Jeferomer ahora forma parte del equipo que hace MVP Caribe ya que yo pienso que hace muy buenas faces y ya me demostró que puede hacerlas ya que lo puse a prueba con unas. Es muy buena persona, he hablado con él los últimos días y se ve que es una grán persona, es sólo que no conoce sobre el código de ética... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello Nani, I'll explain to you that Yankee4Life tries to say about the 2013 mod. For over 8 years, this community has created a "frienship code" (something like the non-written rules of baseball) about the mods that the fans create. It's supposed that you should send a message to the owner or creator of a mod before you use their work on a new version or a new edition of the mod (it's something MVP Caribe has always done). I'll give you anm example, stadiums. Let's say Pirate (MVPmods member) creates Citi Field of the New York Mets. If someone wants to include the stadium in a new version of MVP (like the MVP Latino) or modify that stadium, Pirate should be nottified and ask for permission, that works for everything (uniforms, faces, audios, portraits). I think that gesture of "asking for permission" is what helps our community stay alive because the modders get recognized for their work and motivates them to keep it up, but if you don't ask for permission and they see their work somewhere else they would get mad to the point that they'd stop making mods because they aren't being recognized for something they made, losing very important people of our community. To create a Total Conversion Mod you should take the original MVP 2005 and modify it, or, make a list of mods that you'd like to put in your version and ask for permission (for example, MVP Latino) and give credits, that's what MVP Caribe has done since 2007 in the credits section of the videogame. Would you like it if someone publishes your job without giving credits? I'll give you another example, MVP Caribe released WBC Caribe in 2009 and it was a huge hit, but, few days later we found or version being upladed to another site with a few changes (loading screens, backgrounds and uniform selection screens) and the guy said it was his! HEY, I'm not saying MVP Latino is like that, it's just an example of what should be done to mantain the "friendship code" that has mantained this community on for more than 8 years. PS: And yes, Jeferomer is now in the MVP Caribe Team because I think he makes really good faces, I know he has because I asked him to do a very hard face and he did deliver. He's a great guy, I have talked with him a lot on this past few days and I dont think he wanted to make the MVP Community feel mad with his version, he's a nice guy but he doesn't know the friendship code, maybe he was lost in the translation, I don't know, but I think he didn't do it on purpose.
  14. My bad, "China Taipei" it's the spanish name of Chinese Taipei
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