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  1. How about the 20 year-old sensation and de facto closer for the Toronto Blue Jays... Roberto Osuna? The case for Roberto Osuna is that he has been with the club since opening day of the season and he has been their most consistent and reliable reliever; thus, Gibbons has entrusted Osuna with the 9th inning duties.
  2. Jed and jeferomer...it is great to have you guys back. I've continued to follow your outstanding work at mvpcaribe. Will we see any love for Blue Jays cybers (new rookies or updated veterans)?
  3. How "aboot" some Blue Jays? Aaron Sanchez (projected no.4 starter) Daniel Norris (projected no.5 starter) Dalton Pompey (projected starting centre fielder)
  4. Hey daflyboys You do excellent work with your rosters. I agree that backups are of a lesser importance when it comes to assigning face slots. As for Sanchez, that was a personal preference since he has only begun his major league career and has yet to establish himself. Loup on the other hand has been probably one of the most important bullpen pieces the Jays have, typically coming in the 8th inning in tight and close situations. He pitched almost 70 innings last season with 64 appearances, and this year, he's been called upon 48 times holding opposing batters to a .190 avg, with
  5. From a Blue Jays Fan POV: Marcus Stroman (stated in a previous post; currently the best pitcher in the Blue Jays rotation) Drew Hutchison (began as the #2 starter behind R.A. Dickey; struggled in last couple of starts, but if healthy should be a mainstay in this rotation) Aaron Sanchez (prized #1 B.J. pitching prospect who got called up a few days ago; will work in the 'pen for now with eventual move to the rotation next year) ***Aaron Sanchez was absolutely filthy against the Bosox yesterday throwing 97-99 four-seamer that moved like a 2-seamer, an 83 mph curveball with 12-6 d
  6. I believe those faces were created by a former member who now uploads his work on MVPCaribe.com On a side note, your updated Ackley is tremendous...specifically, that beard alone is awesome.
  7. How about Marcus Stroman who in his rookie season is probably the third or fourth starter on the AL East leading (as of July 2) Toronto Blue Jays. He probably has the best "stuff" out of any of the current Toronto starting staff.
  8. Here are some pics: examples.bmp
  9. Any interest in the new Buffalo Bisons home, away, and alternate uniforms?
  10. Jed, thank you very much for the RickyRo face. His face has not been updated since 2006 or 2007. I would like to request an update on Kyle Drabek (he already has the face number 508); he also has not had an update for 4 or 5 years. Lastly, I would suggest an update on your Henderson Alvarez and Brett Cecil faces, as your modding skills have reached elite status since you first started. Thanks for your consideration.
  11. In the list, there are two Chris Young's with mixed up portraits and faces. Chris Young (Ariz OF) has cyberface #780 and should have portrait #3223. Chris Young (NYM P) has cyberface #812 and should have portrait #2590 .
  12. No problem. I think Drabek already has the cyberface #508. Lohse and Myers look great!
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