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  1. This is coming along great, Rick! I recognize some of Jay's work in here, too!
  2. I enjoyed this read. This Super Bowl was a reminder of how good we have had it the last six or seven years. We have been treated to great games most of the last several bowls. Before that, there seemingly have been more clunkers than gems. It was quite an uneventful spectacle, I'd like to know how many of that 110,000,000 watched from start to finish. I myself moved on to other things by the 3rd quarter. It was on, but only as background ambiance while I played with the computer. I've never had the issue you described in the Shoutbox, by the way. I'd first wonder if you have an Add-On that
  3. At 50 cents a seat, I would have expected more fans in the outfield seats.
  4. This is lookin' good. I love the Bartolo Colon sighting on page 1.
  5. Well, I guess this is more for future reference than anything else since you have already been going at this.... ESPN.com has a free game of these weekly picks. You can start a "league" and invite your friends and it will do all of the math for you so JRudi doesn't have to add up everyone's scores. I know sometimes the do-it-yourself way works best, but this game does exist out there, and I thought you should know. ESPN Pigskin Pick'em
  6. No, Audition is older. It is no longer a part of the CS package.
  7. has completed updating his status.

  8. 216 downloads

    You just need to change Maddon's status in MVPEdit.
  9. 137 downloads

    Adds a cyberface for the White Sox utility player. You have to update your MVPEdit to match the cyberface # because he currently doesn't have a cyberface.
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