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  1. You guys need to stop ripping off my fucking work without asking permission!  This shit is getting old!!  I spend countless hours creating new players and researching look of the players and pitch types, etc.  


     They need to ban you assholes who do this.  Fuck off!

  2. Gordo

    Hey danc, waiting for you to contact me for feedback on the MVP roster since I did ask for that.  Still haven't heard from you . What's up?

  3. Gordo

    Then apparently you didn't read the description of the roster.  First of all, everyone's end of season rosters are 40 man teams.  The game limits you to 25 man rosters.  So what would you like me to do?  Secondly, in light of the fact that it is reflective of service time given to the organization, let's take a quick look.  

    • The top 5 starters (Fernandez, Chen, Conley, Koehler, and Nicolino) starting the most games are on the rosters.
    • Phelps was chosen as the LRP over Urena, because frankly,  Urena sucks.
    • Cashner is not included because he doesn't have enough service.
    • Barraclough, Wittgren, McGowan, Rodney, Dunn and Ramos are the 6 remaining short relievers who have also given the most relief service to the Marlins.
    • There are 13 slots for fielders.  Each of the 13 players reflects the most plate appearances of the real Marlins.

    So unless you have some magical way to make the game use 40 players instead of 25, then please enlighten us.

    Outside of that you don't know what you're talking about and you're welcome to make a roster for us.

  4. To answer your question that you left in a review, maybe don't rate something mediocre if you really don't know what it's for.  There's nothing more annoying for a mod maker to have someone come on here who basically doesn't contribute to the community, even simply by joining in on the forums and saying something, and then make a half-assed judgment without knowing what you're judging.  We have forums and PM's to ask questions and generally I have been more than willing to assist members here.

  5. No longer "daflyboys".

  6. TW08-PC online golf is a blast! Let me know!

  7. MVP Online is possibly, but coordination of files is needed.

  8. If you're still interested in an MVP-PC league ... just ask.

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