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  1. You guys need to stop ripping off my fucking work without asking permission!  This shit is getting old!!  I spend countless hours creating new players and researching look of the players and pitch types, etc.  


     They need to ban you assholes who do this.  Fuck off!

  2. The instructions are at the top of page. They are right there.
  3. Great list ... and wuilmer is showing some great quality on the faces!
  4. That song is , ahhh.....yikes. Ya, the boss sunglasses are kinda corny too. Not feelin' it.
  5. To each his own. I prefer a 6 button on the face. Lots of guys seem to like Logitech. I prefer Saitek. Others like the Xbox 360 controllers or PS3 or 4 compatible controller. YMMV.
  6. I'm guessing a majority of people here use a controller. Keyboard controls are pretty archaic.
  7. I didn't quote you. I couldn't delete my post.
  8. Would like to see a new Aaron Nola. What we have is not good.
    After unzipping with a more up to date 7z program, was able to install properly..... another tremendous addition!
  9. Gordo

    News Portraits

    7z file is not unzipping. Changed extension to ".rar"; still did not unzip. This may need to be re-uploaded as a .rar or .zip. addendum: I was able to download and unzip on a different computer; probably had an older version of 7z on the initial computer.
  10. You may want to consider how you name these files. They are starting to take on similar or identical names. So for this, something like: 2019 Portraits mid-July Vol 1
  11. The only other recommendation is for the face maker to give a corresponding skin color number (1-11).
  12. Not sure how all of this would translate, but just wondering for those who would know, would this be applicable to MVP or 2K? https://www.dsogaming.com/news/modder-has-ported-amds-new-image-sharpening-to-reshade-allowing-all-nvidia-amd-gamers-to-use-it/
    The faces look great! People might have trouble installing because of how you packed it. There's no need to have multiple sub-folders per player. 1 is enough per player.
  13. For anyone having trouble installing, the problem is either the sub-folders are not consistent or because the 7zip got corrupted. Unzip the file to a pre-named folder on your desktop. Make sure that either all of the files go into that pre-named folder OR all of the sub-folders named after the players go into the pre-named folder. Make sure their aren't multiple levels of a given player's sub-folder (which this original zip contains). Zip to a common "zip" file. Install with TiT.
  14. Not so sure Daniel Palka deserves a face. He was mediocre last year. This year so far he's batting .022. Not impressive.
  15. I'd like to add one home town request: Scott Kingery
  16. Okay, and that's how I have them in the rosters too! Bueno!
    You're still not completely matching the faces to the official ID's. The work is tremendous, but that's an important step for the basic users.
  17. By the way, those latest cyberface nos. above do not match up to the related file in the downloads. He is still releasing cyberfaces with unofficial nos. on some of them. Not sure how much more clear about this I can be to make it work. For example, you assigned Tatis as 72, but the file he uploaded is 510 Merrifield was uploaded as 72, but needs 589
  18. That's unnecessary. You can easily pick a column in Excel, choose to sort A-Z, extend the selections and everything stays organized, for any given column.
  19. I would recommend simply zipping all the faces together instead of having individual downloads.
    Gracias!! (No, I don't speak Spanish )
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