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  1. The interest here is to purely LIST MLB transactions affecting the organization from Single A to the MLB squad. Having said that, let's indicate examples of what this thread is NOT: General discussion/reactions to speculations and moves Call-ups and send-downs moves and speculations Indications of DFA status Contract talks Disabled list status/injury status Draft signings with players staying below Advanced A My main interest is to keep up with moves for roster making purposes, whether it is for MVP, 2K or The Show roster makers. Therefore, it is best managed by a couple of people or it can get messy. Believe me. Therefore anyone who is interested in helping me manage this thread, please PM me. It would require checking RotoWorld every couple of days and posting. Having an alternate poster could help as well. The format to post will be clear in the next posting. Thanks and I hope this helps. Rotoworld MLB Transactions: Rotoworld MLB Transactions ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ El interés aquí es solamente las transacciones que afecten la organización desde A hasta las Grandes Ligas. Habiendo dicho esto vamos a indicar ejemplos de lo que no debe ir aquí: Discusión general y reacciones de especulaciones y cambios Especulaciones de quien puede subir o bajar de categoría Indicaciones o jugadores que dejaran libre Contratos Lista de lesionados Jugadores firmados en el Draft que permanecerán por debajo de la Categoría A Mi interés principal es seguir los cambios con el propósito de mantener actualizado los roster, bien sea para MVP, 2K ó MLB The Show, por lo tanto, es mejor manejarlo por dos personas, de lo contrario puede ser un desastre, créanme. Cualquiera que tenga interés en ayudarme a manejar este foro puede escribirme un mensaje privado, se necesitará chequear RotoWorld cada par de días y postear los cambios, tener a alguien que ayude puede ser de gran ayuda, el formato debe ser claro como lo coloqué en el siguiente mensaje. (thank you laroquece for the translation / gracias laroquece para la traducción)
  2. Gordo

    Newb with Face and Portrait questions

    It depends on what type of updating you're doing to a roster. I can assure you with the updating that I do it can be quite tedious in terms of the various attributes. Cyberfaces seem more of an art and a learning curve in terms of getting them to be more realistic. Jed (who used to do MVP, but is now doing 2K faces) would be the best to ask. Portraits are a matter of finding the right source for those portraits. Then if you want them to show up with a transparency, that takes a little doing, but once you get it, it seems like it can be a pattern to then follow.
  3. Gordo

    Newb with Face and Portrait questions

    In the rosters, a player has a portrait ID (which should also be the audio ID as well, I believe) assigned. The portrait maker will utilize a certain number for that portrait to show up with that certain player. That is why we have an official list. The same goes for the cyber (3D) face, when that face is made by a designer. Keep in mind, some cyberface makers in the past took it upon themselves to assign their own cyber face number that is typically different than what is on the official list (see that thread for a spreadsheet on numbers assigned). They simply didn't want to wait or came up with their own system, which I always thought was weird. Regardless, since the cyberface contains 3 main files to help show that face in game, you can always consult the official ID list for that give cyberface no., and then change the 3 files contained within a cyberface zip file to that official ID no. if needed. I've had to do this many, many times to get the face to show properly in game. Basically it's all about numbers matching up so the game knows to assign the portrait and/or cyberface properly.
  4. Gordo

    Need oEdit help

    You can try to set up Virtual XP on your existing computer, or you can install a 2nd HDD and install XP on that or buy a 2nd computer and install XP on that.
  5. Gordo

    2019 BaseUp! Rosters

    Little update.... updated the main fielding attributes for prominent players. Presently working on plate discipline for prominent players as well.
  6. Gordo

    2019 BaseUp! Rosters

    Putting out the early word for BaseUp! Rosters coming out this Spring. I've already updated pitching deliveries so that not so many pitchers use the overhead wind up any longer. Next, I'm working on prominent players getting an update concerning fielding. Using a min. of 650 inns. played criteria. If anyone can think of anything else that needs updating, please post here and if feasible I'll do what I can.
  7. Gordo

    Christmas update-17 faces-MOD 2018

    I don't have the game, but I see that Jed is doing the same quality work that he did for MVP! Very, very, nice!
  8. Version 3.0.0


    NOTE: THIS IS AN MLB ONLY ROSTER! This is an end of the season roster. Like past versions, it will typically incorporate players who have given the most service to their respective organization with a few exceptions (e.g., overall playing time during the year such as innings pitched and plate appearances, a more notable name will bump out a lesser name, a pitcher who seemed to be a pure #6 starter will be kept off, etc.). Typically if you think a player should be on the MLB squad, he will most likely be in the organization at some level. Simply substitute him for someone you think should not be there. Several players not previously created, especially pitchers, were included in this version. Some teams were difficult to keep certain players off the MLB level. A few teams will have 13 players on the pitching staff, but most will have 12. ** A new chin strap/Abe Lincoln type beard was made by BallFour (much appreciation to him!). If you do not install it, you may notice various players with a mustache instead. I would strongly recommend you back up your models.big file and install this beard type found here (4th post down): **I will not be doing All-Star teams. The game has too many limitations and it's simply not worth the time. Sorry. Please PM me for any changes needed or place in the comments, not review. I will be doing a version 2, which will address major player attribute tweaks such as pitch control and batting contact/power. I may look at speed again as well. Since "Placeholder" players (last name) were put in to fill the empty slots, these rosters can be used with injuries and suspensions set to "ON" without crashing. Most every team has 23-25 players. If you want to use these rosters to create another version or a roster incorporating MiLB, just ask (as someone already has in reference to a standard only roster). If you are thinking of making a MiLB roster set, you can alter the existing "Placeholder" players. INSTALLATION: Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\EA SPORTS\MVP 2005 (or whatever you named it)\data\database subfolder. DELETE the existing 19 .dat files. Unzip this roster file to that location. DO NOT SIMPLY OVERWRITE! **If you're going to give feedback, please make it intelligent. If the rosters are not working for you, then don't leave feedback and rate the rosters down simply because you don't know what you're doing. Ask for help! **Also, don't just be a leech around here! .... give feedback to ALL modders from whom you download files. Make comments. Give suggestions.
  9. Gordo

    2019 BaseUp! Rosters

    It will be the 5th week following the 2nd odd Tuesday in April, if the vernal equinox is in full swing. I'm thinking April 37th. In all honesty though I'd like to have them ready for day before opening day or day of. No Spring Training rosters this year. It's too much of a pain in the ass.
  10. Gordo

    2019 BaseUp! Rosters

    Can you be less specific? But seriously..... what numbers? If you mean uniforms, that goes without saying.
  11. Since this was brought up in the shout box, figured we should get a thread going on this in case this turns convoluted. Kyleb first indicated that MVP won't start after Windows 7 updates were installed from about 9/8/15. I can confirm this is a problem. I can also confirm that a barebones install of MVP would not start, nor would it start from an alternate HDD. I also tried various compatibility modes (W98, XP w/ SP 2, etc.) to no avail. Seems there were 10 M$ Windows updates labeled either security updates or the generic update: It seems there are 40+ Office updates (as I only have the Student edition), though I doubt anything there would have interferred. Only thing to do is uninstall the updates Windows updates 1 by 1 and see if there's any effect. Addendum: well after I saw that Windows was going to require me to restart my PC after each uninstall, I decided to delete them all and restart. After that, MVP DID in fact start up. Now it's a matter of which one of these is the culprit. Maybe looking at the details of each one would provide a hint, but not holding my breath. Also, my TW08 game did start up before the removal of these, so there's something about MVP it didn't like. One thing maybe someone can try is to do a fresh MVP install and then maybe move the data sub-folder over from their mod of choice. Addendum 2: This might be it: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3086255 From the summary: In addition to the changes that are listed for the vulnerabilities that are described in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS15-097, this security bulletin addresses a defense-in-depth update for the secdrv.sys driver, a third-party driver. The update turns off the service for the secdrv.sys driver. This may affect the ability to run some older games.
  12. Gordo

    mvpedit problem

    Pretty sure I didn't. You started this thread to get help and then several guys told you the same thing and still want to squabble about it? It's not the rosters.... you can have the default rosters in there and you still need to point the tool to the right folder. I'm done.
  13. Gordo

    mvpedit problem

    You can see in your cut off attachment pic that "data" is not chosen.
  14. Gordo

    mvpedit problem

    Fish, you we probably choosing "database" subfolder, not "data" as in Dennis' illustration. You have to pick "data" because that's where models.big and portrait.big resides.
  15. Gordo

    mvpedit problem

    Not sure what we're looking at here...half the image is cut off.
  16. Gordo

    mvpedit problem

    Ok, but that doesn't really say anything more. Maybe include screen shots of what you're pointing to folder-wise.
  17. Gordo

    mvpedit problem

    Check the options an make sure the data subfolder chosen is correct.
  18. Gordo


    The thread is over 4 years old. Plus now you have 2 threads about it.
  19. I think I asked this before. And Glass, the creator of this program is no longer available. In order to make it easier to do rosters, it would be great if when we do a search for the player you can simply hit "enter" on your keyboard instead of clicking find. I know that sounds picky, but when you're going through hundreds of names and multiple multiple transactions, it would be a real time saver. I may have to try to use joytokey to create that command if no one can manipulate the program itself. Addendum: joytokey won't work as there is no keyboard command for "Find" in the program.
  20. Gordo

    Totte Ultimate Rosters

    I think when this site changed over, many older URL's got broken. You'd need to find someone who downloaded that file and kept it around.
  21. Gordo

    External hard drive question

    I concur on 7 over Vista. Plus you'll have security updates as M$ doesn't support Vista any longer. I don't see any advantage in booting from an external HDD either. As far as companies, I've had a Lacie 1 TB for I don't know how long. I don't keep it on continually and only use it for sporadic data backups. It's been a beast.
  22. Since time is marching on and the MVP cyberface production has dropped off with the exiting of Jed and Co. (understandably so ..... making cyberfaces may be the hardest mod to produce), I would like to see the unwritten rule of not touching someone else submission from an early time loosened up. After all, we're, number one, talking about some modders who don't come around here any longer and, number two, we're talking about cyberfaces that were good for its time when released, but are in great need of updating. In that vein, when I started on my rosters venture, I initially built it off an existing set. I just simply brought in piece by piece over time, ways that I saw the rosters should be formulated and tweaked. But I didn't enter every single name of every single player. That would have been foolish as highly competent bases were already there. I don't see any harm in taking an existing cyberface, like an Andrew Miller for example, who has a clean shaven, younger face in his MVP cyberface latest edition, and updating it to capture the facial hair and any other subtle tweaks to make it look more realistic and up to date. I think we've been too restrictive on treating these older submissions like they are sacred. Let's not forget that we're using the likeness of a player's image to begin with and he never gave us permission to do that. Hell, if I can figure it out, I'd do this myself and still may. I just don't want to see the main core of this community go into an uproar if this is done. Sure, don't touch the ones of the guys who are still clearly around here, unless you ask permission as a courtesy, but let's see if we can continue to breath life into this game by this enhancement. Opinions?
  23. Gordo

    Random Thoughts On A Sunday Morning Updated To 12-23

    Wow, the Lions AND the Cowboys on Thanksgiving day ..... I am shocked and amazed! 😏
  24. Hey guys..... I'm looking to update all pitching styles for those I placed on the MLB level for the end of season rosters in preparation for the 2019 rosters. With the aid of pitcherlist.com site, I would like to nail down as close as possible pitching styles so that when I move forward, it won't be as difficult to update the roster when players move around and when I have to create new pitchers. The method would be pretty easy. 1. Simply have pitcherlist.com open to the team that you're working on. 2. Have MVPedit open with the same team and work your way down the list of pitchers; you don't need to actually change anything in the editor; just simply report which "Delivery" you think should be there; most will probably not need changing. 3. To get an easy preview of what the pitch type could be, it would be easiest to have a windowed version of the game showing next to the pitcherlist website for easy comparison. The set up would look something like this: It wouldn't matter what pitcher you pick in the game as you're just using that to look at the different "Pitcher Delivery" methods that the game uses in game. In the example above, I have Anderson from the Angels selected, but I'm onto Bedrosian and decided he's pretty close to Pedro Martinez' style. MVPedit is mainly used here to get the pitchers we'd need to look at and seeing the labels of the generic deliveries (in the MVP game they're called "Style 1 -11". In MVPedit, they're more descriptive and we'd mainly be watching for over the head windups versus not). The way to make the MVP game run in window mode can be done simply like this: take your existing shortcut to the game and make a copy. Rename the copy something like "MVP Window Mode" or whatever you'd want. So on my desktop I have this: Then right click on this new shortcut and choose "Properties". In the "Shortcut" tab, "Target:" window area, simply put in < -win> at the very end (no bracket and there is a space before the hyphen). Apply and close. That's it. It should look like this: Pitcherlist.com, however, does not have every single pitcher. So especially for the rookies, you may need to go to YouTube and find a good example of their pitch style/delivery. Additionally, you could use, http://pitchfx.texasleaguers.com, to determine the release point as some are between side arm and a true 3/4's. (After you find the player, you have to put something in the first date range field. It's easy to simply change it to 2017). Lastly, there does not appear to be any pitching styles in the game where 1) the pitcher starts out low, belt-level, with the ball and 2) the pitcher claps the ball back to the glove unless using one of the old classic styles (doubtful anyone uses those any longer) or some that use an over the head wind up approach (e.g., Bob Gibson). Any takers? PM me please so we can divvy up the work and not duplicate efforts. Thanks in advance.
  25. Gordo

    MVP Roster Pitching Styles Assistance Wanted

    Thanks but I'm looking for help with entire teams. I'm up to and completed the Chicago White Sox (alphabetical order by city).