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  1. Gibson had a nice game vs. the Pirates, but then again, it was the Pirates, but then again the Pirates beat Nola. Wait until they wheel out Freddy Galvis!!
  2. You guys have been doing some amazing work! And yes, I agree with marcoscaballero, do the prominent players first (and not the players jumping in between minor leagues and the pros) as the managers are seen so infrequently.
  3. Wow. I think I was just scolded. I'm not sure.
  4. O man... you're gonna get it now.
  5. Yes that's generally how sports works last I was told.
  6. Please help me understand why a team would go after a solid righty closer from another team at the trade deadline only to have him watch from the bullpen a barely reliable lefty reliever pitcher to his 4th batter of the inning (after surrendering a double), a righty, who only needed to make some decent contact to get the man from 3rd home to win the game in the bottom of the 9th. Or maybe should I ask why was Joe Girardi watching this.
  7. I've already explained it. You're asking the same question. Because the portrait is housed in portrait.big. It's not "connected" directly to Jeter's player files that make up his attributes (the .dat files). You could conceivably extract Jeter's portrait from the original portrait.big, get the 4 digit number and then in your current roster, assign that portrait ID to Jeter. Then, import that portrait file using TiT. BUT AGAIN IF IT IS THE SAME NUMBER, SAY, USED BY ANOTHER MAJOR LEAGUER, THEN JETER'S PORTRAIT WILL SHOW UP FOR THAT PLAYER AS WELL BECAUSE YOU ARE OVERWRITING IT.
  8. Not the biggest Brad Miller fan, but I do sometimes like that bat he uses.
  9. You search for ID just like any other attribute: You're not seeing the Jeter portrait because you're not installing it properly I guess.
  10. Sometimes the Lions and Vikings wish they could score that much.
  11. O. My. Gosh. "Christmas in July" is truly here!!
  12. Matt Moore is a minor league / Japanese league pitcher at best. Time for the experiment to end.
  13. Sounds like a bunch of horse****.
  14. It would go by the portrait number. So if your Jeter portrait file no. is, say, 1234, then the audio/portrait ID in MVPedit will have to be changed to 1234. However, another player may already have 1234 since you are trying to bring him into a modern roster. The other player who has 1234 could be changed to 0000 to give him a generic portrait. Otherwise that other player will also have Jeter's portrait. Newer players take over older, retired players portrait and cyberface nos.
  15. Sweet, sweet walk-offed-ness!!
  16. Portraits are a separate file and housed in portrait.big. The player file is that only: general player looks and attributes. You'd have to find a portrait file, know that number and if it doesn't match the number of the player you're trying to import, then you'd have to change that number in MVPedit (or the .dat file directly). However, it is a different number, there's a chance someone else in the game also has that number (you can check that in MVPedit as well easily) and so he'd share that portrait as well). The problem basically is that you're mixing and matching eras.
  17. "He can't do that to our pledges!" "Only we can do that to our pledges!"
  18. You cannot convert SAV files for MBE use. SAV files are native to the game only. You can take any player and export them from within MVPedit (saves as an .mep file); then open the roster within MVPedit to which you want bring that player and import from wherever you saved it.
  19. "I was playing in my Little League game and stole 3rd base directly from 1st. Earlier that day in school I learned the shortest distance between 2 points was a straight line." --- Steven Wright Harper is leading the Phils in OBP and OPS as he should. Like I sez .... all business and all effort.
  20. Bryce "Threat To Steal" Harper, steals 3rd, 2nd and Home tonight. He means business. Can the Phils land a starter and maybe one more reliever for the pen?
  21. I really don't like talking to you anymore or responding .... but you're quite delusional on this front.
  22. And you don't think we know this by now becauuuuuuussssse............??
  23. Consider OBS Studio to capture some plays, if your computer is powerful enough.
  24. Aaron Nola is starting to turn into Jake Arrieta if he doesn't adjust fast. And I'm not sure why the Phils' reliever De Los Santos is ever allowed on a major league mound. This ump behind the plate is too inconsistent both ways tonight.
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