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  1. He should be assigning the official IDs here. However, if the CF maker doesn't point out he used them, I would always check. Hell, I would always check anyway. The nice thing about CFs is you can change the nos. on the 3 files to correspond to the no. you need. If the CF maker uses a different no., it's a mess, because now you've changed the face on some other player. So you have to look that player up, re-download his CF to correct, while you're still needing to correct the current CF that you want.
  2. Can I borrow a couple hundred 'til my hunchback brother straightens out?
  3. Try using 7z. I was never a fan of Winrar.
  4. I've put hundreds of hours into rosters over the years. Do you wanna try to get me some contributions too? Honestly, it's a bit odd to lobby for someone else to get contributions. Just my 2c.
  5. The best place to check for downloads ..... is in the downloads area.
  6. I think you're going to have to either look through past threads or see if there's any readme.txt files in older similar mods to see how things are done. Good luck.
    Amazing production and organization!!! 8.42849 STARS********
  7. There's no direct conversion tool for the files. However, you can mod your original Xbox or buy one that way and FTP the rosters into the game. However, the cyberfaces would have to also be present or it would probably crash. Alternately, you can change all of the customer cyberfaces to one of the generic faces (901-915; though personally, I never use the no. 901; it's just too odd looking to me) and that way assure there's no crash. There was a guy charging for PS2 rosters at some point in the past but unsure if he's still around.
  8. I'd be happy to make any corrections. There was a time that I wasn't following the IDs completely.
  9. My suggestion would be that since sometimes several people will do portraits to coordinate doing so, so that you don't duplicate the work.
  10. The main problem you run into is a roster matching up with cyberfaces. If you have the 2015 conversion mod, but haven't been keeping up with most of the cyberface updates, you run the risk of your game crashing either from the start of a game or when a given player makes an appearance in a game. If it doesn't crash, you'll just simply get a mismatched player face with the given player. Somewhat relatedly, if a cyberface is installed for a given player, but the player has a generic face no. in the roster (901-915), that won't matter. The game will just show the generic face in ga
  11. Version 2.0.0


    Start of 2021 season rosters. MLB level emphasis only. See corresponding thread in "Announcements" for more information. Additional information about these rosters includes: Latest cyberfaces that did not use official IDs do not have the official IDs included here. If you want to use those faces, then you'll have to manually change the cyberface nos. in the roster (either with MVPedit or in the attrib.dat file itself) AND changes the corresponding nos. on the cyberface files themselves. If you simply install the cyberfaces with the unofficial nos., they'll change other play
  12. You had Isbel's ID as 4356 and the portrait made matched that well. Keep it at 4356? Also, Jake Brentz (KCR) needs a photo ID.
  13. ^^ Sounds good man .... my only 2c with that is to release them as a single batch vs. team by team. I only found 1 player needing an ID and requested it recently in that thread.
  14. These should be released tonight in anticipation of MLB's Opening Day 2021 season. I don't call these "Opening Day" rosters because I attempt to keep the injured players who are anticipated to come back to the 26 man roster sometime in April. Also in regard to that, since the MLB has expanded rosters to 26 and the game only handles 25, the best thing I could think to do was go with 13/12 fielders to pitchers if FanGraphs shows 13 fielders and vice versa; then putting that supposed 26th man in the minors (typically at the AAA level). I believe I have all of the jersey nos. correct
  15. I appreciate raidersbball20 sponsoring me. Makes using the site a whole lot easier. Start of season roster should be ready on Thursday or Friday if all goes according to plans. (Hell, maybe even Wednesday night!)
  16. Audio/Photo ID for Ka'ai Tom, please.
  17. Does someone wanna pay for a FanGraphs subscription for me this year? If so, PM me and once I establish that, I'll release 3 additional MVP rosters this year: Start of Season; AS Break; End of Season. https://plus.fangraphs.com/checkout/ I'll give you the account username and password. You pay via PayPal, which will then assure only you can pay. Let me know if you're interested.
  18. ^^^Those latest faces (Moran, Haniger, etc.) are NOT using these official nos. *Users* If you install the faces as they are without changing nos., they will change whatever players have those nos. assigned to them right now. You'll have to change each face to the official ID. This face maker is yet another one who is simply releasing faces and picking his own ID nos.
  19. Somewhat relatedly, for hot/cold zones: https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/illustrator Input players name First drop down field, choose "zone - batting avg" Scroll down slight and then you can pick vs. R and vs. L
  20. ^^ That is a really good coming of age movie ..... good popcorn/date movie for sure ... highly recommend as well!
  21. Just confused me more .... would love to try to help with making cyberfaces, but I just can't ever figure this out. Maybe another day. btw, that baseball looks great!
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