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  1. Try one of these bad boys: https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=saitek+990&_sacat=0
  2. Remember guys, if you don't install these with the latest rosters, you're going to get whatever you previously installed for these portraits amongst multiple teams, in other words a given player duplicated across various teams.
  3. Completely. There was this one day where I didn't know a thing about this game and then later I learned to do rosters.
  4. ..... or you can construct them.
  5. Then you may be answering your own question. Always start from a baseline. Install MVP 12 fresh and see if it runs. After you add any mod, always check if the game runs. There should be several other threads out there in regards to crashing.
  6. Your main problem is that you don't have the 2nd disk and therefore support here will be limited unless you do in consideration to the TOS. King Kelly is pretty much on here in terms of adding additional updates that came out since 2015. I would avoid the Max Kepler cyberface (probably because of the number instead of a problem with the file itself) and if you do have a mismatch, it won't necessarily cause a crash as much as you could have a strange looking player (Black face, Caucasian body or vice versa). Also, I think he's giving you more information than you need as it does not appear you are looking for knowing how to mod things. You need to get that 2nd disk and you need to indicate what Windows OS you're using. If you're on W8 and especially W10, you could be compounding your problem.
  7. 1. How many installs of the game do you have? 2. If more than one, where did you load the rosters? 3. What does "stuck in end of 2014" mean? 4. Not sure if there are problems with W8 and the game or not.
  8. Make sure you're deleting the existing 19 .dat files first. If you're not sure what/where dat file are, search your main folder for ".dat". Then, unzip the rosters to that same area. This becomes your base (default) roster. It will not work with the basic MVP 2005 install. The game will typically not work with Windows 10.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    This will install one of 4 generic portraits by position when a portrait is not available or done incorrectly for a player. Roster will be updated to reflect this. Install with TiT.
  10. Hey folks, let laroquece manage this thread please. If you think you see he missed anything, please PM him.
  11. ^^^ Cyberface or Photo ID for Luke Voit?? Also, Gavi Nivar has 2 Photo IDs in the list. It is probably NOT 4927 and should remain as 626?
  12. Just getting confirmation that generic position IDs will be as follows: 4940 generic pitcher 4941 generic catcher 4942 generic infielder 4913 generic outfielder I hope this is okay as discussed.
  13. That should be fine. The main generic is 0000 or when a portrait is not enveloped into the portrait file, then it should default to this one, if it is installed: Just unzip it and remove the 0001 or directly delete it from the .rar file (since that's for Bader) and rezip the 0000 and install with TiT.
  14. Okay got these done and they seem to look pretty good in game. Tried the dark version, but it was too dark so going with white/light. Rosters will be checked are released in accordance with this. Philthepat is going to need to adjust the latest portraits he did to show up properly in game that range from 4922-51.
  15. These are completed. I think they look pretty good in the game. Will post soon with the corrected roster. Philthepat still needs to adjust certain portraits he did if he's still around as he didn't use the correct portrait numbers.
  16. Going to bring in new generic portraits and do away with the generic team logos for players that don't have a portrait yet done (who are at the MLB level). This will only take up only 4 slots: catcher, pitcher, infielder and outfielder. This way, if any of these given players switch teams, I don't have to keep up with the ID no. (unless a portrait ends up being made). Should be sometime this week. Sample:
  17. You can essentially name anything you want to in the LOC files. It's basically just a text editor and won't affect location of any text in the game. Changing teams to different divisions is simply a single digit code within one of the .dat files (which one escapes me now, probably team.dat). One of the team dat files is probably where this could be accomplished, but it's not directly evident. It's probably something to do with the long string related to the team. The question is how many teams would you have to change just to get rid of this minor annoyance. The MVP 15 TC mod didn't address this because no one felt the need to change anything .... it's just not that big of a deal.
  18. Any and all that you like since 2015. I would stay away from Max Kepler....it may cause a crash.
  19. Thank you for doing this. However, it looks like you're not differentiating Photo/Audio ID's (which are actually 4 digit IDs from 0000 to 9999) and CyberFace ID's (001-900). You may want to make a distinction. Actually, trying to use #900 for a cyberface could be why Max Kepler face is probably crashing the game. I think he should be reassigned. I can test this easily. Also, Photo ID's 4922 - 4951 should be reassigned. Oscar did this, then forgot these were dedicated to team type Photo IDs and never fixed it. Therefore these players should be reassigned: 4922 - 4951 are the following team logos that substitute for an ID when there has not been one made for a player at the MLB level: Also, the only CyberFace actually available of those 5 above on this site is Blake Snell. (Also, it's Nick Tropeano, not Toropeano). I don't change the numbers in the roster file until I see that the cyberface is actually completed.
  20. Rhys Hoskins has a cyberface available here on the site and is using Face no. 881. You can install that face and easily change that face ID in the associated .dat file or via MVPedit.
  21. Please note, IDs in this pack, 4922 - 4951 were created in error. These numbers are reserved for the generic team logo when a player's portrait has not yet been made. The file creator here relied on the rosters for the official IDs and not the official ID list (he has been contacted).
  22. Not sure what it is, even with full rosters. But yes, when injuries, suspensions and trades are off, there should be no problem. The other stuff are non-factors.
  23. Version 1.2.0


    NOTE: THIS IS AN MLB ONLY ROSTER! I've replaced the player IDs for those who don't have any kind of an accurate portrait with the default team portraits I had made previously. I took those down but reposted them (portraits downloads section). You may want to install them. If portraits are made for any of these players, ID nos. can always be easily changed back. Great thanks to Laroquece for his assistance for helping with adjustments and tweaks as well as others who have provided information and suggestions as well. This roster is a culmination of all of the updates done throughout the year including defensive ratings, batting ratings, pitcher styles, types, speed and trajectories, hot/cold zones, player speeds, etc. Many newer players added/created as best as possible. If you find any mistakes (batting stances, pitching styles, jersey numbers, etc.), please PM me and I'll include the fixes, if warranted, in the next update, or if there are enough I'll upload another version. Since "Placeholder" players (last name) were put in to fill the empty slots, these rosters can be used with injuries and suspensions set to "ON" without crashing. Most every team has 24-25 players. If you want to use these rosters to create another version or a roster incorporating MiLB, just ask (as someone already has in reference to a standard only roster). If you are thinking of making a MiLB roster set, you can alter the existing "Placeholder" players. INSTALLATION: Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\EA SPORTS\MVP 2005 (or whatever you named it)\data\database subfolder. DELETE the existing 19 .dat files. Unzip this roster file to that location. DO NOT SIMPLY OVERWRITE! **If you're going to give feedback, please make it intelligent. If you don't know what you're doing or you're one of the only few who is having trouble, then don't leave me negative feedback. Ask questions in the comments area or PM me!! Thanks.
  24. Any portrait here that was not created with an official cyberface is going to have the number "0000". This is going to do nothing in game. You can't have every one of these players have the same ID no. and you can't change the number of the portrait after it's done. The bottom line is that these would have to be done all over again.
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