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  1. No problem here. Might be your browser.
  2. I don't play owner mode and never will, but wouldn't doing this defeat the purpose of this mode?
  3. I think you already asked this in another thread. The game is hard-coded to no more than 30 teams. There is a tool for the PC version to set up the playoffs for 2, 4 or 8 teams, however.
  4. I've never imported directly to the database folder. I always create a temporary folder on the desktop, zip the .dat files, then go to the actual database subfolder, delete the 19 .dat files and unzip my latest ones from that desktop folder. It's also a way to can store certain rosters (however keeping in mind that if cyberfaces change for given players you could have mismatches).
  5. If there's no indication, then does that mean all of the audio is updated, including PA announcers? I mainly interested in PA announcements being correct. Thanks for your work on these!
    Very nice addition! Would much rather see upper tier starting pitchers get a face versus someone like a partial or long reliever.
  6. So true. Personally was never a big fan of managers' faces as you see them so infrequently in the grand scheme of things. Matter of choice.
  7. I wouldn't edit using the in-game editor. Use MVPedit. One way you could partially test if it is a cyberface problem is take 2 teams and reassigned all cyberfaces to somewhere between 901-915 (generic cyberfaces). If you don't want to use MVPedit, you can change the numbers directly in the corresponding .dat file, but you'll be searching for 50 players. Whichever way you do it, then take those 2 teams into an exhibition match.
  8. Gordo

    MVP 2005 buy game

    Well, some people just can't seem to let anything go and feel the need to comment anywhere and everywhere. But, I was asked a question, so I answered it.
  9. Gordo

    MVP 2005 buy game

    It's called undercover journalism. Been done for decades. That's why there's sub-titles. It's not that difficult. Really tests the true open-mind. I'm done.
  10. Gordo

    MVP 2005 buy game

    Exactly. People have been asking that for years. You really need to be truly open minded and stop just watching CNN and MSNBC. They'll only feed you what they want you to hear. Do with this as you wish. It's the only piece of undercover journalism I'll bring to my point. There's countless others:
    Good looking mod. Not sure we needed a cyberface for a spot starter who's started 11 games in the last 3 years with an average to fair WHIP, but thanks.
  11. Gordo

    MVP 2005 buy game

    As far as soft modding your Xbox, you can search that on the internet (refuse to use the term "google" any longer as I hope to hell they go down along with all of the other mind-controlling social media dipshits). There are probably people who are willing to do it for you for a fee. If I recall, years ago I had someone do it for like $50. It basically allows easy access into your Xbox and then you can do what's called "ftp" files to certain areas, meaning you can network your PC to your Xbox using a free program and transfer files. I believe this was all originally done to turn your Xbox into a media center. But please don't PM me about this as this is about all I know.
  12. Correct. Manager is found in team. But if I'm not mistaken, you have to change body type directly in the .dat file. For some reason MVPedit change doesn't translate.
  13. You can still play MVP online, IP to IP, as long as certain critical files match up between the 2 players.
  14. Oh, I wasn't requesting. Just wondering about the portrait ID. Thanks.
    The face might look good, but you didn't get an official ID. This is simply face "000". Installers beware. When making a face, you need to request an official ID so as to keep everything orderly. If you make a face with "000" and then someone else does the same thing .... it will not work.
  15. ID ...sorry. Yes, that looks right. Couldn't find it. Thanks.
  16. I think Nick Madrigal (CWS) is still needed? Major contributor this year.
    Thanks for your tireless work on this. Consistent modders are appreciated enough by the leechers.
  17. Or you have 1 computer, but with either 2 separate HDDs or your 1 HDD is partitioned (basically 1 HDD is made into 2). You'd have to then boot into your Windows XP or 7 side to play the game.
    Nice adjunct to PhilThePat's amazing work!
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